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Drew Hubbard

Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist

Drew is mainly a dad, but he's also a social media and content marketing guy. Originally from Kansas City and a graduate of The University of Missouri, Drew will gladly discuss the vast, natural beauty of the Show Me State. Drew and his wife, Lori, live in southern California with their handsome son, Walter. Drew is a freelance marketing consulta... more

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5 campaigns that bucked traditional gender roles

Tired clichés have no place in today's world. Here are a few examples of brands that have embraced fluidity in their marketing.

10 resolutions marketers must make for 2016

With the new year comes a chance to improve upon your marketing practices. Pledge to adopt at least a few of these.

10 words that defined marketing in 2015

Industry jargon both new and old has dominated our discussions of late. These are the words that rose to prominence this year.

5 items to sneak into your 2016 marketing budgets

While planning for the coming year, there are a number of options you may not have considered. Keep these ideas in mind when budgeting for 2016.

5 tips for marketing to new parents

Becoming a mom or dad will completely shift one's priorities, and marketers must tailor their strategies to fit these changes. This advice will help you reach your parental audience.

6 companies that got caught in epic marketing fibs

In order to appeal to audiences, brands occasionally stretch the truth -- or simply ignore it altogether. These are just a few examples of big names that tried to sneak one past us.

The 5 funniest brands on Instagram

It's not easy to convey humor on social media, especially on a visual platform like Instagram. The following brands have taken on this challenge, with excellent results.

5 ways to run a horrible social influencer campaign

A great partnership with a blogger can boost your sales and brand recognition, but only if executed correctly. Be sure to avoid making the following mistakes.

9 cliché Instagram posts to avoid

While you think that every image you post on Instagram is gold, your followers likely don't agree. Brand marketers may want to avoid some of the following subjects on the photo-sharing platform.

7 warning signs that a prospect is just wasting your time

It can be tempting to snatch up every potential project that comes your way, but not every partnership is a fruitful one. Avoid working with clients who demonstrate the following. 

Easy-to-steal ideas from the biggest brands on Twitter

These accounts have garnered huge followings on the popular social network. Take a few tips from the playbooks of these major names in order to build a Twitter presence.

7 deadly sins of Instagram marketing

Whether you're just starting out on the photo-sharing platform or you've had an account for some time, your social strategy may need some work. Be sure you aren't breaking any of the cardinal rules of marketing on Instagram.

Bacon's 5 greatest marketing achievements

It's the food that we can't get enough of, and brands capitalize on it left and right. Learn how to market your product or service with a little help from bacon.

6 months in review: 2015's best video campaigns so far

With the first half of the year coming to a close, let's take a look back at this year's video campaigns that have made a real impact for brands.

The 5 greatest burnout risks for marketers

Given the high-stress nature of marketing, it's no wonder that we've all seen colleagues burn out. Here are the top reasons it happens, along with some suggestions for how to combat them.

5 brands defying the "stupid man" marketing trend

The bumbling idiot male stereotype in advertising is an overused and unfunny joke. Here are the brands that are bucking the trend.

5 inspirational marketing lessons from Disney

Despite its breadth, Disney can be very efficient when it comes to relating to its fans on a personal level. These are the tips that brands of any size can glean from the juggernaut.

The 10 all-time greatest farts in advertising

This article is about farts. As you can imagine, it's going to be a gas.

7 brands that are killing it with the DIY craze

The brands that have tapped into the DIY fervor in recent years are some of the finest content marketers out there. Take a page from their books.

The marketing clichés you need to stop repeating

Some of these are simply annoying. Some are straight-up dangerous. How many are you spouting on a daily basis?

The sexiest food-porn marketing

Hungry? These are the brands whose titillating marketing campaigns make us drool.

The 10 commandments of Instagram marketing

Make sure you're up on your Instagram marketing do's and don'ts, lest you miss out on opportunities on this incredibly valuable platform

Bizarre "firsts" in marketing

In the marketing world, doing something first doesn't necessarily make it an innovative move. Check out these companies that tried to be ahead of the curve.

Marketing's most amazing reboots

The best marketing reboots are being done with plenty of consumer data in hand. Let's take a look at a few of the best recent examples.

10 ways marketers can seem smarter than they are

Need to project competence and confidence even though you're feeling less than certain? Employ these tricks when you need to impress people despite being outside your comfort zone.

7 predictions for marketing in 2015

All marketing pundits love taking the opportunity in the new year to pull out their crystal balls, however cloudy they might be. Let's jump on the bandwagon, shall we?

10 great gift ideas for the marketers in your life

If you're going to spend money on holiday presents for colleagues, why not be memorable? Kick off your gift brainstorm with this guide, and add a few of the items to your own wish list.

10 words that defined marketing in 2014

The words we use in this industry, at any given time, are a useful way to look back at the trends during that period. So what words were on the tips of our tongues this past year?

The 5 most dangerous job titles in marketing

Some marketers' titles are working against their job security. Let's look at the ones that might seem expendable in the eyes of executives who are being pressed to make hard cuts.

6 best traits to look for in a boss while job hunting

In the stressful process of job hunting, it's important to make sure you get along with your superiors. Keep these traits in mind during interviews.

