Brian Deagan

Brian Deagan

CEO & Co-founder, Knotice

Brian Deagan co-founded Knotice with the simple objective of helping marketers communicate more effectively with their customers. Knotice is the third technology-based company Mr. Deagan has guided in the past decade. Since the early 1990s, he has leveraged his pragmatic approach to emerging technologies and his experience in the software industry... more

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Mobile email is the future. Take a look at the guidelines that will keep you ahead of the pack.

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Direct digital marketing fuses several key marketing components to create a more targetable, measurable, and relevant strategy. Find out how it can do all this -- and still lower your marketing budget.

4 keys for more efficient email

It's accountable and flexible, but even email is not immune to the budget crunch. See what you can do to maximize its impact without breaking the bank. 


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