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Demystifying real-time bidding

It's crucial you know your RTBs from your DSPs. Discover why real-time bidding is so important and why it's so simple to understand.

The silver lining of the economic climate

The Independent newspaper chief economic commentator, Hamish McRae, discusses what business can learn from elsewhere in the world and how we can benefit from emerging markets.

Mobile wallet: The end of cash?

Will the mobile wallet sound the death knell of cash? The latest research by YouGov shows almost a quarter of people are interested in using their mobile phone instead of cash to pay for purchases.

Video at the speed of Twitter

Google likes video and the evidence suggests your customers do too. Combining Twitter with live video can make your film interactive, but how?

Go-go funding, go!

Finding investors in this turbulent financial times, isn't easy. Banks aren't as willing to help businesses and not everyone can pitch their ideas to Dragon's Den. This is where crowdsourcing comes into its own.

How emotion spreads through social networks

What does a bunny born without ears have in common with Eurotunnel? How do you prevent sceptism of your brand and lever the infectious nature of the web?

Preparing for the privacy bomb

The digital marketing community could face stringent EU regulations if it doesn't address privacy effectively. Privacy is the canary in the internet industry coal mine. If it dies, the industry will lose a wealth of opportunity.

The economist and the blacksmith

In an age of commoditisation and confusion for agencies, might a return to craft, care and bespoke solutions serve some agencies, and clients, better than the current status quo?

Catching butterflies with Dentsu

Dentsu London creative, Max Kennedy and Dentsu Japan creative director, Yasuharu Sasaki show us how butterflies can make us buy more. Plus other delights...

Industry game changers

What kind of shakeup should we be expecting? Will all advertising soon be digitally created? The big players from the industry discuss the upcoming trends you need be aware of.

The mechanical turk explained

RTB is hot. If it sounds like something that makes your eyes feel heavy and your brain switch off, then it hasn't been explained to you properly. So wake up and get excited.

Twitter and digital identity

Is Twitter an ephemeral technology, consisting of mundane chat about people's personal lives? What do you need to do to tweet well? UCL digital humanities director, Dr Claire Warwick explains.

The mobile phone in 2040

The futurologist Ray Hammond discusses how in 30 years, we'll all have computer chips embedded behind our ears and the unusual way we'll be buying our morning milk.

How has loyalty changed in the digital age?

Loyalty can no longer be taken for granted in a world where it’s never been easier for consumers to click their way to a better deal. Do your customers care who you are? And how do you ensure devotion, despite digital?

Computers controlled by thought

Professor Christopher James explains how he connected up Top Gear presenter James May to a machine and showed him how to control it by the power of his mind alone. Pretty 'racey' stuff...

Why you need to 'shut up and listen'

The Central Office of Information (COI) is the government's centre of excellence for marketing and communications. Its director of interactive services, Nick Jones, explains the acid test for getting social campaigns right.

Why 'the web is dead'

Catriona Campbell, founder of Foviance and named by Tim Berners-Lee as 'one of the most influential people in digital', argues that the web is dead. Find out why...

Nokia: The next big mobile trend

Nokia global head of media strategy, Leonardo Metelli, discusses changing consumer behaviour and what he views to be the trend to watch in mobile.

'Interactivity is key with online ads'

YouTube's Bruce Daisley and Jobsite's Felix Wetzel both question Buzzman founder, Georges Mohammed-Cherif, on tough briefs, webcam games, Tippexperience 2 and speed dating.

Biggest Facebook mistakes

Big brands can still make simple social media mistakes. Buddy Media CFO Jeff Ragovin outlines the traps that even the most famous companies are falling into and how you can avoid them.

Inspirational campaigns from Tippexperience creative

Buzzman is the kind of agency that has Facebook actually calling its founder asking how its social campaigns generate so many fans! Founder Georges Mohammed-Cherif explains the method behind the madness.

How to embrace online video

YouTube big cheese, Bruce Daisley, discusses how brands can use online video to get the most out of their campaigns and, if you add autonomy into the mix, just how powerful they can be.