7 phrases that make marketers look outdated

Are you behind the marketing times? A lot of the warning signs can be found in your everyday language. Consider these tell-tale signs.

6 networking secrets for introverts

Socializing at events with strangers can be a tedious task for shy people. Learn how to ease the stress and become the most popular marketer at your table.

It's a trap! 5 job interview trick questions

When you're up for your dream job and a curve ball is thrown your way, what can you do? Check out these tips for addressing those sticky situations and landing the gig you want.

6 killer websites to watch

Mock the idea of the boring old website all you like. It's still vital to brands and product launches. If you haven't checked out some of the hottest recent web designs, it's time to take a look and get inspired.

5 epic marketing stunts you need to see

A well-calculated risk can earn your brand some well-deserved attention. Take a page from these recent bold ventures.

5 pieces of content marketing you can create today

Looking to break the marketing equivalent of writer's block? Tap into one of these simple concepts to get your creative juices flowing and create valuable brand content.

6 ways to make meetings go faster

Meetings are a necessary, time-sucking evil in our industry. Let's make them shorter. Here's how.

The state of brands on Instagram

It's unwise to ignore any platform with 200 million monthly active users. Let's take a look at the latest stats on Instagram, as well as the approaches of the top brands on the growing platform.

10 social media facts that will keep you up at night

Social media marketing is now enjoying its transition into the realm of standard practice. But that doesn't mean it's without challenges. Consider these dismaying facts.

5 marketing terms that will be dead in 5 years

The language of marketing tends to evolve at a much slower pace than the industry itself. Here are the terms we need to start eliminating from our vocabulary before they've become wholly irrelevant.

The 7 deadly sins of conference calls

We've all forgotten to un-mute ourselves on a conference line. But the common sins on these calls run much deeper. Are you a guilty party?

The best crowdsourced social media campaigns

At its best, social media is a true collaboration. Here are the brands that obviously get it.

The best social media campaigns from auto brands

It's no surprise that some of the slickest and most luxurious ad campaigns come out of the car industry. Let's take a look at the most impressive recent social initiatives.

Marketing jargon translated for normal people

We all know marketers have a problem with silly buzzwords and ridiculously flowery language. If you want your mother to understand what you do for a living, try explaining it like this.

The best social media campaigns that leveraged selfies

Admit it: You've taken them. You've posted them. But which brands have most successfully socialized the selfie? Let's take a look.

8 types of problem clients (and how to handle them)

iMedia's Best 2014 Content: Clients' money keeps the lights on, so they earn the right to be a little goofy sometimes. But if you're running into these client difficulties, you'd better take action -- and quick.

5 wildly creative campaigns you probably missed

Great work is done in our industry every day. So much, in fact, that some of it can slip by relatively unnoticed. Did you catch these recent winners?

6 campaigns that made us cry (and why they worked)

Have you ever watched an ad that left you weeping shamelessly into your coffee? You're not alone. Here are the campaigns that successfully tapped into consumers' emotions.

10 reasons you hired the wrong person

There's nothing worse than the moment you realize a new hire isn't going to work out. To avoid this awkward situation, keep these mental biases in check.

10 resolutions marketers must make for 2014

A little professional self-reflection and improvement never hurt anyone. Here are the resolutions that we as marketers should be making this year.

5 tips for capitalizing on Instagram ads

It's hard to provide a definitive do's and don'ts guide for this new visually rich ad option. But here are the basics to keep in mind.

How to finish marketing projects faster

Perfectionism can sink the most well-intentioned campaign. Here are the acceptable compromises marketers should make.

Marketing acronyms that must die

If it's more than one word, marketers will try to shorten it to two or more letters. Can we please stop? Here are the acronyms that are making us look and sound like morons.

10 ways to be happier at work

Burnout is a very real problem, especially in the marketing world of rejection. Before letting it get the best of you, try these simple tricks to boost your happiness on the job.

Why generational marketing is ridiculous

Advertisers love to lump people into groups based on birth dates. Here's why the very notion of generations is no longer relevant.

The most immature brands in marketing

Fart jokes and other silliness have their place in marketing and advertising, but they can also go horribly wrong. Let's take a look at the brands that are winning and failing in this realm.

Easy-to-steal ideas from Facebook's 10 biggest brands

You don't need to be a Coca-Cola to post like one on Facebook. Borrow some of these simple and inexpensive tactics from the giants.

The worst Facebook marketing advice

On the surface, some marketing tips sound like spectacular ideas. But if you dig deeper, serious flaws are revealed. Here's the Facebook advice you've likely heard -- and hopefully ignored.

The best Vines posted by brands

Short-form videos in social media are cool, fun, and accessible for any size brand. Take a page from the companies that are doing it right.

3 surefire ways to improve your presentations

If you're in marketing, you have to know how to speak to a room full of people to be successful. It's that simple. Here's how to impress the crowd.

The worst Vines posted by brands

It's good if your brand is experimenting with Vine, but your videos could still be quite bad. Here are some common mistakes that companies are making with the still-nascent video-sharing tool.

