Doug Wintz

Doug Wintz

Principal and Founder, DMW MediaWorks

Doug Wintz is Founder and Principal of DMW MediaWorks, a consultancy specializing in digital ad operations and technology.  Since 2004, DMW MediaWorks has helped emerging companies set up their ad operations departments and established companies improve them.  Working on both the buy and sell side, recent engagements have included project work with... more

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An essential guide to changing ad platforms

Here are the most common mistakes and quick remedies to ensure a smooth transition between ad platforms.

Why your company is hiring a consultant

If you're in ad operations, the arrival of a consultant can elicit mixed emotions. But it's not the end of the world. Here's how you should react when your company brings in a third-party resource.

How to avoid disaster when changing ad platforms

When switching ad platforms, why do some companies succeed and others flounder? Use this guide to lead your company through successful change management.

Why digital media planners deserve more respect

Media planners are underpaid, undervalued, and overstressed. Maybe if everyone knew about the complexities of this integral position, it would be held in higher esteem.

A guide to the future of ad serving

Little has changed in the ad serving industry over the past decade, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Here's what needs to be done and where the marketplace is headed.

Finding the best home for your ad operations

If inefficiencies are apparent in your organization, consider the impact of ad operations and its current place in your company. A move might be in order.

Closing the vast agency-publisher knowledge gap

Behind-the-scenes trends at agencies will forever alter publishers' ad operations. Let's shed some light on what both sides need to know about the shifting landscape.

6 tips for outsourcing your website's ad ops

Outsourcing is a potentially great way for publishers to cut down on costs. Consider these guidelines before you put someone else in the driver's seat of your ad business.

The roadblocks to starting your own ad network

Running your own ad network has clear advantages, but be prepared to tackle these commonly overlooked challenges.

How to automate your unsold ad inventory

When it comes to ad networks, "remnant" is not a dirty word. Here's how to make these vital networks work for your site -- without tedious manual management.

5 ad operations disasters

There's no such thing as smooth sailing when it comes to ad operations, but you can head for calmer waters by preparing for these common obstacles.

Publishers: take control of your inventory

Find out how to cast off the shackles of ad server dependency by creating your own inventory tools that address your specific needs.

The cultural effect on ad serving

A trip to Beijing provided a longtime new media exec with perspective on ad serving operations, here and there.

Anatomy of a project plan

Creating a project plan helps keep things organized. Without it, any type of internal transition would seem daunting and overwhelming.

The Mass Hysteria from Mass Acquisitions

Current high profile acquisitions in our industry may not have much immediate impact, but long term, it could be another story.

Protect Your Business By Securing Workflow

Documenting knowledge about how your business is run can be likened to an insurance policy against damage.

The Ethics of Behavioral Targeting

When does our fascination with media technology end up contributing to something more than we are comfortable with?

Fatal Flaws in Ad Operations

The DMW MediaWorks founder says both publishers and vendors are to blame for breakdowns in the system.

Local Rules for Ad Operations

The DMW MediaWorks founder explains how the emergence of local internet advertising is a boon and challenge for ad operations and media operations folks alike.

User-Generated Content Lessons

Marketers should pay attention and learn from the history of user-generated content in order to avoid making the same mistakes.

New Media, Traditional Lessons

DMW MediaWorks Founder Doug Wintz discusses how some common advertising principles still apply and help prepare you for future ad operations.

BT from the Ad Operations Perspective

Oh, Behave! With apologies to Austin Powers, Doug Wintz offers a unique perspective on the operational aspects of behavioral targeting.

The Best-Kept Secret in Ad Operations

Our ad ops guru suggests that the inner workings of ad performance might yield valuable new insights-- but only if the people with those insights speak up.

Ad Operations People: We Salute You!

As we wind up 2005, let's take a look back at the year and look forward to new challenges in 2006.

The Nightmare of Changing Ad Servers

You may think, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," but there comes a time when you need a new ad serving solution. Here's what to look for when you do.

Here's Looking at your Future, Kid

Doug Wintz travels to 2020 to see how today's dysfunctional mediascape will evolve into a sophisticated real-time trading marketplace.

Three's a Crowd

Doug Wintz argues that third party ad serving has reached a critical mass and is impacting the ability to report and recognize revenue with accuracy.

Video and Media Operations

Contributor Doug Wintz longs for the day when video ad delivery will have the same capabilities as the rest of online ads and explains what it would take to get there.

Technology Means Nothing

Adopting new technology in the quest for more efficient media operations cannot succeed unless you commit to a process managed by human beings.

Sugarshots: Building the Brand

Sugarshots -- they’re grrrrrrrreat, and the consumer needs to know it.

Inventory Matters

In a new monthly column, interactive advertising pioneer Doug Wintz writes about the need for an inventory analyst on staff.


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