Anna Talerico

Anna Talerico

Executive Vice President, ion interactive

As ion interactive’s executive vice president, Anna Talerico leads the company’s client development, marketing & operations from the firm’s Florida office. She has over 12 years of experience working with top clients in the online marketing & development spaces. Anna currently sits on the advisory board of the eMarketing Association. She has a BA i... more

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How to harness mob rule in your brand's favor

See how and why social proof -- the increased likelihood of doing something when you see others doing it -- can turn up the heat on your marketing power.

A simple road to more personalized site experiences

Hyper-targeted messages can do more than just boost content relevancy for your audience. Take a look at how segmenting pages for your campaign traffic can make your conversions skyrocket.

Why conversions are more important than clicks

Great campaigns aren't truly successful if consumers aren't converting. Learn why your conversion rate might be the most important metric of all.


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