Susan Kuchinskas

Susan Kuchinskas

Freelance writer

Susan Kuchinskas has covered internet technology since the mid 1990s, when e-commerce was kind of a wacky idea. As a senior writer for Adweek, Business 2.0, M-Business and, she's watched the interactive advertising grow from a tiny seed to today's powerhouse. As a freelance writer, she continues to report on online ads as well as s... more

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Lessons from 5 digital marketing celebrities

In the digital realm, some marketers' personal brands are as well-known as the companies they stand behind. See how these digerati achieved celebrity status, and take a lesson from their successes (and failures).

5 fresh Facebook apps

When done right, Facebook applications represent the ultimate in consumer engagement. Meet the brands that are taking full advantage of this opportunity.

The Zen of capturing consumer emotion

Zappos' head of user experience explains why he values authenticity above all else, and why social media will someday become more powerful than any kind of advertising imaginable.

How your campaign could be doomed by clicks

An obsession with CTRs could be what's keeping online from getting a greater share of the pie. Are we too far gone, or is there still a chance for a creative revolution?

5 major hurdles for email marketing

In this world of bustling social media, has the inbox become a dust collector? Check out this list of challenges facing today's email marketers.

Battle of the marketing sexes

Does the female brain have an edge when it comes to marketing, or is that a myth? Take a look at some science that may fuel an industry gender war.

Jimmy Wales: Why the recession won't kill digital media

The Wikipedia founder says branding through user-generated content is the future of online media, so go for it while it's still cheap.

How to master the location-based ad game

As major service providers get in line to provide location-based advertising, it's time for marketers and agencies to finesse their ad targeting.

3 social media nightmares

With new media come new opportunities -- and new traps. Check out these three recent social media dustups and the lessons they taught us.

Nick Denton: Why the downturn is an extinction-level event

Gawker Media's publisher says we should batten down the hatches, pull up the drawbridge, and stick our money under the mattress in preparation for the recession of 2009.

Lessons from expensive marketing failures

Now that consumers can talk back to brands, it's a lot easier to gauge the response to your advertising -- for better or worse. It's also easier to learn from others' mistakes.

8 myths that haunt online marketers

Just because everyone says it, doesn't make it true. These prevalent misconceptions can lead to lost money, improper planning and needless industry in-fighting.

Craigslist's founder on the future of digital

He's been credited for almost single-handedly killing the newspaper industry by offering free online classifieds. But Craig Newmark's success boils down to what he calls "a pleasant accident."

Alex Bogusky's 6 rules for being a media maverick

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky's chief creative officer shares insights on discovering brand essence and preparing yourself to do great work.

The disturbing truth about metrics

Lost in a sea of reporting data? Here's what you need to know about the current confusion and controversy surrounding online audience measurement.


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