Tom Edwards
Summit Alumni

Tom Edwards

Chief Digital Officer, Agency, Epsilon

Tom Edwards’ responsibilities involve oversight, creation and execution of Epsilon’s digital strategy and programs on behalf of agency clients. He is focused on merging the art and science of Epsilon’s robust agency offerings which include all facets of digital services from proprietary data assets, consumer engagement consulting, omni-channel acti... more

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9 tech trends modern marketers can't ignore in 2016

This year is poised to feature truly transformational innovation, from social messaging to virtual reality to native apps. Take a look at the tech trends marketers need to keep on their radar.

5 ways ad agencies are behind the times

Now more than ever, advertisers need to stay on top of the latest innovations. Here's how many modern-day agencies are still stuck in the past.

Consultation and transformation: The future of agencies

How should agencies prepare for the dramatic change that the next five years will bring? Here's some advice to safeguard your industry vertical.

How can large agencies remain nimble?

Change is constant, but it's harder to turn a big ship. Here are some ways your large agency can react more quickly to change.

How to launch a winning Instagram strategy

When it comes to social media, every platform requires its own strategy. Here are three ways marketers should be leveraging Instagram.

10 vital takeaways from F8 2015

Facebook and its associated brands are gearing up for the future. Here are the most important things they shared with their peers at this year's developer conference.

3 small (but relevant) ways agencies are adjusting behavior

In an effort to remain relevant, a few of the top agencies are changing their internal operations. See if these changes could work for you.

Why your brand will love Snapchat in 2015

Snapchat is primed to have a very big 2015. Here's everything you need to know to take advantage of this booming platform in the year to come.

What advertising will look like in 2020

We are in the midst of an innovation revolution. Here's where the marketing world will be in a few years.

The 6 latest trends in marketing technology

These days, it's tough to cut through all the hype over new technologies. Here are the most innovative tech partners tackling the future of marketing.

5 brands that are Instagram superstars

Visual storytelling and social curation are now at the core of the social experience. Here are the brands that people love on Instagram.

5 brands pushing the envelope in gaming

Once a niche market, gaming now rivals the biggest summer blockbusters in terms of revenue. Here's how brands such as Coca-Cola, Jeep, and Oakley are successfully leveraging branded games to reach new audience segments.

10 strategic benefits of Google+ brand pages

Now is the time to define your brand's strategy when it comes to fully maximizing the benefits of Google+. Find out how.

4 ways to flaunt your brand's social media attitude

Which of these common social media personalities characterizes your brand? Find out how to unlock the potential within.


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