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If agencies are from Mars and clients are from Venus, David Friedman is an interplanetary traveler. In September 2010, Friedman joined Sears Holding Corporation as president of marketing, where he is responsible for driving the growth and increased customer relevance of Sears, Kmart and their core brands. Prior to Sears Holdings, Friedman worked for Razorfish as president, Americas.

Friedman is one of the best examples of agency head turned brand executive, and so reflects the "What Clients Want" theme from both sides of the ecosystem. This session is one part, "what have you learned now that you're a CMO that you wished you knew when you were at Razorfish?" and one part "how can agencies be better partners with their clients, and how do publishers fit in." Friedman is eager to share what he has learned, so don't miss this tell all interview!


Presentation highlights

1:00 - Experiencing marketing from both sides
3:30 - How to survive CMO transitions
6:00 - What do you wish you had known then, that you know now?
9:00 - I want my agencies to talk with me about marketing, not their niche
12:00 - What's not getting translated?
15:00 - Balancing agency/media company relationships
18:15 - Getting time with the CMO
22:10 - External benchmarks
25:00 - Innovating in increments
27:45 - How smaller agencies can break into big brand relationships
30:00 - When a new CMO comes in, you're pitching the relationship all over again

Run time is 30:54


In his position David Friedman is responsible for the oversight and leadership of the Marketing business unit including customer and supplier loyalty programs, branding, market research, advertising and promotion, public relations and creative services. He brings to the company over 25 years of experience assisting retail and consumer organizations in building brands through great customer experiences – digitally, online and in-store. David is charged with driving the growth and increased customer relevance of Sears, Kmart and their core brands along with providing heightened focus on the company’s differentiating strengths and businesses. He reports to the Sears Holdings Marketing Board of Directors.

Prior to Sears Holdings, David worked for Razorfish, one of the world’s largest interactive marketing and technology companies. Most recently he served as President, Americas. Earlier in his career, David spent 10 years with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as Associate Partner working with retail and consumer products companies.