Madhuri Shekar

Madhuri Shekar

Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant

Madhuri Shekar is a freelance writer and social media marketing consultant. She has previously worked at Rogers and Cowan in the eMedia department, and at Sony Pictures Television in New Media Research.Madhuri holds a Masters in Global Communication from the London School of Economics and the University of Southern California. She is currently purs... more

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How to harness the "Sheen Effect" for your brand

Not sure how your brand can leverage the power of a big-name partner? Take the advice of some top entertainment partnership strategists as they reveal key processes, tips, and common mistakes to avoid.

Gaming the system with skim-proof content

Most internet users just scan your painstakingly written copy and then move on. But here are a few quick writing tips to make sure your message gets across.

5 outside-the-box marketing jobs

Forget job titles like "executive" and "guru." Meet five professionals who are putting a new spin on the role they play in the marketing equation.

Smitten by social media: How to channel your passion

Marketing expert Susan Bratton explains why personal enthusiasm for social media must be tempered with a common sense approach.

MTV's digital strategy and why it's succeeding

The lines between creative and marketing roles are blurring as advertising becomes more heavily integrated with content. But one thing remains constant: The audience is king.

4 reasons to shut up on Twitter

The use of Twitter can become an addiction for a brand, but sometimes it's best to just say "no." Check out these instances in which microblogging can do more harm than good.

Putting the "social" back in social media

With all the buzz surrounding social media, it is important to remember that the core principles behind engaging with customers never change. Here's why.

Twitter's hidden marketing superpowers

There's more to Twitter than meets the eye. Is your brand taking advantage of some of the platform's lesser-known marketing opportunities?


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