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Kevin Ryan

CEO, Motivity Marketing, Inc.

Kevin Ryan founded the strategic consulting firm Motivity Marketing in April 2007. Ryan is known throughout the world as an interactive marketing thought leader, particularly in the search marketing arena. Today's Motivity is a group of professionals focused on thought leadership, innovation, and exacting tactical execution in a modern digital adve... more

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The good fight: The agency rebuttal

The argument that the ad, agency, and digital models are broken is tired. It's time to set the record straight about these unoriginal claims.

10 things you should never do in a pitch

Winning new business is a challenge at any agency, and when pitches go awry, it's helpful to understand why. Here are some common mistakes made when courting new clients.

Verizon and AOL: What does it mean?

This deal should serve as a wake-up call for anyone in the digital ad world who has been hitting the snooze button. Find out why.

5 can't-miss SEO trends

Dramatic shifts have occurred in the search field, but the fundamentals of good SEO still apply. Here's how to adapt your tried-and-true strategies for the future.

The path to effective local advertising

See how accepted thinking about small- and medium-sized businesses needs to shift to leverage local platforms and exchange models.

The click is dead; long live the click

Is digital's subordination to traditional a matter of misaligned metrics, or is it just a diversion from a focus on the bigger problem? 

Yahoo, Bing, and the uncertain future of search

The Microsoft-Yahoo agreement is a positive development for the search world, but how will it impact digital advertisers as they attempt to reach searchers? Have a look at the possibilities.

Do we need to worry about click fraud?

Are the fraudsters becoming more cunning, or are we just more attuned to finding fault with click data? Take a look at the factors shaping the value of search activity, and the likely solutions for getting the clicks you pay for.

How internet directory services failed

Internet yellow pages are trying to reclaim the opportunities they've lost with regard to helping small businesses. Here's why their new offerings are likely to fall short.

How to beat Google at search

The next generation of search will require a shift in how we approach its most important aspect: the users.

The future of search: 5 ways to prepare

Blended search has changed the way we find everything on the web. Here's a look at the modern audience optimization tactics that can help marketers achieve big wins in this evolving area.

A Last Search Hurrah, and a Look Forward

As our search editor takes up the reins at SES, he shares his parting words with iMedia readers.

"Mahalo" CEO Jason Calacanis Speaks

Does the world need another search engine? Even one powered by real people who help to define search relevance? Our search editor looks for meaning in the latest alternative search.

Video Search Marketing Realities

Our search editor finds new meaning in video search and how to make money with it.

The Search Apocalypse Is Here. Or Is It?

Ad serving is a commodity-based business, but that may be changing. Clients like to think they own their data, but those days are coming to an end.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Site Search

With billions spent on search marketing, are brand owners failing site searchers? Our search editor has the answer.

Secrets of Influencing Searchers

Our search editor peers into the minds and bodies of healthcare searchers and talks about how it illuminates all search marketing.

Is Mobile Search Still Futile?

Who is searching with mobile devices and should you even bother? iMedia's search editor says yes, and no.

The 3 Biggest Search Blunders

Think you've got search marketing licked? Think again. Our search editor reviews three mistakes to avoid.

Search Legalities to Watch For

Should you take action when your site is being defamed by a disgruntled blogger? You bet.

Be Smart About Content Search & Save $$$

Although you CAN manage your content search campaign in the same interface as your paid search campaign, you're wasting money if you do.

Death Watch: Yahoo!

Find out what iMedia's search editor says will make or break America's favorite search portal.

Video Viewership: On-Demand Analytics

Atlas' principal analyst demonstrates how creative drives the success of video, regardless of the format.

How to Improve Search ROI in 30 Minutes!

Our search editor shows you how to increase your search return with these simple 30-minute fixes.

How and When to Integrate Search

When is the right time to integrate SEO and paid search into your marketing mix? Our search editor takes out his stopwatch.

Cracking Customer Keywords

Use your customers' search keywords to connect your product with their quest for information.

