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Brad Berens

Principal, Big Digital Idea Consulting, Inc.

A trusted advisor to companies of all sizes and a respected voice within the interactive media industry, Dr. Brad Berens has enjoyed a wide-ranging career that features storytelling as an organizing theme. These days, he divides his time among research and trendspotting at the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future, strategic consulting at Big... more

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Don't call them "consumers"

The simple act of referring to existing and potential customers by this moniker could be more damaging than you think. Find out why it's time to adopt a new name.

4 tech innovations changing the marketing landscape

Thanks to the rapid rise of smartphones, the internet now comes with us through every step of our daily journeys. Here's where technology will take us next.

4 tech innovations changing the marketing landscape

Thanks to the rapid rise of smartphones, the internet now comes with us through every step of our daily journeys. Here's where technology will take us next.

The Ever-Changing Entertainment Audience

In today's insight address, Brad Berens takes us on a high-speed tour of the frenetic modern entertainment audience yesterday, today and tomorrow, and argues that marketers are paying attention to the wrong things in today's cluttered landscape.

FTC Chair calls for ad transparency

The industry's most powerful figure weighs in on privacy, transparency, and how social and mobile complicate everything.

How Coca-Cola will double its business by 2020

At the root of innovation is unlocking value by leveraging existing and emerging behaviors in new ways. Coca-Cola's senior VP and Wieden + Kennedy's global director weigh in on how to harness this vision.

Retail Daydream: Next-gen haggling and what it can do for marketing

Why is face-to-face interaction a better retail experience, and what does this all have to do with marketing? Read on for a peek into the future.

IAB's revenue numbers inspire, but "let's be careful out there"

The release of the IAB's revenue report indicates an uptick in growth for digital advertising in the first half of 2010, but it might be too early to break out the bubbly. Here's why.

Paramount's new-style movie marketing

With "Tropic Thunder" and "Eagle Eye," Paramount's Amy Powell is changing the game for interactive movie marketing. She sits down with our chief content officer to talk about it.

How digital affects Kodak's big picture

Kodak's head of marketing sat down with iMedia to talk about his career, changes at Kodak and how the internet fits into it all.

Myth busters

Join Brad Berens and a panel of emerging technologies luminaries as they drill down to the pragmatic, separate the real from the imaginary and demystify emerging trends.

The art of the brand relationship

OMG's Sean Finnegan on the future of interactive marketing, brand autism, his upcoming iMedia Brand Summit keynote address and more.

Crossing the Last 10 Feet to the Audience

Audiences are hungrier than ever for content. iMedia's editor in chief explores the role of strategic content delivery in helping marketers deliver what they're craving.

Splenda and PodShow: A New Ad Flavor

How did 30 million downloads result in a 1 percent U.S. household penetration for a new coffee sweetener? Podcasts.


Productive collaboration starts with conversation, and that's what we're here to do at the iMedia Agency Summit.

IAB's Randall Rothenberg Speaks: "This is the Major Leagues, Now!"

The IAB's new CEO sits down with our editor in chief to talk about the future of interactive, why the challenge to Nielsen and comScore, and more.

The Digital Decade: What the Past 5 Years Can Teach Us About the Next 5

aQuantive CEO Brian McAndrews gave ad:tech's keynote interview on everything from surviving the first bubble, to mobile, social media and beyond.

Why Coke & Mentos Exploded on the Web

The EepyBird guys explain how brands and consumer video creators can work together.

New CEO Peter Horan on the Future of IAC

In his first official interview since taking the reins of, CitySearch and IAC's Ad Solutions, Horan talks search, social media, mobile and more.

5 Questions About Mobile with John Hadl

Is mobile right for all brands? If not, why not? Our editor in chief sits down with the mobile guru to get answers.

Should Consumers Choose Sponsors?

Our editor in chief chats with a company that's letting its customers pick who sponsors their content.

Adding Mobile to Your Mix

Executives from mobile ad network AdMob explained that it's both easy and inexpensive to start adding mobile to the marketing mix.

Mobile's Next Frontier: Beyond Keywords

For a preview of what Medio Systems sees as the next wave in mobile tech, iMedia's editor in chief goes searching for some answers.

Are Ad Networks Safe for Brands?

