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July 19, 2005
Hispanic Internet Use

An AOL/Roper U.S. Hispanic study reports that Hispanics in the United States are adopting and relying on broadband and the internet at an above-average rate.

Fifty-two percent of the online Hispanic audience has converted to broadband; this adoption rate is higher than the national average rate of 50 percent, and took place within a shorter time period. (The Hispanic population, on average, got internet access more recently than the general population.) Hispanics also rely on the internet more than the average consumer, spending 9.2 hours a week online -- above the 8.5 hour national average.

Further, Hispanics favor the internet over other media; 51 percent agree to the statement that they "get more information about products and services from going online than they do from television or newspapers or magazines." They also use the internet to listen to music and instant message at higher rates than the general population.

But, Hispanics noted that they would spend more time online, and pay more attention to ads, if the content were in Spanish.

As Mark López, publisher of AOL Latino, says, "This year's study shows that there is an incredible opportunity for marketers to reach the estimated 14 million Hispanics who are online -- by providing them with the language options they desire."

Elizabeth Lloyd, director, corporate marketing, Netblue, and iMedia contributor, adds, "As more and more U.S. Hispanics use the internet as a multi-faceted communications tool, organizations need to be operationally aligned to service the multicultural marketplace. They will need to develop new initiatives and partnerships with community-based organizations to further educate the consumer about the value of getting connected and bringing a computer in the home."


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