The Second Coming of MSN

MSN has been slow to increase its market share, but iMedia's search editor says the time has come for a Google challenger.

How to Find the Right Search Keywords

Finding the right combination of keywords is key, but where should you look? Our search editor shows you the way.

Paid Search as a Branding Vehicle

Last week's Yahoo! Searchlight Award win by Avenue A | Razorfish shows that the industry is taking search seriously as more than a direct response vehicle. Our search editor weighs in.

Make Search Work: Paid vs. Natural

Where do people click and what should be more important to brands? Our search editor takes on the paid versus natural search debate.

Search Deathmatch: Google vs. Yahoo!

With the long-awaited release of Yahoo's Project Panama, our search editor wonders if the company can finally overtake search juggernaut Google.

What the Heck is Contextual Search?

It's worth billions of marketing dollars each year, but some people still don't understand the difference between content search and directive search. Our search editor dives in.

Should Google Worry? New Search Innovations from Yahoo! & MSN

Big search, small search, video search-- what's the formula for success? Our search editor wonders how advances from Yahoo! and MSN might change the game.

BUSTED! 4 Paid Search Myths Debunked

Don't believe the recent hype about search getting too expensive. "Hogwash," our search editor says, and then he explains why.

Does Google Get It? Search Gets Cranky

Is the era of one dominant search engine ending? Our search editor digs into the latest vertical search trends.

What Will It Take to Unseat Google?

Our search editor asks the most difficult question in search.

7 Search Predictions for 2007

From increased search consolidation to the combination of search with social media and beyond, our search editor looks at what to expect in the coming year.

Use Search for Last-Minute Holiday Buzz

Our search editor wraps up the year with a few last-minute campaign ideas, because it's never too late to let millions know just how much you care.

Influencers, Search and Your Brand

Our search editor reviews recent research from Yahoo! and comScore and explores how to make search and branding work together when dealing with social media.

The YouTube Hitmakers Study

An insiders look at the first research into the impact of advertising and brand engagement on YouTube.

The Anti-Search:

What's the difference between a search engine and a search destination? Our search editor looks for answers in a changing content world.

Can Holiday Shopping Save Retail Sales?

Our search editor looks for meaning in how consumer shopping behavior turns to insanity in this most wonderful time of the year.

Your Holiday Search Checklist

Our search editor has the latest on your holiday campaign, plus a five-point checklist to keep you on top of shifting consumer search behavior.

Why We Need Search Standards

Our search editor explores the new SEM standards from the Direct Marketing Association and explains why they're an important sign that search is growing up.

Social Search Goes Supernova

Reporting in from ad:tech New York, our search editor proclaims that social search is changing all the rules-- and tells you what you need to know to keep up.

Podcast: MGM Mirage on Interactive

iMedia's search editor sits down with two MGM Mirage executives at a recent Brand Summit to discuss their approach to interactive.

Search & the Offline Buying Connection

More and more people are buying online, but why? Our search editor tells us what smart marketers need to know.

Podcast: Nissan's Take on Interactive

Nissan's Robert Brown sits down with our search editor at a recent iMedia Summit to discuss the automaker's approach to interactive marketing.

China: Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting

Yes, more than a billion consumers live there, but do they have money to spend? Our search editor reports from ad:tech Shanghai.

Pay Less for SEM

iMedia's search editor writes that keywords are expensive enough; here's how to avoid bidding against your own brand.

Podcast: Maintaining Customer Dialogue

iMedia's search editor sits down with Sean Cheyney, VP of marketing and AccuQuote, to discuss how brands interact with their online customers.

$1.65 Billion, but No Way to Make Money

Our skeptical search editor dives right into the Google/YouTube acquisition. Will advertisers jump with big dollars into the newly acquired video destination?

Podcast: Universal Talks Tactics

iMedia's search editor chats with Universal's Doug Neil about the brand's interactive marketing strategy.

User Reviews Affect Buying-- and Search

Our search editor explores how product reviews and other social media affect buying behavior, and thus, also search.