Collective Media CEO Joe Apprendi gives his take on what networks need to do to get brand ad dollars.

Tracking Users Across Sites

AdMob Talks Wireless Success Strategies

Our editor in chief talks with the mobile ad network's CEO Omar Hamoui and Advertising Sales VP Tony Nethercutt about mobile marketing best practices, mistakes to avoid and more.

Falco 1 on 1: How the Net is Different

The new chair and CEO of America Online sits down with our editor in chief to chat about his new job, the user-controlled internet, and why the internet is not a threat to TV after all.

AOL's Falco: Consumers Are in Control

In an iMedia Brand Summit opening keynote address, AOL's Randy Falco shared his vision for the future of the internet and his new company.

18 Experts Share Their Bowl Predictions

Which brands and which strategies are going to win the marketing day at the Super Bowl? And who will the losers be? Our panel lays it on the line with their predictions.

Special Super Bowl XLI Issue!

The biggest game in football is also the biggest day for advertising. Our editor in chief guides you through our special issue.

Burger King and Maxim Mobile Speak Out!

Our editor in chief sits down with executives from both companies to find out how the deal between BK and Maxim came about.

The Best of iMedia -- 2006

Our editor in chief welcomes you to our favorite articles of 2006, with a look towards an exciting new year.

What Can Advertisers Do at

Somewhere between a search engine and a content site, can be hard to characterize for advertisers. Our editor in chief sits down with the company's new VP of Ad Sales, Robert Formentin.

Will SpiralFrog Be iTunes' Competitor?

SpiralFrog's CEO gives the scoop on the new online ad-supported music service.

Don E. Schultz on What Companies Can Do to Integrate

The father of Integrated Marketing gives practical tips on what YOUR company can do to integrate its marketing communications.

Drexler on How to Fix the Internet

Zenith Optimedia's former CEO argues that the internet is not getting its fair share of advertising, and explained how to get traditional media to take interactive more seriously.

Agency Decentralization & What It Means

Agencies, Publishers and Technology Vendors gathered at an intimate roundtable to discuss how hard it can be to integrate marketing communications across organizations and media platforms.

NBC and Viacom Change the Landscape

Our editor in chief looks at how recent big media moves create new opportunities for interactive.

GameDAILY: Update on the AOL Takeover

Mark Friedler talks with iMedia's editor in chief about what GameDAILY is doing, and how AOL's acquisition has improved both of the companies.

comScore CEO Defends Panel Measurements

Some publishers are challenging discrepancies between their web logs and numbers coming from comScore and Nielsen. Our editor in chief sits down with comScore's Magid Abraham to explore the issue.

Isobar's Fay Thrives in the Age of Chaos

From her post atop one of the biggest advertising services networks, Sarah Fay, president of Isobar U.S., talks about YouTube, recent departures and arrivals from Carat Fusion, the age of media uncertainty and more.

Podcast: Reasons to Invest in Interactive

From the Lake Las Vegas Brand Summit session, "Top Ten Reasons To Invest in Interactive."

The Industry Weighs In!

See what thought leaders from Avenue A/Razorfish, Bolt, Brand New World, Burst Media, Eyeblaster, Real Girls Media, TACODA, Winstar and more say about Google's acquisition of YouTube.

Don Schultz Describes New Integration

Executive Editor Brad Berens sits down with the integrated marketing guru and learns how marketers should be striving for alignment rather than integration.

The Quiet Crisis in Your Sales Force

Upstream Group President Doug Weaver talks with our exec editor about why more than half of the ad sellers are ready to quit their jobs and the potential impact on agencies.

YouTube's Online Video Best Practices

YouTube's VP of Sales Tony Nethercutt and CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley talk to our exec editor about advertising opportunities, engagement and relationship building.

Anheuser-Busch Speaks! Execs Talk Bud.TV

Our editor in chief talks with VPs Tony Ponturo and Jim Schumacker about the beer company's new investment in online video content.

Tabletop: Creating Brand Experiences

An insightful group of brand marketers, agency folks, publishers and vendors met at iMedia's Brand Summit to discuss how to create brand experiences online.

Ad Exchanges: Online Inventory's Future?

Our exec editor sits down with AdECN, Right Media and Federated Media to see how new entities called "ad exchanges" will change how advertisers buy and sell inventory.

