Bryan Gernert

Bryan Gernert

Chief Executive Officer, Resonate

A proven business leader, Bryan Gernert has led businesses through periods of significant transformation and growth. He has applied his management expertise to businesses in several industries, with emphasis on information technology and services.Before joining Resonate Networks, Mr. Gernert served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of th... more

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Key takeaways from political campaigning

To achieve success, political and brand marketers need to ensure that their "products" connect with consumers. Read on for important takeaways from the presidential primaries.

Old tricks for stronger brand allegiance

In a world of online information-sharing and communication, brands have even more opportunities to ask their customers what they think and value. Here's why connecting with your audience on a deeper level requires more than just a data-only approach.

A different targeting method

Traditional targeting methods just don't cut it anymore. See how attitudinal targeting connects brands to consumers with a new level of precision.


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