Video Search: Big Changes Are Coming

Video, image and vertical search are all the rage but how does the data really stack up? Our search editor reviews search tactics beyond the box.

Search: Should You Hire a One-Stop Shop?

Our search editor offers his perspective on finding the right mix of outsourced disciplines, based on your company's needs.

8 Tips on Hiring a Search Firm

Need help with your search marketing initiatives but don't know who to trust? Our search editor offers sound advice.

Integrated Marketing for Brands

A discussion addresses balance and maintaining a unilateral perspective for a successful integrated campaign.

Roundtable: Contextual and Behavioral Targeting

A roundtable discussion addresses which targeting method -- contextual or behavioral -- is best for certain goals and categories.

Social Search: Is it Real Yet?

With another wave of social search startups and VC hitting the trades, is it time to take social search seriously as a marketing platform? Our search editor sounds off.

10 Helpful Holiday Search Tips

Are your search marketing tactics ready for the 2006 winter holidays? Our search editor helps you to start planning now!

What AOL's Data Dump Tells Marketers

Our search editor explains why understanding search behavior is the path to enlightenment.

Close Encounters of the Search Kind

Our search editor attempts to make sense of the bizarre events of last week.

Standardizing the Click-- Finally

Our search editor weighs in on the IAB's recent efforts to define clicks and reduce fraud.

Has Google Officially Checked Out?

Our search editor takes an inside look at Google's new commerce enabling system.

Top Search Experts Reveal Secrets!

Our search editor offers a post-show review of Monday's ad:tech Chicago session.

Managing Ultra-Complex Search

Our search editor offers a sneak preview of his session at next week's ad:tech Chicago, and don't miss the special 20 percent discount for iMedia readers!

Getting Competitive with Conversions

Want to know how your competitors are doing when it comes to search marketing? Our search editor takes a peek inside a new service from Hitwise that answers the question.

The Big Yahoo! Click Fraud Settlement

Is this the end of click fraud as we know it? Our search editor dives into the Yahoo!/Checkmate settlement and explains what it means for you.

Search Behavior = Big Marketing Dollars

Our search editor dives into the latest search activity research and explains what it means for your next campaign.

Social Search: The Next Big Thing

Our search editor explains how the wheels have been set in motion for a change in the way we seek and find on the web.

How to Fight Click Fraud

Fraudulent clicks can cost you money, but you can stop click fraud in its tracks with the right tools.

How Should You Pay a Search Agency?

iMedia's search editor vision quests for meaning in the pay-for-performance model.

Finding Searchers on Their Terms

Our search editor goes to the Caribbean and discovers a lesson on finding customers in a world without search.

Podcast: Organic Listing Success

From the ad:tech session "Linking and Optimization for Better Rankings and More Traffic" with SmartInteractive Founder and CEO Mike Grehan.

The Click Fraud Culture

Our search editor analyzes the flurry of buzz surrounding search and fraud.

Google's Click Fraud Settlement and You

Our search editor offers 90 million reasons to pass on this settlement.

What's Next for Yahoo!?

Our search editor gets a sneak peak at the next generation Yahoo ad platform.

When All Else Fails, Sue the Blogger!

iMedia's search editor questions the future of search, media and the blogosphere.

Does Have a Chance?

Our search editor wonders if the butler-less search site can take on Google.

Managing Brands with Search

iMedia's search editor explains how brand perceptions can be controlled with SEM.

How to Capture Mother's Day Shoppers

Our search editor offers data on Mother's Day search activity, and tips for optimizing it.

Why A/B Testing Isn't Enough

Our search editor looks at advances in search engine advertising program testing.

Are Users Ignoring Paid Search Listings?

Our search editor tells us about a new Nielsen Norman Group study that argues that banner blindness has been followed by search listing blindness.

Podcast: Cirque de Soleil on the Web

Cirque de Soleil's Stacy Spahle speaks about building the brand online, measuring a campaign's performance and successful marketing formats.

Search's Role in the Buying Cycle

iMedia's search editor examines comScore data on online/offline buying behavior and interprets the findings.