Leaping from Carat Fusion to Jumpstart

John Durham, Jumpstart Interactive's new president of sales and marketing, talks about vertical ad networks, how marketing autos is different, his move from Carat Fusion and more.

Q&A with Chris Young

Our exec. editor sits down with Chris Young, co-founder of Klipmart, to chat about the recent DoubleClick acquisition of Klipmart and the future of online video.

Q&A with Mark Silva and Cory Treffiletti

Our exec editor sits down with Real Branding's founder and its newly-appointed VP of Media to chat about user-generated content, integration and where the industry is going.

What to Expect from ad:tech Chicago

Our executive editor chats with Susan Bratton, ad:tech chair emeritus, about hot topics and the conference theme.

Podcast: Industry Concerns and Forecast

iMedia Executive Editor Brad Berens recounts what was covered at the Amelia Island Agency Summit roundtables.

The Problem with Disney's Branded Fruit

Disney and Tesco's decision to brand satsumas with little Pooh stickers has our executive editor scratching his head and wondering if the backlash will ever come.

There's Nothing Wrong with "User"

But there's plenty that's bad about using the word "consumer" when it comes to consumer-generated content. Our exec editor explains why.

Q&A with NetShelter's Peyman Nilforoush

iMedia's executive editor gets the 411 on NetShelter's new Branded Network offering site-specific buys on tech sites.

Podcast: Q&A with EchoTarget's Greg Smith

iMedia's executive editor talks with EchoTarget's CEO about the differences among BT solutions, how to choose a vendor and more.

Email Marketing: Still in the Game

Advertisers gathered to discuss the big issues surrounding email marketing, whether CAN-SPAM did anything, and if legitimate marketers can still rent lists.

Next Generation Behavioral Targeting

Summit attendees debate the present and future of BT, talking about price, effectiveness and the best categories.

Engagement Q&A with Bob DeSena

The engagement guru chats with our exec editor about what engagement is, why marketers are buzzing about it, and the challenges ahead.

Q&A with ValueClick's David Yovanno

The ad network's general manager sits down with our exec editor to talk about the state of the industry, the merger with Fastclick, the human capital problem and more.

Is the Upfront Pullback Good for Online?

Dollars leaking out of network TV has to be good for somebody, but our exec editor thinks it's premature to say who that somebody is.

What Consumers Hate about Online Ads

Our exec editor chats with Interface Guru CEO Cia Romano about consumer attitudes to online ads, dos and don'ts for marketers, the difference between animation and interaction, and more.

Trend Trackers Tell All

Archer Advisors partner Rich LeFurgy led an insightful panel examining what's coming next in interactive.

The Future of Search

Bambi Francisco, John Battelle, Fredrick Marckini, Kevin Ryan and Dana Todd discussed and debated the future of search in a provocative ad:tech panel.

He Has the Dough; Can You Make a Go?

Our exec editor covers Wednesday morning's opening keynote presentation by Sequoia Capital partner Mark Kvamme.

The New Ad Networks

iMedia's exec editor chats with Tribal Fusion's Dilip DaSilva about ad network differentiation, reach, capabilities and outlook.

5 Reasons to Market Movies Online

Consumers have changed their media habits: it's time for your marketing to follow.

Why Can't We Find Good People to Hire?

Our exec editor asks why the industry is plagued by staffing problems, and senior execs from DoubleClick, WhenU, Specific Media and more weigh in.

Proven Methods to Market to Videogamers

Two executives from Xfire took Summit attendees on a tour of four different channels for reaching the increasingly important gamer audience.

Interview with's Dean Harris

The new CMO of this vertical travel search site chats with our exec editor about search, online travel, his move from Vonage and more.

Q&A with Variety's Jonathan Bing

The marketing columnist chats with our executive editor about the changing landscape of entertainment marketing-- online and off.

iMedia Exclusive: Larry Kramer on March Madness

CBS Digital Media President Larry Kramer chats with our exec editor about the history-making success of the NCAA March Madness on Demand (MMOD) video player.

Q&A with Paramount's Amy Powell

The newly-promoted movie studio SVP chats with our exec editor about interactive marketing in the entertainment industry.

