Sean Egen

Sean Egen

Freelance Writer

Sean Egen has been a senior writer for EarthLink, Experian and SureFire, LLC. He currently works as a freelance writer and filmmaker in Orange County, California.

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So you wanna have a web series

Branded entertainment is hot, but there have been some notable meltdowns. Find out how these shows work best and how to get involved without getting burned.

Build a better bond with bloggers

Follow these tips to make the sponsored-conversation equation pay off for your brand.

9 tips for dealing with social media enemies

Social media provides an instant platform for anyone -- including opponents of your brand. Learn how to handle them --  and hopefully win them over -- by following sound advice from our experts.

8 ways to SEO your personal brand

Major online players spend millions on SEO, as well as protecting and cultivating their brands. Here are some tips from the experts on doing the same for yourself.

Reach consumers who friend before they spend

Educated, skeptical, and empowered like never before, online shoppers are making advertisers rethink traditional strategies. Are you speaking their language?

6 forces that will reshape behavioral targeting

Questions surrounding transparency, privacy, value, and consumer preferences continue to plague the BT industry. Our panel of experts weighs in on how these issues are likely to shake out.

4 community leaders in the online space

It doesn't get more targeted than marketing to communities that want to discuss your brand. Take a look at the companies that are making those conversations happen.

4 startups you can't ignore

In the crowded field of web analytics, it's not easy for new companies to break through the clutter. Here are four that the industry should be watching.

Bud brings out the dude in consumers

Anheuser-Busch recently added consumer-generated videos to its Bud Light "Dude" campaign. But was it a successful brew or did it merely water down the brand?


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