Podcast: Creating Customer Experiences

Kevin Ryan speaks with Hilton's Jamie Welsh about the need to create emotional connections with consumers through media.

Podcast: Dealing with Growing Pains

Kevin Ryan speaks with Revlon's Angie McSwain about matching resources with budgets, accountability and where the industry is going.

What the Heck is Social Search?

Community and users entering data into search results may change search forever: our search editor talks about the opportunities for marketers.

Podcast: The Evolution of Rich Media

Kevin Ryan speaks with PointRoll's Gian Lombardi about using rich media to deliver an experience.

Coping with Search Clutter

As more and more content finds its way onto the web and into search indexes, our search editor talks about a glorious future… if we get there.

Important Doings from SES 2006

Our search editor writes in from the one-stop search show last week in the Big Apple.

Search and the Brand

Our search editor says that going beyond traditional metrics is good for marketing.

A New Entry into Customized Search

iMedia's search editor examines Rollyo's search-outside-the-box methodology, and expounds on the benefits of "rolling your own."

Search vs. TV

Our search editor touches down on search and the Super Bowl.

SearchTHIS: Click Fraud Back in the News

iMedia's search editor offers a helping hand to the SEC.

SearchTHIS: Google in China

Our search editor takes a look at the controversy surrounding the search giant's latest URL.

SearchTHIS: Google and Privacy

Our search editor talks about why Google's latest battle has everybody worried.

iMedia Podcast: Branding with IM

Marketers discuss successful IM campaigns for "American Idol" and Unilever's new Axe brand at a recent agency summit in La Quinta, CA.

SearchTHIS: Local is as Local Does

Our search editor explains why making sense of the race for local intelligence is harder than it looks.

SearchTHIS: Google, Search & Trademarks

Our search editor explores how a new suit against the search giant may shape our informed world.

SearchTHIS: Safecount Q&A

Our search editor kicks off his 2006 column by chatting with the Safecount founders about cookies and the future of search measurement.

SearchTHIS: Google in 2006

Our search editor takes us on an inside tour of the Google mind: fasten your seat belts!

SearchTHIS: Google, Yahoo! or MSN?

Our search editor asks who (or what) will win the battle for audience mindshare.

SearchTHIS: Missing Keywords -- FOUND!

Our search editor reports on a new tool from Hitwise that redefines search intelligence by helping you to find the gaps in your keyword selection.

SearchTHIS: Stop the Abuse!

Search Week continues! With stricter controls and better services, our search editor asks what's in store for paid search management?

SearchTHIS: The Gift of Google Angst

Our search editor writes that this holiday season's contextual search is getting better, while bidding gets worse.

SearchTHIS: Speedboat to China

Our search editor reports in from this week's ad:tech in Shanghai -- and tells us that China is alive with search and online media.

SearchTHIS: ad:tech, Search and the Future

Our search editor reports on his ad:tech panel, which asked if privacy concerns will slow search growth?

SearchTHIS: Apparel Behavior Unleashed

Recently released data from Yahoo! reveals search insights and buying funnel behavior.

SearchTHIS: Answering the Cattle Call

What should you do with a Search RFI? Search Editor Kevin Ryan looks for answers in today's column.

SearchTHIS: Google Goes Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi throughout San Francisco? Search Editor Kevin Ryan wonders if Google is building the next big thing, or not.

SearchTHIS: The Search Agency Burden

iMedia Search Editor Kevin Ryan asks whether or not search agency compensation is overrated.

SearchTHIS: Sun + Google = a New World

Search Editor Kevin Ryan argues that the new partnership between Sun and Google means the battle for the audience is headed for the desktop.

SearchTHIS: Redefining Interaction

What lies ahead for search targeting? Search Editor Kevin Ryan looks for answers in today's column.

Marketing Renaissance

Dr. Peter Sealey delivers a visionary keynote on the state and future of interactive marketing at day two of the iMedia Brand Summit.