24/7's Ari Bluman on Ad Networks in 2006

The 24/7 Real Media SVP of media and technology chats with our executive editor about the renaissance of ad networks, how to differentiate among them and more.

Q&A with Vendare's David Burcham

This executive VP describes differentiating factors between ad networks, and explains how marketers can get the most out of their network partners.

Q&A with Denuo's Nick Pahade

The president of the Publicis Groupe's new "futures practice" sits down with our executive editor to talk about the group.

The Urban Auto Market Comes of Age

The Mastermind Group's Erin Patton explores the recent embrace of the multicultural market's influence on luxury auto sales.

Q&A with BlueLithium's Gurbaksh Chahal

The ad network head talks about how to make sense of the different kinds of networks, what's coming in 2006 and more.

What would you do with $2.5 million?

For the cost of one Super Bowl ad you can do so much more -- find out what people from AOL, Carat, Microsoft, Universal McCann and more would do!

Q&A with ClickDiario

How does a Spanish-language ad network differ from its English-language counterparts? Our exec editor chats with ClickDiario VP Jacques Hart.

WOMMA's Auction for Charity

Andy Sernovitz tells us about the organization's attempt to raise money for charity strictly by word of mouth.

Q&A with SpecificMEDIA's Tim Vanderhook

This ad network CEO talks about why there are so many networks, how to differentiate among them and what companies News Corp. will buy in 2006.

Chris Anderson on Corporate Blogging

When the Wired editor in chief's new Xbox 360 didn't work, he reached out to Microsoft's helpful bloggers-- now he talks about the experience.

The Cutting Edge -- iMedia's Best, 2005

During this week between the holidays, we're bringing you some of the best iMedia stories from 2005. Today's focus: what the cutting-edge present and near future will bring.

Doing it Right: the Best of iMedia 2005

During this week between the holidays, we're bringing you some of the best iMedia stories from 2005. Today's focus: industry best practices.

Creative -- The Best of iMedia 2005

This week we bring you some of the best iMedia stories from 2005. Today's focus: creative.

BURST! CEO Jarvis Coffin on Ad Networks

Coffin sits down with our executive editor to talk about how ad networks are maturing, how they relate to behavioral targeting and more.

Don E. Schultz: Integrated Marketing Q&A

Executive Editor Brad Berens sits down with the integrated marketing guru to chat about the big picture for marketing's present and future.

Don E. Schultz: Integrated Marketing Q&A (Page 5)

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Welcome to iMedia Search Week

As 2005 winds to a stop, it's time to take a week-long look at one of the biggest interactive moneymakers: SEM.

John Battelle on the Future of Search

"The Search" author and founder of Wired magazine discusses Web 2.0, his new ad network and more.

From the Executive Editor's Desk

Brad Berens responds to a pair of recent blog posts about iMedia's editorial policy.

Inside the Targeting Network

Curt Viebranz, TACODA's president, discusses the many dimensions of behavioral targeting networks and the implications for marketers and publishers.

The Art of the Subject Line

Online copywriting guru Nick Usborne chats with Exec Editor Brad Berens about the dos and don'ts for writing effective email marketing subject lines.

Selling Online Video Ads

Matt Pasternak moved from the research world to head sales at Klipmart Corporation. Executive Editor Brad Berens talks to him about the traits of this ad technique.

iMedia Gets Acquired!

dmg world media -- producer of ad:tech -- is pleased to announce the acquisition of iMedia Communications. Read the details!

Safecount Q&A with Starcom's Mike Zeman

Brad Berens chats with Safecount board member Mike Zeman about the fight to save cookies.

Looking Back at Sugarshots

As we wind up iMedia's first "open source marketing campaign," Doug Schumacher, Emma Brownell and Brad Berens chat about what we learned.

Q&A with Peter Horan

The CEO of -- and former CEO of -- chats with us about how B2B is and isn't different from B2C, blogs, RSS and more.

Welcome to the New iMedia Connection!

We've relaunched our website with a new look, a better organization, and even more of the content that keeps you looped on industry developments.

Q&A with Scot McLernon

The newly appointed sales head for CBS Digital Media sits down with executive editor Brad Berens to talk about his new job.

