C.C. Chapman

C.C. Chapman

Author, Content Rules

C.C. Chapman is a modern day renaissance man who lives every day to inspire others to be their best. He is the author of the book Content Rules (Wiley 2010) and the Founder of Digital Dads, where a dad can be a guy. As a consultant, C.C. helps a variety of clients embrace all forms of new media and online marketing to take their campaigns to the ne... more

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The lunch hour content strategy

Are you stuck in a content creation quandary? Take a look at some basic steps that can help you simplify the development process and embrace the value of content for your company.

4 ingredients for successful influencer outreach

There is no formula for finding the right social outlets to seed your campaign, but using these steps can help you plant your messages.

How to climb the agency ladder

Ad agencies are unique workplaces, but the principles for career advancement are still basic. Follow these tips to find success in this ever-changing industry.

5 steps for winning the pitch

No one loves having to pitch a prospective client, but it's an unavoidable part of agency life. Adhere to these five steps, and you'll be wowing clients in no time.


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