Thomas Moyer

Thomas Moyer

Media Supervisor, Dentsu Aegis Network - Empowering Media

Thomas is a Media Supervisor at Dentsu Aegis.  Previously he was a Media Supervisor at M&C Saatchi Mobile and a Technical Media Planner at T3 (the think tank), evaluating adtech platforms, media planning and strategy in T3's San Francisco office. Thomas is the Secretary at AD2SF and past SF Marketing Chair of SEMPO. Prior to T3, Thomas worked as ... more

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3 reasons to reconsider your mobile-first strategy

Before investing in any channel, it is important to take a step back to evaluate your overall media strategy. Find out why this is especially true for mobile.

Why you shouldn't treat mobile like display

If your mobile ad strategy looks anything like your web strategy, you have a problem. Here's how to stay ahead of the curve.

5 ad technologies that will be dead in 5 years

Changes in technology, ad formats, and overall regulation will shape a marketing landscape vastly different from today. Here are the ad technologies that will die out in the process.

Managing the nuances of programmatic media

With the nascency of programmatic buying just behind us, media managers are now presented with hurdles. Here's how to get past them.

The most intrusive ads in social media

The most successful ads blend seamlessly into the user experience. On social networks, this is rarely the case. Here's why your ads are killing the experience.

Expertise every agency needs to have by 2014

Brands looking to venture into uncharted territory need agencies proficient in the latest marketing disciplines. Here's how to prepare for the future.

5 ways to pick the perfect vendor

The onslaught of pitches from potential partners makes choosing the right one extremely difficult. Here's how to filter the noise to find stellar solution providers.

7 common attribution mistakes

Many elementary marketing errors can be easily avoided. Here's how to invest in the right people, draw up a solid plan, and understand your conversions before things get hairy.

Who should manage your social campaigns?

When a new marketing channel gains traction, marketers must determine who is best suited to the challenge. Here's how to find the right person to manage your social campaigns.


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