Larry Weintraub
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Larry Weintraub

CEO, Fanscape

Larry Weintraub is CEO and co-founder of Fanscape (, the leading Digital Engagement Marketing Agency reaching and activating consumers to foster targeted word-of-mouth marketing through online and emerging media. Fanscape's online influencer marketing experts have in-depth understanding of niche audiences and consumer behaviors acr... more

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Looking for a job? Highlight your personal brand

Competition for jobs is fierce right now, so you need to differentiate yourself anyway you can. Try these three methods that other employment-seekers are likely overlooking.

6 experimental social media campaigns

Even though most brands are delving into social media, bold moves in this space are few and far between. Take a lesson from these innovative endeavors.

4 ways social media can save you time and money

Take a look at how social media can be more impactful than your current strategies for marketing, PR, market research, and customer service.

Case studies: The value of online fandom

The tools may be better, but the basic principles of social media remain the same. Hear about some updated techniques for listening, responding, empowering, and rewarding loyal supporters of your brand.

5 ways to connect with your existing social media fans

Brands have a responsibility to use social media to engage their fans and make them feel important. Follow these rules if you want to treat them right.

How to be a LinkedIn superstar

The people you meet and do business with expect you to be wired into their community. Here's how to market yourself and your business through this powerful social network.


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