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Why NFC will be bigger than QR codes

Ian Barkley

Near field communication (NFC) is a technology that, among other things, lets devices exchange data by touching or coming into close proximity. In Japan, the consumer adoption rate for NFC is 85 percent. The U.S. is lagging behind with only 10-15 percent penetration. But device makers are including NFC in many new smartphones. And companies are starting to take advantage of the cool new technology.


Samsung is using NFC in their "I have a song for you" campaign.

iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with Crosscliq CTO Ian Barkley about ways brands are integrating NFC into the marketing plans.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — 85 percent adoption rate in Japan
0:45 — "Smart posters"
1:00 — Better unique tracking
1:30 — NFC ideas beyond downloadable content
2:00 — Advice for using NFC
2:45 — Why NFC will replace QR codes
Run time is 3:30

Crosscliq on NFC: Print is dead! Well, not really. As much as we all would like to think that print is dead, we have to be honest with ourselves. Direct Mail continues to outperform email or ppc campaigns by a large margin and most experienced marketers would claim that demographically focused print campaigns get better response rates than web banner campaigns. So why all the focus on "E" marketing? It boils down to the data. How much data can we acquire to help us in future marketing efforts or assist us in closing a sale. We have become addicts to web analytics and ROI reporting but we seem to have lost track of the value of the impression itself. So why not combine the best of both worlds. No, we are not talking about QR codes, we are talking about something much much better: NFC (Near Field Communication).