Tricia Despres

Tricia Despres

Freelance Writer

Tricia Despres is a freelance writer from Chicago. In the past seven years, she has had over 400 articles published in national and regional publications such as Advertising Age, Media Magazine, the Chicago Tribune and Shopper Marketer Magazine. Before freelancing full time, she worked at both Discovery Communications and Starcom USA. When she is n... more

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The best marketing ideas that never saw the light of day

The concept was brilliant. The campaign would have been revolutionary. So why did the client shoot it down? Check out these six failed pitches that still haunt the marketers behind them.

The biggest lies vendors tell marketers

If you've been in the industry any time at all, you're no stranger to vendor fibs. Check out these four agency leaders' stories of deceit.

Marketer confessions: My worst job ever

Bad bosses. Menial tasks. Debilitating stress levels. They build character, right? Here are the lessons that seven marketers gleaned from their very worst jobs.

Rebrandings that failed miserably

Did New Coke teach us nothing? Don't screw with a good thing. Here are the lessons we learned when these beloved brands dared to toy with their own images.

4 small agencies that scored big clients

Bigger isn't always better. Here's how boutique shops scored impressive clients in 2012 -- and how they plan to do it again this year.

5 digital marketers who kicked butt at their new jobs

A new job represents a new opportunity to make a name for yourself in digital. Meet the marketers who have been impressing people at their new gigs.

8 ways that Facebook drives marketers crazy

Marketers today might need Facebook. But that doesn't mean they like it. These are the snags they most commonly encounter on the now-ubiquitous platform.

6 reasons you should fire your employee

Are the warning signs there? Let's take a look at a few reasons your organization and an employee might need to part ways.

5 reasons Pinterest is overhyped for brands

Although Pinterest might be the perfect home for some visual-centric brands, it's going to be a tough sell for others. Let's take a look at the platform's current limitations.

5 reasons Myspace is making a comeback

Poor little Myspace -- the butt of so many jokes. But this once-giant might actually have the last laugh. Here's why marketers should be paying attention again.

Top 10 epic fails of 2011

This year's marketing fails resulted in boycotts, rage-filled tweets, and stern Facebook statuses. Here are the most memorable digital advertising stumbles of 2011.

8 questions to ask your ad network

These days, buyers have more choices than ever when trying to find the right home for their clients' ads. Here are the crucial questions you need to ask when evaluating an ad network.

Does pay-per-tweet fit your brand's profile?

Traditional display is being replaced by more active methods like sponsored conversations. Take a look at how this emerging marketing model works.

10 essential Twitter apps for marketers

If you're using Twitter in your marketing strategies, you'll want to learn about these add-ons that marketers are saying they can't live without.


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