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Matt Kapko

journalist + consultant, Eye on Media

Matt Kapko has been covering mobile since 2006, before it became cool. He is a relentless journalist and consultant that specializes in the converged space of mobile, digital marketing and advertising, entertainment and media. Eye on Media, a company founded by Matt, offers a wide breadth of journalism and consulting services, including high-level... more

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How your brand can grab online star power

Celebrity endorsements are a staple component of many companies' offline advertisements. Here's how brands can affordably leverage big names in their online messaging as well.

What the new iPhone means for marketers

Apple continues to mold the future of mobile marketing with fresh products and improved software. Here's how the new features will come into play for marketers.

The undiscovered marketing power of Google Wave

Google is riding a Wave of excitement following its most recent product announcement, but will developers help deliver on its marketing potential?

Where social media and healthcare intersect

Kaiser Permanente has made use of nearly every digital channel currently available. Here's how the company makes things stick.

How "the cloud" can boost your email strategy

For those looking to increase email marketing ROI, here's why the cloud provides some valuable alternative options.

How to maximize a brand's social relevance

Well-targeted messaging and content can move consumers from superficial contact with brands to deeper engagement. See why traditional and digital are irrevocably tied when trying to reach this goal.

Why some summer movie campaigns fail to engage

Summer films present a make-it-or-break-it point for many studios that have gambled big dollars on their latest creative endeavors. But why do they so often miss the mark?

Why some summer movie campaigns fail to engage

Summer films present a make-it-or-break-it point for many studios that have gambled big dollars on their latest creative endeavors. Why do they so often miss the mark?

How to rescue the flailing auto sector

While the number of interested car shoppers is staying relatively flat, consumer confidence in the auto sector is diving rapidly. Here's how to turn that around.

How automotive can survive the perfect storm

With the economic climate impacting every facet of business these days, the new message from the automotive industry should be: why buy here, and why buy now.

The ills and frills of social media

The digital marketing guru at Sony Pictures Entertainment talks to iMedia about the headaches of social media and why, in the end, they're worth it.

Connecting brands with the mobile sweet spot

Brands have begun embracing mobile marketing to complement other forms of advertising, but here is how many in the industry are developing mini mobile case studies as a roadmap for success.

Pairing musical tastes with your brand

Pandora has built an incredibly popular music streaming service in a relatively short time. Learn how the company leveraged its position to the benefit of Volkswagen, Epson, Beck's, and Wendy's.

Targeting is nothing the brain can't fix

Linguist David Crystal believes strongly in the power of words. Here are some lessons he'd like to share with marketers on semantic targeting.

Why mobile will beat what's holding it back

Isobar's VP of mobile services, Gene Keenan, believes mobile marketing would explode if carriers provided third-party ad networks with targeting data based on lifestyle clusters.

Tips on mastering the "socio-techno divide"

Shelly Palmer often criticizes big media for ineptitude and slowness to change, but for digital marketers at the Breakthrough Summit, he offered advice on succeeding in trying times.

Google courting small businesses for local search

Google hasn't even indexed one-tenth of local content because most of it isn't digitized, Google's Chris LaSala said. Here's how the company plans to leverage small- and medium-sized businesses to change that.

AKQA's 6 rules for social media

Once you engage a brand in conversation, you gain the power to kick-start conversations about new topics, rather than just sitting idly on the sidelines. AKQA's CEO Tom Bedeccaré explains.

Digital out-of-home: Who makes it work?

There are at least 1.8 million screens vying for consumers' attention in retail, medical offices, bars, and restaurants. Here's how marketers and their partners are finding new ways to target audiences in two minutes or less.

Secrets behind 3 branded iPhone app successes

Brands are using the iPhone to connect with consumers in many ways. Here's a look at companies that are capitalizing on the branded app opportunity.

Brands convert Super Bowl eyes into digital chatter

TV commercials don't always translate to online consumer excitement, so marketers are tackling new channels this year. Here's how brands like Doritos and GoDaddy are using social media to build online buzz after the big game.

How to find your conceptual cojones

Wieden + Kennedy's digital guru is tired of all the conversations about traditional media spend moving into interactive. Traditional media isn't going away, he argues, so get used to it.


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