SearchTHIS: Open Letter to Steve Ballmer

Search Editor Kevin Ryan contends that in a crazily distracted search world, we must answer to the people.

SearchThis: Search & the Holiday Season

Search Editor Kevin Ryan presents an important checklist to get your company ready for search marketing in the upcoming winter holidays.

SearchThis: What's on Your Mind?

Search Editor Kevin Ryan analyzes how search activity reflects the nation's response to Hurricane Katrina, gas, and more.

SearchThis: Keys to the Search Kingdom

Search Editor Kevin Ryan analyzes the latest from Hitwise on all things search.

SearchTHIS: Yahoo! & the Search Brand

Search Editor Kevin Ryan reports in from last week's Yahoo! Search Marketing event and predicts a future when traditional marketers embrace interactive.

SearchTHIS: SES Part Deux

Search Editor Kevin Ryan continues his coverage of Search Engine Strategies in San Jose, the biggest show in search.

Opportunities in Mobile Messaging (Part 1)

In this working group presentation from May's iMedia Summit, Courtney Jane Acuff of Starcom MediaVest Group's Digits provided agency perspective on mobile marketing.

SearchTHIS: Search Engine Strategies

Search Editor Kevin Ryan reports from the biggest show in search.

SearchTHIS: Mobile Marketing and SEM

In his first column since moving to Wednesdays, Search Editor Kevin Ryan asks, what's in store for the third screen?

SearchTHIS: Certified Grade A Search

Search Editor Kevin Ryan asks who should you trust for search advice?

SearchTHIS: Much Ado About Searching

Search Editor Kevin Ryan shares the search buzz from last week's ad:tech in Chicago.

SearchTHIS: The SEO Color Palette

Search Editor Kevin Ryan takes us on a tour of the dark side of Search Engine Optimization.

SearchTHIS: Search is a Snap

Search Editor Kevin Ryan asks if a new search beta will make CPA work.

SearchTHIS: Celebrating 100 Columns

Search Editor Kevin Ryan takes a look back at some defining moments.

SearchTHIS: Click Fraud On the Rise

Bad clicks got you down? Don't despair, there is a better way.

SearchTHIS: Advertising, Meet User Need

Search Editor Kevin Ryan takes a look at the next generation of search engines.

SearchTHIS! Paid Listings Under Fire

Search Editor Kevin Ryan recounts one man’s struggle with paid listings.

SearchTHIS: Hot Talk from the Summit

Search Editor Kevin Ryan reviews the big search discussion topics from last week's iMedia Agency Summit in Amelia Island.

SearchTHIS: Saving Your Search Tail

Search Editor Kevin Ryan writes that if nothing else you should admire and respect the long tail of search.

SearchTHIS: Where Do We Go from Here?

iMedia search editor Kevin Ryan gets ready for next week's summit with a call to readers for input about the future of search.

SearchTHIS: Clutter, Relevancy, & Search

Kevin Ryan asks if recent changes in the search space will result in better and more efficient search or a cluttered mess.

SearchTHIS: Search is Over, Content is King

Search editor Kevin Ryan describes the targeting wars raging on the anti-search content battlefield.

SearchTHIS: Daddy, What’s a Tagvert?

Search editor Kevin Ryan writes in with a counterpoint to Steve Rubel's column on tagvertising and the future of search.

For Whom the Search Bell Tolls (Part 2)

After his last column sparked a flurry of comment, Search Editor Kevin Ryan wonders if it's still too early to count out SEM firms.

SearchTHIS: For Whom the Search Bell Tolls

Will search integration kill the search firm?

SearchTHIS: IAC Acquires Ask Jeeves

CitySearch, Ticketmaster and the Butler … So Happy Together

SearchTHIS: MSN Search

It's big, it's bold, it will change search forever ... what will Microsoft think of next?

SearchTHIS: Google, AutoLink & Video Mash

Search Editor Kevin Ryan tells us about video mashing and how it may affect the future of search.

