Christian Arno

Christian Arno

Founder and Director, Lingo24

Christian Arno, 31, is Founder and Director of Lingo24, a global translations company, that has just won the International Trade Awards for Scotland, sponsored by HSBC. Beginning in the spare room of his parents’ house in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2001, when he was just a 22year-old graduate in Modern Languages, Arno grew Lingo24 to become Scotland’s... more

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As social networks continue to grow in emerging markets, it's crucial to engage customers on a global scale. Here's the current state of social media around the world.

How to monitor your global reputation

Responding to service complaints is a daunting task, complicated by the particulars of a multilingual world. Here's how to maintain your brand's image across the globe.

How to market to foreign language speakers

Over half of all Google searches are made in a language other than English -- and that number is rapidly growing. Here are six essential tips to help you curry favor with the foreign lingo crowd.

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Making your video content globally accessible is easier than you think. These tips and tools will help you appeal to a multilingual market.

Marketing where Google isn't king

Search engine marketing overseas is more than just a simple language translation. Find out how understanding the three biggest foreign markets can bring in mammoth returns.

6 tips for multilingual social media success

Since only 31 percent of online users are English-speaking, ramp up your social media efforts by going multilingual. Here are a few insights that will help your brand speak worldwide.

How not to fail at going global

Will your brand be seen as an "ugly American" when it launches a campaign in a foreign market? Follow these plans to ensure that you won't get stopped at the border.


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