Jordan Berg
Summit Alumni

Jordan Berg

Co-founder/Partner, Questus

Jordan Berg brings over eight years of visual communications and design experience to Questus. He has experience in both interactive advertising and traditional design. Jordan has recently completed projects for world-class brands such as Suzuki, Wells Fargo, GE and ESPN. One of Jordan's key strengths is synthesizing research and strategy with awar... more

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How to behave like a brand leader

Many companies focus solely on entertainment, but the smart ones are moving beyond the status quo. Gain a loyal following with these five admirable brand behaviors.

How to avoid a social media mess

For many brands, developing content and posting into social channels is becoming a free-for-all. This four-step social editorial process will keep your posts consistent and engaging.

Google AdSense to Benefit YouTube

Questus' chief creative officer advises YouTube and other video sharing sites to invest in a new advertising strategy, one where Google's AdSense lets the ad travel with the video.

Increase Conversions by Optimizing

The chief creative officer for Questus explains why optimizing your site may be the best money you will spend in 2006.


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