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Doug Schumacher

Co-Founder, Product Strategy & Marketing, Zuum

Doug Schumacher is the co-founder of social media content strategy tool Zuum. Zuum reveals a number of key insights into what type of social media content will generate maximum impact for a given industry. His interactive career began in 1996 while working at TBWA/Chiat/Day, where he creative directed the highly-acclaimed 1996 Nissan Pathfinder... more

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4 things you can learn about your competitors on Facebook

Smart marketers stay on top of their competitors' activities. See how to leverage the wealth of data the social network giant offers about your brand's rivals.

Why Facebook's valuation shouldn't worry marketers

Wall Street values Facebook much differently than marketers who use the platform to promote their businesses. This data proves that Facebook isn't a marketing bust.

The Facebook metrics you need to know

Facebook is changing marketing -- including how we measure its effectiveness. Here's what you need to know about engagement and transaction metrics on the platform.

What consumers share on Facebook -- and why

The future of advertising according to Facebook is a content marketing world. Knowing what triggers your audience to engage can determine how your page performs.

How to find balance with Facebook influentials

As brands strive to engage people at the highest level of activity, there are a lot of endorsements they can generate at lower levels of participation. Here are some key insights.

3 signs you're a success on Facebook

Setting goals for your Facebook efforts doesn't need to feel overly complex or cumbersome. Here are some of the key metrics by which you can judge your brand's success.

Facebook content calendars: The 4 vital pieces

There's more science behind posting to Facebook than you might think. Learn how to determine the optimal frequency, timing, context, and media types for your brand's wall.

The trend that's revolutionizing digital creative

Read ahead as one creative director goes through the crowdsourcing design process so you don't have to. Is it a boon or bust for digital?

The best marketing advice I've ever received

There's no shortage of suggestions circling our industry, but it's up to you to separate the good from the bad. These insights will help.

7 ways to get bold campaigns approved

Are you having trouble pushing through your most innovative marketing concepts? Here are a few points you might want to consider.

9 new marketing tools you need

There are countless new computer tools out there, but separating the wheat from the chaff can be challenging. Here's a handful of proven apps that can make your job easier.

Why social media is safer than you think

Even in these turbulent times, not all new media spending needs to be put on hold. Here's why social media should be part of a secure and sound defensive strategy.

7 habits of highly effective creative directors

No matter where you are in your creative career, you'll benefit from these words of wisdom from an industry vet.

7 ways to get more out of your creative

You can get better results from the creative assets you develop if you keep an integrated approach in mind from the start. And it's easier than you think. Find out how.

How social media can resurrect your brand's reputation

You know social media has hit a new high when even GM, the third-largest advertiser in the U.S., can't adequately maintain conversations about its brands. Here's why all brands should start getting their feet wet in social media.

Heralding the death of non-social media

Think your brand should avoid social media? Good luck. If your marketing efforts don't currently involve social media, you're already playing catch-up. Here's why -- and how -- to get in the game.

Online: You may be planning to fail

If you want to surround your current and potential customers with a resonating message, be prepared to tackle your online media plans as a higher priority in the mix.

Anatomy of a winning pitch

See what it took to impress some big guns in Hollywood with this blow-by-blow account of a successful creative proposal.

Search and display -- better together

A combination of search and display marketing will pay off better than using either alone. How should you implement this joint strategy? Two experts show the way. 

8 Tips for Getting Online Video at a TV Shoot

Basement, Inc.'s president and creative director explains what you need to know to get the best online material from a TV production project.

How to Get the Most from a Video Shoot

Even if you work with an experienced production company, you'll still need to be involved in the process. Basement, Inc.'s president/creative director explains what you need to know.

Get Your Website Ready for the Holidays

It may be summer, but now is the time to start planning how your site will look for the coming winter holidays.

A Case for Behavioral Targeting

The president/creative director for Basement Inc. highlights results from the behavioral targeting element of a campaign, and provides insights as to why BT works.

iMedia Book Club: "ProfitBrand"

Nick Wreden's new book argues that most brand marketers are out of synch with both their consumers and their management -- learn what they should do about it.

Sugarshots Results: Flash's 2nd Chance

The second round of Flash versus GIF gives the same results as the first; again, GIF outperforms the Flash ad in clickthrough rates.

Sugarshots Test: Flash's 2nd Chance

We revisit the Flash vs. GIF test, this time using more relevant animation.

Sugarshots Results: Optimization

Ari Bluman reports that optimization provided a lift to the Sugarshots campaign, and he explains how optimization can work for you.

Sugarshots Test: Optimization's Efficacy

This week's test looks at how much optimization actually does improve results. We'll run one campaign with 24/7's optimization tool, and one without.

Sugarshots Results: Presentation Consistency

The survey confirms that a cohesive ad-website presentation improves consumers' reactions.

Sugarshots Test: Presentation Consistency

Doug Schumacher revisits the issue of ad-website pairing, now with the added tool of a pop-up survey to assess consumers' reactions.

Sugarshots Results: To Animate or Not?

In this instance, the answer is definitively "not;" Schumacher suggests reasons why.

Sugarshots Test: To Animate or Not?

Week nine of the campaign assesses the idea that animation may not always increase ROI.

Sugarshots Test: Best Ad-Website Combo

Schumacher discusses the dynamic between ad and landing page, and Roche examines how to find the best combination of the two.

Sugarshots Results: Chic vs. Quirk

Doug Schumacher examines why "Quirk" beat out "Chic" in the latest of the creative content tests.

Sugarshots Test: Chic vs. Quirk

Get details on a test to solve the pressing creative question: Do consumers favor quirky or more sophisticate and stylish messaging? 

Sugarshots Results: The Creative Content

Schumacher explains why Rasputin pulled in more click-visits than Lincoln, or the bottle itself.

Sugarshots Test: The Creative Content

Doug Schumacher broaches the first of several creative tests within the IAB rectangle format.

Sugarshots Results: The Optimal Ad Unit

Doug Schumacher explains why the IAB rectangle significantly outperformed the leaderboard.

Sugarshots Test: The Optimal Ad Unit

Doug Schumacher presents the test -- how much better will an IAB rectangle perform than a leaderboard?

Sugarshots Results: The Call to Action

Doug Schumacher determines whether a CTA button increased clicks.

Sugarshots Test: The Call to Action

Doug Schumacher explores whether a button will benefit the campaign, or not.

Sugarshots Results: Product Shot Wins

Doug Schumacher examines how the image of Sugarshots packaging stood up against a picture of iced tea. 

Sugarshots Test: Product vs. Usage Shot

Doug Schumacher looks at the pros and cons of product and usage shots.

Sugarshots Results: Target Audience

Doug Schumacher recaps how the ads fared across different content channels.

Sugarshots Test: The Target Audience

Doug Schumacher anticipates how the creatives tested last week will fare across different content channels.

Sugarshots Results: The Compelling Message

In the analysis of the initial round of Sugarshots campaign testing, Doug Schumacher takes a look at the responses to different messaging strategies.

Sugarshots Test: The Compelling Message

Doug Schumacher introduces ideas behind the first of two test phases for the Sugarshots marketing campaign.

Announcing the Sugarshots Campaign!

Welcome to Open Source Marketing!  iMedia Case Studies presents Sugarshots: a quarter-long campaign unfolding before your eyes.

iMedia Book Club

Basement Inc. president Doug Schumacher reviews "How Customers Think" by Gerald Zaltman.


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