5 marketing trends defining 2013 (so far)

It's hard to believe that half of the year is already behind us. Let's review the biggest trends that have shaped our industry and evaluate where we need to go.

12 habits of successful social media managers

Looking to hire a social media manager? Here's how to spot the perfect candidate. If social management is your job, here are the daily activities to embrace.

The 7 best photos to post on Facebook

Posting photos to Facebook is a great way for brands to engage their fans. But don't just post anything. Take a page from these brands' playbooks.

When it's OK for your brand to be risqué

Just because you might offend someone doesn't mean you shouldn't get a little racy from time to time. Here's when your brand can get away with posting not-safe-for-work content.

5 questions your social media team hates being asked

There are certain questions that are routinely posed to social media managers that can really begin to grate over time. Here's how to ensure more productive -- and less annoying -- conversations.

Personalization opportunities that you're missing

If your brand is still failing to implement basic levels of personalization, it's time to get cracking. And even if you have the fundamentals in place, consider these ways in which you can deepen your customer connections.

7 ways you're wasting your time

Is your job plagued by inefficiency? Let's take a look at the areas where you can reclaim some productivity.

Simple ideas for integrating social and email

While it's popular to declare that social media is killing email, this is simply not true. Here's how marketers can leverage the two as complementary channels.

The 8 worst things to say at an agency

If you're sloppy with your language, you're being careless with your job. Here are the statements marketers must eliminate before losing total respect.

7 ways to win laughs in social media

Comedy in social media can easily backfire. But when humor hits the spot, everyone wins. Here's how the funniest brands in social pull it off.

5 questions to ask before accepting a new client

Firing a client is stressful and wastes countless resources. To avoid an ugly breakup down the road, be sure to ask these invaluable questions up front.

The 7 most annoying people on Twitter

Your Twitter presence says a lot about you as a marketing professional. If you find yourself in any one of these buckets, you're irritating a lot of people.

5 signs your brand is becoming uncool

Popularity does not maintain itself. Here are the signs that your brand's cool factor is on the decline -- and some ways to counteract the lameness.

The 7 worst things to say when pitching a new idea

For an industry that revolves around the art of the pitch, some marketers are quite bad at it. If you're trying to sell your great idea, don't let these words come out of your mouth.

5 reasons you should quit your job

Is your company holding you back or otherwise abusing you? Here are the red flags that mean you might want to head for the door.

10 resolutions marketers must make for 2013

Do you set goals for the new year only to lose your drive come February? Make this year count by keeping these critical digital marketing resolutions.

4 signs it's time to fire your client

Brands don't always fire agencies. In fact, sometimes it's the agency that needs to show a brand the door. Here are the red flags that signal a doomed partnership.

5 topics that will get a social media manager fired

Brands are not people, and they shouldn't behave like them in social media. Here are the subjects that community managers should avoid if they want to keep their sanity -- and jobs.

5 sure-fire ways to piss off a blogger

Too few brands give thought to how blogger outreach programs can backfire. Here are the sometimes-not-obvious ways that marketers insult the very people they hope to woo.

3 ways to stop wasting time on social media

If your social process is a disruptive time-suck, you need to streamline your efforts. Here's how to free up your time for what really matters in social -- engagement.

3 brands that are innovating on YouTube

Even though you don't have big bucks to spend on a glitzy video production, you can still make your YouTube channel a fun and engaging hub. Go ahead and steal these interactive ideas from top brands.

The laziest brand posts on Facebook

Come on, brands. At least try to make us believe that your heart is in this social media thing. When you put up these types of posts, we have to wonder.

4 ways to become an Instagram rock star

If your brand isn't on Instagram, that's your first problem. Follow these tips to remedy that mistake and avoid others.

4 broken promises agencies make to brands

Agencies don't want to get fired, so they tell their clients what they want to hear -- but then fail to deliver. Be on the lookout for these common agency lies.

9 buzzwords that ignite followers

What makes a great post in social media? The inclusion of powerful buzzwords. Here's a guide to the most effective words and how to put them to work.

Why your metrics are lying

Metrics are notorious for communicating mistruths, but how do marketers defend against data dishonesty? Here are five misleading metrics and how to avoid falling into their traps.

Creating an emotional connection with digital media

Vibrant Media and comScore discuss how brands can bridge the gap between the emotional effect of television and the perceived direct-response nature of digital advertising.

The dangers of ranking No. 1 on Google

Top search results get a lot of clicks, but you might be wasting your time trying to climb to that first position. Here's why a top ranking isn't all it's cracked up to be.

3 common challenges of local blogging

Hyper-local blogs offer deep consumer connections, but they're not without problems. Follow these tips to get around some common roadblocks.

5 ways brands fail in social media

Social media is the hottest thing in interactive marketing, but so many brands manage to screw things up. Here are five common mistakes to avoid.

10 SEO tips for YouTube

Many marketers still fail to strategically optimize their videos. Learn how to avoid this common mistake and get the most out of your video efforts.

SEO tips for Facebook and Twitter

Your social media presence means nothing without traffic, and search engines are one of the best ways to get it. Follow these tips when building your social media pages for the best SEO results.


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