Liza Hausman
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Liza Hausman

Vice President, Marketing, Rocket Fuel

Liza Hausman is vice president, marketing, for Rocketfuel, a brand optimization platform that enables advertisers to buy, measure and optimize digital campaigns to deliver the same “metrics that matter” used in offline campaigns.  The company provides a white-glove real-time media buying & optimization platform powered by the most sophisticated dec... more

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The new rules for owning and controlling social data

How companies should manage their user data, privacy settings, and control options is likely to be a hot topic this year. Here are some steps that will help make sure you've got your bases covered.

6 social sharing best practices for driving traffic

Use these tactics to determine when to offer the "like" button and when to offer the "share" button. Employed in the right combination, both are powerful tools.

Learn to leverage the social-search connection

How should marketers be increasing their site traffic through the connection of social and search? Start with these four "musts" of on-site social optimization.

Social referrals: How to attract this vital currency

Socially referred traffic is taking its place alongside search as a critical area of marketing analysis and investment. Learn how to jazz up your site to benefit from the trend.

A creative primer on the power of brand widgets

Brands that overlook the importance of an impactful widget presence may leave crucial influencers untapped. Follow these steps to gain a foothold in the widgetsphere.

Build a widget on a budget

Widgets don't have to be prohibitively expensive. There are resources to help you build a widget with little or no design or development budget. Here's how.

How to become a widget whiz

Widgets are all the rage, but it's not a channel that marketers should enter into lightly. If you're not taking these points into consideration, your application will likely fail to meet its objectives.


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