Samson Adepoju

Samson Adepoju

Communications and PR Manager, DG

Samson Adepoju is the Communications and PR Manager at DG, with responsibility for DG in North America. He communicates the company’s corporate and product messaging externally and serves as DG’s primary contact with outside PR resources. He contributes to the Creative Zone blog ( and is in charge of obtainin... more

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How to prevent online ad placement fails

The unfortunate placement of an online ad can be its doom. We've all seen what can happen. Here's how to avoid these embarrassing mistakes.

Why social data is the key to your media buy

Brands increasingly have access to huge amounts of social media data. Here's how you should be using these real-time insights.

The best digital ads of 2012

Competition is fierce in the advertising world, and it's hard to stand out. Here are the 10 most innovative and eye-catching ads of this past year.


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