Karen Macumber

Karen Macumber

CEO, Lifeables

Karen is a digital advertising and media pioneer, and successful entrepreneur. Karen is currently the CEO of Lifeables, a social media platform start-up (beta fall 2011).  Lifeables will enable parents to capture, collect, share and safeguard their family memories - effectively becoming the "curators" of their family digital content.  Prior to join... more

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5 rules for partnering with startups

If you want to find "the next big thing" before your competitor does, you might want to consider forming a partnership with a tech startup. Follow these guidelines to get started.

5 people you should never hire

To avoid making mistakes as you screen new hires, consider these profiles of dangerous candidates.

Digital marketing's "next big things"

In an industry obsessed with predicting the future, a little logic can go a long way. Take a look at this formula for forecasting which trends will become game changers.

3 lines digital marketers must not cross

Our jobs are far from black and white. But here are several boundaries you must set when it comes to your paid, earned, and owned digital marketing programs.

Lies about ROI and how to spot them

We love digital because it is measureable. But what if your measurements don't mean what you think they mean? Let's investigate several common misconceptions.

5 reasons digital agencies will fail

The role of the digital agency is evolving quickly, and those that don't adapt will be left behind. Here are the current industry forces that threaten digital agencies' relevance.

Case study: The brand that went 100% digital

Most brands are exploring digital media, but some hesitate to truly take the plunge. See what happened when one company decided to invest the entirety of its marketing budget in making online connections.

3 ways to revitalize your digital media strategy

Why separate earned from paid media, social from commercial content, or advertising from search? Consider this strategy for approaching digital marketing with one budget pool that leverages all media.


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