SearchTHIS: The Word from SES, Part 1

Kevin Ryan writes in from the NYC Search Engine Strategies meeting. The news? Search marketing is still hot and may be growing up.

SearchTHIS: Content Works?

A new study from Kanoodle fuels speculation and anticipation about the future of search.

SearchTHIS: Preserving America's Natural Researches

DoubleClick Inc. digs in with a study on the latest in search behavior.

SearchTHIS: Happy ValenSearch Day

Cupid’s arrow flies right by the iMedia search guy.

SearchTHIS: Search Industry Update

eMarketer provides all the charts you were afraid to ask for.

SearchTHIS: Stupid Search Marketing Tricks

Does your sophisticated search program work for everyone?

SearchTHIS: Moving Search to the Next Level

Pay per call comes of age, but will it replace pay per click? (Part 1 of 2)

SearchTHIS: Google on New Listing Guidelines

From the files of search squad; the naked affiliate 2.5.

SearchTHIS: SEMPO's Take on Search

Results from 2004 and predictions for 2005: The state of search marketing never looked so complex.

SearchTHIS: All That’s Search for the New Year

A look back at the Search Editor’s picks from 2004.

SearchTHIS: Buy Your Own Search Listings

A scandal surfaces in the world of search marketing: Publishers are not our friends.

SearchTHIS: ‘Twas the Night Before Google’s IPO

“Twas” isn’t a word, but here's some search marketing yuletide cheer.

SearchTHIS: Selecting a Search Firm

Finding the right search partner just got easier... maybe.

SearchTHIS: The Search Listing Quality Conundrum

Lawsuits and publisher abandonment signal that paid listings are getting smarter.

SearchTHIS: A Four Point Cautionary Tale

Is there a disconnect between the search marketing dream and reality?

SearchTHIS: Last Local Search Hang-ups

"Total adoption and integration awaits with huge money to be made, if only I could get some Chinese food," proclaims frustrated guru.

SearchTHIS: The New and Improved MSN Search

It's new, it's big, it furthers Microsoft's world domination and it has everyone excited.

SearchTHIS: What’s Really Happening in Local?

A salute to the leaders and thinkers who break the rules for us all.

The Low-down: Search and Your Affiliates

Finding a best practice here is like trying to find an ‘84 Maxima with low miles.

SearchTHIS: How Important is the Pole Position?

Two reports from the Atlas Institute want you to be number one, most of the time.

SearchTHIS: Packaged Goods in Search 2

Will CPGs be the next category killer in search? (Part two of two)

SearchTHIS: Packaged Goods in Search

Will CPGs be the next category killer in search? (Part 1 of 2)

SearchTHIS: All Things Google

Google’s dipping its toes in all kinds of things, but is that the best way to go?

SearchTHIS: DoubleClick on Pay-for-Play

An inside look at the refreshingly brutal honesty in an important new Search white paper.

SearchTHIS: Why Search is Slowing

It simply couldn’t keep going at the same pace could it? Where will search growth come from?

SearchTHIS: There's Search in Them There Hills

Mining for search at the Summit finds brands are more search-savvy than some give them credit for.

SearchTHIS: Can You Forecast Search?

From the simplest terms to the unknown factors, forecasting shouldn’t be a barrier to SEM.

SearchTHIS: Who's Protecting Your Name?

All the world’s watching search, but who’s watching out for the integrity of your brand online?

SearchTHIS: Looking for a Break

An attempt to vacation becomes an informal survey of Web searchers from L.A. to the Grand Canyon.

SearchTHIS: Debunking Click Fraud

It's not a new way to abuse advertisers, but it's certainly an effective one.

SearchTHIS: More Brobdingnagian?

At SES, acquisitions shined, beer flowed (kind of) and SEMPO rose (last of two parts).

SearchTHIS: A Brobdingnagian Search Show?

Sheer mass of SES show pushes hot buttons on spam, alternative search and click fraud (first of two parts).

SearchTHIS: My Plan to End Spam

We haven't eliminated it because there's no money in doing that. But this plan will work, really, I promise.

