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Eric Porres

CMO, Rocket Fuel

Eric Porres provides oversight for marketing operations and heads up Rocket Fuel's research center of excellence for digital consumer insight. Prior to joining Rocket Fuel, Porres co-founded Underscore Marketing, a full-service digital marketing and strategy agency, and helped expand the company internationally. He also co-founded Pericles Consult... more

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2 ways marketers screw up programmatic buying

There are a couple of big misconceptions and errors the industry has accepted about programmatic buying. Don't be fooled.

The end of traditional retargeting

With standard retargeting, advertisers can reach a lot of consumers, but the vast majority are not interested in the ad. Here's a new breed of solution that delivers relevant ads to the right consumers.

Is audience data more valuable than advertising inventory?

We are entering a new era in which aggregated audience data outweighs advertising inventory. Let's look at the mechanics of how this happened and what you should do about it.

How to Conquer an Inventory Crisis

Find out what to do when the inventory you want isn't available.

Video Ad Serving Solved in a Flash

The greatest video inventory is worthless if we can't streamline the way to get there. Underscore Marketing's COO provides tips gleaned from YouTube.

An Improved Version of BT

Is straight BT the answer? Underscore Marketing's COO explains that coupling site-side behavior with display media served on the web might be a better solution. 

My Impressions: They're Broken

Learn about the pesky impression and how we as an industry can come to a consensus on its measurement from Underscore Marketing's COO.

Sugarshots: Targeting Challenges

Sugarshots, Sugarfoot, or Sugarloaf? Finding your audience.

Online Swears In, Part 1

Eric Porres, co-founder of online political advertising firm Pericles Consulting, describes challenges political advertisers -- and others -- face.

Destination Dot-Com

Travel has been a top-spending category on the Internet, and new capabilities provide promise for enhanced ROI.

Making the Goal of Laser-like Targeting

By adjusting the way they think about audiences, and using the Net to pinpoint those audiences, marketers can significantly increase the effectiveness of their online buys.

From Market to Fridge with a Mouse Click

The U.S. grocery business is a $400 billion industry. And despite some failed early attempts at tapping this market online, players in the space today stand to gain big.

Gamble on Promos & Sweepstakes

Promotional efforts could quite possible be the Trojan Horse that gets general market advertisers to utilize the Web as an advertising vehicle.

The Travel Industry Sails Online

Now more than ever, travel marketers must focus on marketing efficiency as they defend their dwindling market share, so they’re embracing the Web with great gusto.

Reaching the At-Work Audience

The Internet offers an unprecedented ability to reach the lucrative at-work audience in an engaging way.

Managing Cross-Platform Marketing

Looking toward a bright future for cross-platform marketing, many media executives are quick to offer tips for navigating these new and strange waters.

The Art of the Cross-Platform Deal

Sellers, agencies and advertisers all have an opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat with respect to generating demand for cross-platform packages, but not without facing obstacles.

Rich Media Takes Many Forms

With a seemingly endless supply of new delivery technologies, capabilities, and ad sizes, how does a marketer know which vehicle will be successful? Here’s a brief look at the state of rich media.

Beverage Marketers Focus on Brand Traits

Interactive media provides brand immersion and interaction, allowing brand fans to experience what they’ve come to expect from their preferred brands.

CPG Marketers Embrace the Web

New media that offer consumers the ability to interact with brands represent a chance for CPG companies to get in front of consumers in a more compelling way.

Case Study – The Parking Spot

Travel companies are using the Web to reach consumers during the planning phase, as well as to target those who have booked certain trips or are traveling for business.

Retail Sites Add Value to Stores

Online retail sites enable customer segmentation analysis, personalized communications with consumers and brand building.

“Nutraceuticals” Challenge Drug Cos.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s report on the health and pharmaceutical industries’ use of interactive media for marketing, Underscore Marketing takes a close-up look at a sometimes complimentary, sometimes competitive industry – nutrition.


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