Q&A with Jumpstart's Mitch Lowe

With automotive consumers turning to the web as often as they go to a dealer's show room, the stakes for auto sites have never been higher.

In Publications Elsewhere

Executive Editor Brad Berens reports on recent articles from The New Yorker, The NY Times, The LA Times and Technology Review that impact online marketing.

iMedia Video Magazine Premieres

Mark your calendars for the launch of the first issue in San Francisco and April 5th.

iMedia & Variety Present Integrate '05!

Put June 29, 2005 on your calendars and don't forget to request an invitation for this exciting one-day Summit about marketing and the new entertainment consumer.

The Future Defined, the Present Measured

In Coconut Point, Yahoo!'s Lloyd Braun talks about the future of internet content and Fair Isaac's Jeff Zabin discusses leveraging customer information.

Spyware Q&A with BURST!'s Jarvis Coffin

Late in 2004, BURST! Media, Inc. ran a banner intended to educate consumers about spyware. Why is it in the interests of an ad network to do this?

2005 Predictions: Web Analytics (2 of 2)

Brent Hieggelke of WebTrends continues chatting with executive editor Brad Berens about his predictions for the coming year.

More 2005 Predictions: Web Analytics

Brent Hieggelke of WebTrends chats with Executive Editor Brad Berens about his predictions for the coming year.

Q&A with Sarah Fay

The Isobar U.S. president chats with iMedia about her transition from Carat Interactive, what an "Isobar" is, and her vision for the future. (1 of 2)

In Publications Elsewhere

Executive Editor Brad Berens reports on recent articles from the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic Monthly, and NPR's Day to Day that impact online marketing.

Q&A with Saatchi NY CEO Mary Baglivo

Baglivo was recently quoted in Adweek saying she'd like to see "non-traditional, non-TV marketing ideas" go the way of the Dodo. Did she mean interactive marketing?

SF/BIG Event: a Party and… a Wake?

The Bay Area Interactive Group looked back on ten years, buried the first banner and premiered the ValueClick Singers.

Games & Online Marketing: Winding Up

Our online panel discussion concludes with one last post, and a reader writes in with his thoughts.

Meet the Creative Competition Winners!

Find out who won "Best in Show" at last week's iMedia Agency Summit. Then see who iMedia newsletter readers (that's you!) picked.

Round Table: Games & Online Marketing 5

Our online panel discussion continues! Why is online marketing missing the boat when it comes to games and the game consumer?

Round Table: Games & Online Marketing 4

Part four of an online panel discussion about why online marketing is missing the boat when it comes to games and the game consumer.

Round Table: Games & Online Marketing 3

Part three of an online panel discussion about why online marketing is missing the boat when it comes to games and the game consumer.

Round Table: Games & Online Marketing 2

Part two of an online panel discussion about why online marketing is missing the boat when it comes to games and the game consumer.

Click the Vote!

Help us choose the winners for iMedia's second "Best in Show" creative competition. Make sure every vote counts!

AD:TECH New York, Field Report (1 of 2)

What's happening this week at AD:TECH? Our Executive Editor checks in from the Manhattan conference.

Q&A with Sean Baenen on Broadband

Odyssey's managing director talks with iMedia about the marketing differences between dial-up and high-speed, behavioral marketing and more.

Branding Every Email

New software allows employers to place marketing banners in email signatures on a company-wide basis.

Battle for the Heart

iMedia Editor-at-Large Joseph Jaffe's roadshow about the best creative in interactive marketing rolled through L.A. Tuesday night.

Save the Dates! iMedia 2005 Summits

It's time to crack open those calendars.

Creative Competition Kickoff!

Enter your best creative in iMedia's Winter 2004 Creative Competition by October 29th!

Q&A with Scot McLernon

The CBS MarketWatch EVP of Sales and Marketing talks about recent changes to the site.

Bay Area Interactive Group Launches

"It's time to get the juice back going here," says president of newly minted marketing community organization.

iMedia Book Club

Interactive marketing guru Don E. Schultz lists the five books that all marketers should be reading.

TV Climbs Ratings "Mountain" Online

Before the broadcast premiere, The WB gave "The Mountain" to broadband users: is this the future of TV promotion?

Good News for All Marketers

Summit attendees encouraged by results of Marketing & Media Snapshot 2004 study.


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