SearchTHIS: Requiem for Direct Metrics

IAB's "lab test" is shattering paid listing myths.

SearchTHIS: More Integration Concentration

What's up with the FTC, why didn't Coke C2 many reasons to include search in launch? (last of two parts)

SearchTHIS: Integration Concentration

Marketers chase integration, but will dogma kill the next evolution of search (first of two parts)?

SearchTHIS: MSN Gets a Facelift

It's light, lean and low carb -- but is it that enough?

SearchTHIS: Overture Gets Local Right

In its second iteration, paid search provider finds smart approach to local experience.

SearchTHIS: Paid Search Automation

Can your search engine marketing program survive without… you?

SearchTHIS: Thinking Beyond Borders

Understanding user behavior is just the beginning for search marketers who want to go global.

SearchTHIS: Searching for Research

A look into the heart and soul of search finds strange behavior, better life with Google.

SearchTHIS: Parts Bigger than the Whole

Whether you call it integrated or holistic, search yields its greatest power in combinations.

From Underdog to Superhero

Online marketers, especially in search, are making incremental progress -- but not everyone gets flip-flops.

SearchTHIS: Blame Canada!

A new report might just provoke us to start thinking globally in search.

SearchTHIS: On the DoubleClick-Performics Deal

Another big consolidation means big search is about to get a whole lot bigger.

SearchTHIS: Jumping Into Specialty Markets?

Learn their language, buy their keywords.

SearchTHIS: Top 10 Questions

Travel-weary columnist offers the top search tour questions -- with answers.

Google’s Instigated Public Optimization

Will harsh glare of shareholder equity kill the Google dream -- or will it be the one that survives going public?

SearchTHIS: From the Back of the Bus

Sharing the secret conversations from the back of the iMediaLearning Search Tour's virtual conveyance.

SearchTHIS: Spam, Unprofitable Spam

No one's sure what SEM spam really is -- but follow this advice and your listings won't get canned.

SearchTHIS: Ryan on Ryan Redux

The Kevins discuss issues DoubleClick faced entering the SEM program management biz (last of two parts).

SearchTHIS: Ryan on Ryan

DoubleClick’s Kevin Ryan subjects himself to a conversation with a certain pundit of the same name about moving into SEM (first of two parts).

Hype Dreams

Local search represents high and low of SEM hype, but conference attendees wonder who decides what happens.

Search THIS: The Evolution Revolution

The shortcomings of existing search technologies spell opportunity for New Age tech thinkers everywhere.

Has SEM Jumped the Shark?

Yahoo!’s Content Acquisition Program drove SEM slander into mainstream media -- is user relevance dead?

Search THIS: Searching for Knowledge

The road to search marketing intelligence has many forks. Which one should you take?

Search THIS: Bright Lights, Search City

Wondering what’s really hot in search engine marketing? Over a thousand people found it last week in New York.

Search THIS: How to Dance Without Stumbling

The search optimization process is riddled with crazy tactics which may or may not lead to better positions. Here’s a practical guide to the basics.

This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us

What does it mean for you that Google and Yahoo! rode out of Searchville in separate directions, hot on the trail of laissez-faire search engine marketing dominance?

Breaking News: Contextual Search Indicted

Charged with lack of response. Advertisers expected to seek the death penalty, unless defense attorney Kevin Ryan can sway the jury.

Search THIS: ValueClick Profile

“The Making of a Performance Marketing Monolith” or “The Little Cost-Per-Click Company That Could”

Search THIS: The Search Match Game

Matching terms to a range of paid results is more than just a really neat way for publishers to bilk cash from advertisers for unpopular terms.

Inclusion Just Got a Bit More Enticing

Overture’s new paid inclusion program is sure to stir up the industry and serve the perfect SEM martini.

Search: Today’s Silver Bullet

It used to be an overlooked nuisance, but now search can make or break your marketing career.

Launching an SEM Initiative

Getting started in search marketing requires an understanding of how the dynamics of different types of search marketing apply to your marketing objectives and budget.

