Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson

Vice President of Marketing, People to People Ambassador Programs

Eric Anderson is the Vice President of Digital at People to People Ambassador Programs, the leading provider of educational travel experiences. He is the author of Social Media Marketing: Game Theory and the Emergence of Collaboration, published by Springer in 2010, and was named one of iMedia’s 25 Digital Marketing Leaders and Innovators in 2011. ... more

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6 tech trends you can ignore in 2014

A lot of those widely touted "hot areas to watch this year" are actually just hot messes. Want to know which ones?

You know you're a digital marketer when...

Let's face it: Digital marketers are a ridiculous bunch. Let's take a moment for a bit of self-mockery, shall we?

6 tech trends you can ignore in 2013

A lot of the widely touted "trends to watch this year" don't need to be watched at all. They're baloney. Would you like to know which ones?

The 5 myths of marketing to Millennials

You'd be surprised how much of the hype surrounding Millennials is total hogwash. Consider these common misconceptions.

10 tech trends you can ignore in 2012

Nobody holds us accountable for the predictions that didn't come true last year because we were all too busy reading next year's top 10 lists. Here are trends to disregard in 2012.

The 5 worst mobile websites

A mobile site should not be an afterthought to a mobile app or the same exact experience packed into a sardine tin. Read ahead for the biggest offenders.

7 marketing buzzwords you need to know

Our words define us, so identifying emerging terms such as "cloudsourcing" and "gamification" can tell us something about where we're headed, or where we want to go. Here are the seven buzzwords that should be on your lips.

6 signs your job is in danger

What are the top indicators that your digital marketing job might be in jeopardy? Here's the vulture's-eye view.

Reasons the QR code is not dead

People love to pick on the humble QR code. But marketers dismiss this simple little tool at their own peril. Here's why the QR code will succeed -- if marketers let it.

When social media goes to hell: 4 action plans

No matter how carefully planned your strategy is, a brand's social media reputation can burst into flames with little warning. Let's examine four common crises and how to remedy them.

Top 5 reasons why mobile sites fail

Why do we insist on torturing customers with our abominable mobile websites? Consider these simple recommendations based on the most common blunders.

Why location-based services are just getting started

Location-based marketing has its advantages beyond simply checking in. Find out how social media can turn your LBS into an invaluable marketing tool. 

7 marketing tech trends you can't miss

The future is now. Consider all these fancy new technologies and trends you have to look forward to this year.

The 10 commandments of content marketing

All marketing is content -- but do your strategies properly recognize this indisputable fact? Find out what really works in the realm of content marketing.

The new rules for agency outreach

Agencies often forget to apply their marketing advice to their own efforts. Here's what one digital shop learned when it finally started to practice what it preached.


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