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April 25, 2005
ROI trax Manages Click Fraud

ROI trax, Oneupweb's online marketing analytics company, has developed a tool to track click fraud.
Click fraud falsely inflates reported clicks, driving up the fees that online marketers owe publishers for pay-per-click campaigns. Businesses, known as "fraud farms," have developed to employ people to click ads, costing marketers for those "fake" clicks. Click fraud may take the form of automated "bot" attacks, or be launched by a competitor or by the publisher.

Recently, a number of articles have covered the issue, some reporting that click fraud accounts for as much as fifty percent of all recorded clicks. ROI trax's president thinks that this is an overestimation of the problem, but notes that click fraud can now be managed.

ROI trax's Click Fraud Detection uses online behavior patterns to determine when a click might be fraudulent.

Lisa Wehr, president of ROI trax, says, "Marketers don't care how big click fraud is to the industry. They want to know how click fraud impacts their campaigns and how to control it. ROI trax monitors pay-per-click campaigns and identifies potential click fraud occurrences, allowing our team and our clients to take appropriate actions with the search engines and the offenders."


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