Andrew Ettinger

3 surprising tips to master paid search

It's easy to build a basic Google campaign, but many fail to implement crucial practices that aren't immediately intuitive. Here are the counterintuitive steps to improve your PPC advertising.

Rob Cooley

The most common paid search myth busted

When it comes to paid search, many marketers rely on conventional wisdom over fact to make decisions. Are you a victim of this major paid search myth? 

Ariel Geifman

Why engagement trumps clicks

While a high click-through rate is great, it is by no means the definitive gauge of a campaign's success. To get and keep customers, brand advertisers need to engage users by providing memorable and positive experiences.

Josh Shatkin-Margolis

Defining the future of search

Nowadays, search is recognized as a reliable means of identifying customer intent. Learn what advancements will further solidify its reputation as an indispensible marketing tool.

Elisa Gabbert

Search query mining in 5 steps

Are you looking to improve your keyword research and more cost-effectively execute your AdWords campaigns? In this article, we'll walk through a process for analyzing the data in your PPC search query reports.

Frederick Felman

How to protect your company's branded search terms

Distinguishing your brand among the search clutter is hard enough. Take a look at these simple guidelines that will ensure your brand is getting all the clicks it deserves.

Melanie Mitchell

Search marketing's best and worst: 3 case studies

Your search engine marketing determines what people see when they look for your brand online. Check out these examples of both winning and losing strategies.

Thi Thumasathit

A disruptive innovation in search marketing

The key to overcoming keyword overload is to focus on searcher intent. Here's where the industry needs to be headed.

David Szetela

6 ways you're being scammed through search

The strong growth in search marketing has led to a proliferation of PPC advertising and SEO scams by counterfeiters and unscrupulous competitors. Learn how to defend yourself.

JJ Bannasch

6 often-abused paid search metrics

When it comes to paid search, a lack of context or explanation can be detrimental to campaign success. Consider these common metrics misconceptions.

Curt Dalton

3 surefire tips to increase search marketing success

The internet is a highly competitive stomping ground for marketers. Use these three rules to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

Eric Papczun

Fitting in and standing out on the SERP

What comes up on a search engine results page can largely determine a company's perception online. Learn how these pages work and how they can help you take control of your brand's story.

Josh Dreller

Hot companies for search retargeting

Paid search is effective, but this pull medium only provides so much inventory. See how search retargeting helps marketers capitalize on the value of a user's true intent.

Ariel Geifman

Why search gets too much credit

Search gets more than its fair share of praise for conversions. Here's why display deserves some additional attention and investment.

Chris Neuner

4 steps for auditing your search campaign

Don't wait for poor results to fine-tune your search campaign. Learn how you can save money and boost performance in a few simple steps.

Seth Sarelson

A viral strategy for using paid search

Paid search may be more effective at driving in-store sales than it ever has been for ecommerce. Find out how to combine it with social media and email to make a big impact on consumer shopping habits.