Chanin Ballance

Chanin Ballance

CEO, viaLanguage

Ms. Ballance co-founded viaLanguage in 2000 and served as Chief Operating Officer and head of marketing before becoming CEO in 2003. She has multiple years of technology, language, business management and marketing experience. Under her leadership viaLanguage has grown to be one of the largest women-owned multilingual solutions companies in the cou... more

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The best way to translate your copy

As a general rule, the more unique and message-driven the copy, the greater marketing skill required to treat the copy. Read on for a detailed guide to help you choose between standard translation and a marketing translation service.

6 cost-saving ways to take your rich media global

Introducing your campaign to a global market can result in translation problems.  Here's how to modify each component for local success.

Tips for multicultural social media success

If you're looking to effectively connect with ethnic groups through the use of social media, take these key steps before establishing your presence in the community.

6 ways to prepare your website for new markets

Launching an international version of your website isn't as simple as merely translating the content. Here are some things to keep in mind as you expand your reach.

SEO success in any language

In this global economy, your web presence needs to bridge international divides. Here are some pointers for incorporating translation into your search optimization strategy.


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