Search and Rescue from the iMedia Summit

Kevin Ryan’s journey for search marketing harmony coincided with an almost near-death experience on a snowy Colorado mountain.

The Year in Search

As our search marketing man about town, Kevin Ryan takes a look at this year’s search marketing coverage in iMedia newsletters. My, how search marketing has changed.

What's Up with Search?

A random sampling of top search minds paints the industry as a modern-day Hindenburg. But asking smart questions could lead this voyage to a happy ending.

The Pay or Not-to-Pay Conundrum

Kevin Ryan answers the most taboo question in search marketing today: Can a search marketing program be successful in skipping search engine optimization to just buy paid listings and vice versa?

The Chronology of Search

Here's a breakdown of search events in the recent past, grouped into three categories: M&A Activity, Advertiser Impact, and Press Grabs.

Local Search Gets Its (3) Day(s)

Kevin Ryan offers an assessment of The Kelsey Group’s Digital Directories and Interactive Local Media summit that took place last week in Alexandria, Virginia.

Local Search Comes of Age

Here's a breakdown of local search developments, what they mean to advertisers, and how the search world is about to change forever.

Just Another Day in Search Marketing?

Kevin Ryan sifts through news announcements made last week in the search arena and provides his point of view on what they mean.

Digital Hollywood Coverage

Although the primary focus of this event was on the technical side of digital entertainment, nearly all of its content could impact online marketers. Here’s a summary.

Dialing in on Channel Conflicts

This week, Kevin Ryan suggests a best practice for handling channel conflicts in paid search marketing and announces his late entry into the California gubernatorial race.

Search Site Profile: Lycos

This week, I begin a monthly series profiling search-marketing providers that stand out from the crowd, starting with Lycos - the old dog has some new tricks.

What’s a Click Worth?

Analysis of click-to-impression rates can leave you standing in a large empty room screaming for tech support. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Interpreting the Redundancy Nightmare

Today’s search environment enables multiple paid results from multiple providers for the same query to appear on the top five search sites. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

Search for the Rest of Us: Yellow Pages

Internet Yellow Pages directories are playing a pivotal role in providing the consuming public access to everything, yet they are treated like the proverbial ugly stepchild.

Can’t We All Get Along?

Clients often work with three firms to accomplish the tasks of building, marketing and optimizing a site for search marketing. Here’s help for a harmonious process.

News Spotlight: Yahoo! Buys Overture

Search columnist Kevin Ryan wades through the hype surrounding Monday’s announcement.

The 411 on Tier-Two Paid-Search Providers

Buying efficiencies, expanded keyword list advantages and ever increasing distribution strength make tier-two paid-search providers a must for your Search Engine Marketing program.

Ad Tech San Francisco Coverage

Kevin Ryan provides an unconventional overview of the event, including some quotes from A-list Internet pioneers who attended a closing private dinner.

Tools of the Trade Part II

In this second of a two-part series, Kevin Ryan explores third-party management and formulas for measurement of pay-for-placement search marketing.

Tools of the Trade Part I

In this first of a two-part series, Kevin Ryan explores such paraphernalia and tricks associated with pay-for-placement search marketing as key-word assistance and planning tools.

Links Sold Separately

The influential successes of Pay-for-Placement sites are bleeding onto inclusion, allowing an easy to adopt cost-per-click structure.

Paid Search Killed the Banner

Pay-for-placement, paid inclusion, and other new ad formats appear to be sucking the life out of revenue generated by the banner. Is it time to mourn, or to celebrate?

The Game of Contextual Paid Search

Using baseball analogies, Kevin Ryan takes us through the game of contextual paid search, profiling the current players and those in the bullpen, and speculating on the next season.

Local Search has Arrived, or Has It?

There’s a real need for advertisers to provide consumers relevant, local search results. As search engines begin to move in the direction of providing this, marketers struggle to make it happen.

Buy Me Some Traffic

Paid search results marketing is an effective tactic that has caught on. Here’s a brief history, and an overview of who’s who.


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