Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman

VP, Product Marketing, Zipscene

Jonathan Richman is  Vice President, Product Marketing, for Cincinnati-based startup Zipscene. Jonathan Richman is responsible for leading product development and all marketing and thought leadership efforts for Zipscene. Zipscene is a digital marketing and CRM platform focused exclusively on the restaurant industry. Zipscene helps restaurants bet... more

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5 forces that could make Foursquare obsolete

While it's not over yet, and Foursquare might have some tricks up its sleeve, there are a number of competing platforms that are slowly but surely doing everything Foursquare does, but better. Here's why.

The world's worst digital marketing advice

Not all the advice being spread around conferences and in blog posts is rooted in sound logic. Steer clear of anyone you hear spewing these nine little gems.

10 sneaky marketing tactics you need to avoid

It can be tempting to get crafty with your online marketing practices, but certain shortcuts will harm your brand more than you think. See why you need to steer clear of these common deceptions.

4 technologies that are killing the URL

There's a host of technologies that are contributing to the growing obsolescence of your brand's web address. Here are the marketing implications of the most important ones.


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