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The kick-off for Acquisio's Spotlight presentation at the iMedia Agency Summit began with a pointed question from CMO Marc Poirier: Are you ignoring performance marketing?

The digital marketing industry is entering a new era in which the automation of data is critical to the success of the agency, Poirier said, and a solid performance marketing platform enables agencies to buy, track, optimize, and report on all media across all networks, taking the headache out of attribution management and the development of campaign strategies.

According to Poirier, the No. 1 problem facing marketers is that they don't have the resources to tackle all the fragmented marketing outlets. It's simply not possible, he stressed. It is critical to make decisions rapidly and avoid mistakes, and the skill sets required are very specific and too numerous to handle in-house.

Data overload is an understatement, he said, and if the proper technology is not in place to perform attribution and decipher data, agencies will continue to struggle to make sense of it all and bring business value to their clients -- and these demands will only increase. Agencies need to adapt to this new reality, or die, he said. There is a massive opportunity for agencies to gain greater control over these platforms with performance marketing tools.

Performance marketing enables agencies to scale their business and automate client reporting and budget management, to name just a few, and it requires fewer people to do it.

"The internet era brought in new media and many agencies still don't know how to handle it, or what the new rules are for marketing," he said. And that's where performance marketing can save the day."It's interactive, measurable, controllable, and it can be optimized. It's usually tied to business metrics, and it includes paid, owned, and earned media."

Poirier cited iProspect as an example of an agency that used performance marketing to radically shift its business direction. The agency was primarily a search marketing agency, but with the help of Acquisio's performance marketing platform, iProspect was able to go beyond just search into display, mobile, affiliate, email, and more, with the help of solid marketing technology in place.

"The key is having technology that works well and data you can trust and rely on," Poirier said. Acquisio's goal is to connect platforms that will give marketers the information they need. Technology is the key, Poirier said, and if you aren't using performance marketing, then your competitors are.

Gretchen Hyman is editor-in-chief of iMediaConnection.

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