Unilever gets steamy with interactive glamour

Coming face-to-face (or face-to-screen), with a gorgeous glamour model is every young lad's dream. Throw in the chance for a young buck to 'control' said beauty, without slipping on his saliva, and you've got engagement gold.

The year of kindness

Random acts of kindness, pricing wars, group buying and a whole lot more. Why 2011 will be the year of the consumer and how you can benefit.

The social side of travel head of marketing, Claire Higgins, discusses how Virgin Atlantic tapped into its 1.5 million frequent flyers with a social offering and why digital is its own worst enemy.

10 digital insights for 2011

What does the year hold for us? iMedia gazes into its crystal ball to give you a taster of what's to come this year and what you need to keep your peepers peeled for this year...

Websites designed to trick you

When you think of a website being badly designed, you don't expect it to be intentional. But dark patterns are different, they're not mistakes. They are carefully crafted designs with a solid understanding of how to manipulate users.

Conquer with creativity, says Google

What ads do you remember? It's not all about CTRs, says Google's Benjamin Faes. Creativity and technology can combine to make a far deeper emotional connection with your customer.

Talking tree tackles climate change

What would a tree say if it could talk? 'Get these squirrels off me'? Agency Happiness Brussels is broadcasting a particular tree's 'thoughts' through social media to spark the imagination.

Loyalty through goodwill

Lonely Planet global online director, Kelly Brough, explains how technology is changing the way people travel and the impact that simple gestures of goodwill can have on your brand and bottom line.

Searching the globe

E-commerce, as it currently stands, needs search to work. This is why retailers spend so much on paid search and SEO strategies. But 'optimising' a website means making it easier to find for all customers, no matter where in the world they are.

Monetising the Metro newspaper gives away its content but is cashing in on apps. The newspaper's digital director, Jamie Walters, gives us the lowdown on why apps are so important for publishers, what digital initiatives the Metro is planning and the pros and cons of paywalls.

'Minority Report' technology has landed

UK Microsoft MD of consumer and online, Ashley Highfield, talks to iMedia on why technology portrayed in the film Minority Report has been developed and how marketers can tap into interactive advertising.

Facebook: 'Harness real identities'

Facebook director of online operations, Colm Long, speaks to iMedia at ad:tech London 2010. With more than half of the UK population on the social networking site, Long discusses how businesses can use upcoming 'credits' to profit and engage.

4 steps to regaining online power

Josh Bernoff is the co-author of bestselling book Groundswell. Bernoff, who is also president of idea development at Forrester Research, argues that your customers are the ones with the power and marketing needs to change.

'Smelly' smartphones are the future

BT chief scientist and head of BT Voice, JP Rangaswami, chats to iMedia about the future of augmented reality, adapting customer conversations online and worrying about becoming a social-media stalker.

A 'monstrous' social game

Educational, social, virtual and cute. Children's game Moshi Monsters has been seeing solid growth since launching in 2008. It now has 25 million registered users and is growing by 100,000 new players every day. CMO Ed Relf discusses strategy.

Interview: BBC talk social media

BBC head of technology for marketing communications and audiences, Mark Kelleher, talks to iMedia about social media, Strictly Come Dancing, what advice he'd give to fellow digital marketers and what's next for the BBC online.

How to use #NewTwitter

iMedia catches up with Twitter's Shiva Rajaraman at ad:tech London, where he discusses the crucial dos and don'ts when using the revamped microblogging site for your business.

Last night digital saved my business

Forget DJs, the power and reach of digital is a business reality for SMEs. Discover the answers without paying a penny.

Web of lies

As online consumers are becoming more suspicious of how their data is being used, the industry faces a crisis. How does it regain trust and tackle the users who supply false information?

Inside the digital bubble with Coca Cola

Coca Cola interactive marketing manager, Miguel Moreno, discusses how to create intimate relationships with customers, the importance of trust online and what's next digitally for the beverage giant.

Dell talk eCRM and social

Technology firm Dell has been a forerunner in using Twitter to highlight deals to loyal consumers. How else has it been using social strategy? iMedia speaks with Manish Mehta, VP for social media and community at Dell.

The quirky way to do social

Just Eat, the online takeaway, has become a mouthful. It's expanded by 250 per cent in the past year alone. CMO Mat Braddy, shares some tasty tidbits about apps, social and how it's got so many Facebook fans.

