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Peter Platt

President, PSquared Digital

Peter is a 25+ year veteran of the agency business and has been involved in Internet marketing since the early 1990s. He was also one of the first 100 people certified in the Google AdWords program in 2004. Peter’s experience brings together a unique combination of business development, account management, technology and strategic planning skills. ... more

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ASPY nominations close this Friday

We get by with a little help from our friends -- so don't forget to thank them! Nominations for the ASPY Awards, honoring the agency community's favorite technology and solution providers, are now open.

The 5 superpowers of banner ads we've overlooked

Banner ads have gotten a bad rap over the years -- and it's mostly our own fault. Here is why we should reconsider the industry's favorite scapegoat.

5 things great bosses always do

If you're a frustrated employee, your boss is likely lacking these essential qualities. If you're the boss, here are best practices you can't afford to ignore.

3 wearables marketers must follow

Not all tech gadgets are adopted by mainstream consumers. Let's take a look at the wearables that could affect the marketing business.

3 social networks that brands should ignore

Just because social media sites have audiences doesn't mean they're good places for marketing. Here's why you should reconsider your efforts on these popular platforms.

6 vendors our industry doesn't need

The vendor proliferation in our industry has gotten out of control. Let's look at the types of companies that are currently making headlines -- but not adding any value to the ecosystem.

The 8 types of people who "like" your brand

Not all of your Facebook fans are out there singing your brand's praises. Sometimes the opposite is true. Let's take a look at who truly "likes" your brand.

6 trends that will shape digital in 2013

2013 is not going to be "the year of the [fill in the blank]." It's going to be a year of building on past successes. Here's how you should be preparing.

The 5 metrics that really matter

It's time for marketers to stop talking about clicks and impressions and instead focus on what's important -- business results. Here's how to understand the true impact of your digital efforts.

5 reasons your brand doesn't need Facebook

Everybody is on Facebook, so your brand has to be there. Or does it? Consider these reasons why you might be wasting too many resources on the platform.

4 ways you're annoying your online audience

In the effort to capture attention, ads can easily go from interesting to irritating. Here's how to ensure your ads are well received.

10 reasons to hate the click

At first, the click seemed like a metric that made sense. But our industry needs so much more. Here's why we need to stop clinging to this outdated concept.

5 strategies for a captivating social media conversation

In the social media sphere, it is imperative to look at your objectives and determine which tactics will deliver on your goals. Here are five approaches to consider.

5 ways you're wasting digital ad dollars

It is crucial to start evaluating digital marketing opportunities and focus on the ones that work best for our given objectives. Here's how to see through the hype.

Targeting Regional Online Campaigns

Butler/Till Media Services VP Peter Platt shares tips on local online campaign planning.


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