Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

President, Anvil Media

With a background in integrated marketing, Lewis left a public relations agency in 1996 to start his career in search engine marketing. Since then, he’s helped grow businesses by connecting his clients with their constituents via the Internet. In 2000, Lewis founded Anvil Media, Inc., an integrated marketing consultancy specializing in analyti... more

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How to advocate for a bigger content marketing budget

Content is more important than ever, and engaging today's digital consumers doesn't come cheap. Here's how to sell management on a larger content marketing budget.

6 secrets to marketing to ethical consumers

The ethical consumer movement has challenged marketers since its inception. These are the essential strategies to engage these increasingly important shoppers.

How ad blocking will change digital advertising

Ad-blocking software has gone mainstream. Here's why online publishers, agencies, and brands have no choice but to transform the way they advertise across the digital landscape.

9 social media marketing rules you should break

The old rules of social media marketing no longer apply. Here's how to ensure your brand's social strategy is up to date.

10 marketing functions that brands should keep in-house

Most companies think it's easier to outsource most of their marketing efforts, but with the right team in place, in-house marketing can be the best option. Here are the tasks that brave brands can master themselves.

6 marketing tools that will soon be obsolete

As the digital landscape evolves, the following tools will fail to keep up. Are you ready to kiss these once-valuable options goodbye?

19 outdated digital marketing strategies

Is your work forward-thinking? Or does it need to get with the times? These are the obsolete approaches you need to avoid -- now and forever.

The dirtiest jobs in digital marketing

A job's a job -- but some jobs are much worse than others. Here are roles even the heartiest of marketers would decline.

5 marketing jobs that will be dead in 5 years

You might disagree with these predictions, but you might also find yourself unemployed in the next five years. Are you confident in your current position?

7 ideas to drastically improve your digital marketing

We're well into 2014. What are you doing to ensure success? Consider adopting these ideas to maximize your return on investment this year.

5 ways to impress your CMO

One of the most essential and challenging executive positions is that of the chief marketing officer. Here's how to make a positive and lasting impression on your CMO.

11 essential tools for link building

It's vital for SEO professionals to integrate the power of persuasion via third parties into their strategies. Here are some simple tools to help you do just that.

50 good reasons to quit digital marketing

This industry is a lot more complex than many people think. If any of these statements resonate with you, consider giving up digital marketing as a career.

9 marketing strategies you must stop using -- now

As a digital marketer, you're tasked with keeping up with the times. Using these outdated techniques in 2013 guarantees poor results.

How Google's Panda and Penguin are affecting your site's rankings

Has your site been demoted by Google's algorithm updates Panda and Penguin? Here's how to prevent a deadly drop in search rankings and stay in Google's good graces.

The 9 dumbest ways to measure social media

Those numbers don't mean what you think they mean. Here's how to fix your otherwise broken system of social measurement.

5 digital trends you need to embrace

As our industry quickly evolves, it's essential to accept the new tools and strategies that will help us succeed. Here are the trends marketers can't afford to ignore.

The ultimate guide to video marketing on YouTube

Video is the darling of the marketing world, but many don't yet know how to use it. Learn about YouTube best practices, optimization essentials, analytics, and much more in this article.

Your guide to the new sales funnel

As marketers, our job is to "sell" sexy, yet we must rely heavily on data and process in order to achieve desired ROI. Read about an exciting new way to do just that.

How to be a rock star on 8 social media platforms

Many brands have figured out the basics of social media, but very few have taken it to the next level. Here's a marketer's guide for doing so.

9 ways to lose friends and alienate people in social media

Too few brands are following time-tested communications best practices when engaging in social media. Avoid making the same mistakes by following these basic principles.

Advanced LinkedIn strategies for marketers

If you're currently using LinkedIn only to network, you're missing the true power of the platform. Learn how to optimize your personal and company profiles.

Top social media platforms for businesses

Consumer-facing brand marketers are wild about social media, but business-to-business marketers have been more skeptical about the value. Consider this proof that social marketing can and will work for B2B companies too.

7 obsolete digital marketing strategies

Many of the old dogs of digital and traditional marketing are not quick to learn new tricks. See why these outdated techniques can sabotage your campaign.

6 socially savvy brands

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Learn how these smart brands chose the right social media platforms for their needs and tailored campaigns to fit.

6 social media platforms at a glance

Developing a successful social media strategy requires a clear understanding of the technology, users, opportunities, and challenges. This essential checklist will help you evaluate which channels are appropriate for your marketing efforts.


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