Digital clobbered by old-school media

TV and print advertising triumph over online as being more entertaining and relevant to consumers, while online ads are 'annoying' and 'ill-constructed'.

Marketing luxury to the digital generation

Although luxury brands aren't targeted at your average Joe, they are still keen to harnass social media. Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy's (LVMH) EVP, Kamel Ouadi, discusses what approach the elite are taking.

Why apps mean business

What's the future of apps? Alistair Crane, CEO of technology platform provider Grapple Mobile, explains how apps can help marketers improve their digital offering and his predictions for the coming year.

'Spending money on advertising is a failure'

Head of innovation at PHD, John V Willshire, quoting author Jeff Jarvis, argues that Amazon is a prime model of delivering a great product without advertising.

Combat social media 'terrorism'

People love to moan, especially through social media. How can you turn customers into fans and not militants? What's the psychology behind this social shift?

London 2012 new media head: 'The world is watching'

London 2012 Olympics head of new media, Alex Balfour, discusses with iMedia why the website for the games will be one of the biggest in the world and why the Olympics is a great opportunity for business.

How to make information beautiful

Conveying tricky concepts through a picture while engaging your audience is a big ask, but one writer and designer David McCandless answers with ease. The Guardian journalist and author tells iMedia why information is beautiful.

Are age groups obsolete?

Professor Sarah Harper, Oxford University Institute of Aging, argues that marketers need to forget the concept of age altogether and start marketing to people because of their lifestyles, which are monumentally misunderstood by the industry.

Do clients need agencies anymore?

"There's a wave of change coming. Clients will increasingly look to do more and more themselves, because they can in a digital world," says Alternative Genius partner, Alastair Duncan. How has the relationship changed and what will the future hold?

What's the future for YouTube?

YouTube's Bruce Daisley discusses what the future holds for the video-sharing giant and why it's crucial that marketers start using this accessible medium or risk losing out.

How to promote your brand with social networks

PHD head of innovation, John V Willshire, argues that you must turn your marketing model on its head to face the brave new world of social media. But is this applicable to every brand? Can it really work for toilet roll and flea powder?

#getmehome: Social media vs. the volcano

The skies may have finally reopened but the backlog continues. Why weren't the airlines more prepared to handle the disaster in an era of terror attacks and swine flu? Why were the stranded travellers more organised than big business?

How iPad will change our lives

As the UK launch draws near, Eyeblaster's director of digital experience, Dean Donaldson, talks to iMedia about how the iPad is going to revolutionise magazines, advertising and the way we live.

Be 'disruptive' to stay ahead

Truly disruptive technologies are rare, but when they do should marketers sit up and listen or suck it and see? iMedia talks to the boss of mobile app firm Grapple, Alistair Crane, on how agencies should respond.

What's the future of digital media?

iMedia talks to business leaders about what will be hot for 2010, including remote access, the iPad, mobile and what could possibly topple Google.

How texting is saving lives

SMS is another weapon in the armoury of marketers. But how this simple tool can be used to combat malaria in Tanzania was an exciting challenge for IBM, Novartis and Vodafone.

Lovefilm boss talks apps and internet TV

Lovefilm's chief executive, Simon Calver, speaks about the film-rental company's announcement at the iMedia Brand Summit that it is to partner with Samsung and start streaming the web onto specially-equipped TVs and Blu-ray players.

Don't become a social media victim

One of the scariest boogiemen in the realm of social media is the loss of control over brand image. Industry leaders discuss at the iMedia Brand Summit the difficulties they face and what approaches they're taking.

Monster campaign attracts new talent

Recruiting for unglamourous roles is a tricky business. But Monster stepped in with some clever marketing to save the day.

How to make your app stand out

There may be 'an app for that' but if you're thinking of taking your own bite of the big Apple, how do you make sure that your application isn't lost in the crowd?

Interview with Lonely Planet's Matthew Cashmore

Lonely Planet's innovation ecosystem manager will be discussing how communities are reshaping the marketing mould at the iMedia Brand Summit 8-10 March 2010


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