Julie Roehm
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Julie Roehm

Sr. VP Marketing, "Chief Storyteller", SAP

Julie Roehm is SVP Marketing, "Chief Storyteller" at SAP. Formerly, as a Marketing Strategy Consultant she served companies in all industries, of all sizes. Her client list includes, Credit Suisse, Time Inc., BIAP, Acxiom, ad agencies, and others including multiple start ups in the technology and new media spaces. She speaks on the Leigh Bureau spe... more

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Simple ways to make your employees happier

Throwing money at disgruntled employees won't solve your company's culture problems. Here are some simple (and less expensive) strategies that will.

Which industry giants won't survive this year?

All eyes are on Amazon, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and other hot companies. Who will be king of the mountain at the end of the year? We asked an industry insider.

Stupid things that job candidates do

It's tough out there for job seekers, but some of them are really making it hard on themselves. Here are the ridiculous -- and entertaining -- bloopers that hiring companies see every day.

Stupid (but common) resume mistakes

If you want to get your foot in the door with a prospective employer, you better look good on paper. Consider these common slip-ups that marketers make when compiling their resumes.

How to make a splash at your new job

Taking on a new job can make you feel unsure or less confident. Read on for advice on making a difference in a new company, a new industry, or a new position.

A newbie's guide to surviving digital

There are few career paths as exciting as digital marketing, but it's always good to remember what it takes to succeed in this chaotic yet exciting space.

The new ad exchanges

In this session, join the developers of the industry's leading ad exchanges and agencies who use them to figure out the future of this sector and discuss the pros and cons of auctioning every ad in real-time to the highest bidder.

Signs It's Time to Fire Your CMO

Julie Roehm explains when it's time to send your CMO packing and what it takes to excel in this coveted position.


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