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Mark Naples

Managing Partner, WIT Strategy

Mark Naples is partner for WIT Strategy. WIT Strategy is a strategic communications consultancy serving clients who do business on the web in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. WIT Strategy helps these organizations identify and leverage marketplace opportunities, developing and executing strategies that enable them to meet their sales and market... more

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A brand marketer's guide to speaking with the press

If you haven't had training in handling the press, consider this your cheat sheet. Here are six perspectives to help you prepare.

6 ways to control a social media crisis

Someone screwed up in your company, and the backlash is happening online. Use these tips to keep from being buried by a social media eruption.

5 PR nightmares you should have seen coming

Maintaining good public relations hinges on being prepared. Here are the recommended remedies to the cringe-worthy scenarios in which brands often find themselves.

6 ways to sabotage your PR efforts

A solid public relations team can boost exposure, but you can't expect it to pull off miracles. Keep your team happy by avoiding these missteps.

6 PR facts every marketer must know

Your public relations, like all your marketing efforts, should have clear objectives. Here's a crash course on reaching those goals and how to tell if your current firm is helping or hurting you.

First aid for bad buzz

Getting hammered in social media and on blogs? Find out how you can patch the relationship before your brand is permanently scarred.

Making ad networks and exchanges work for everyone

IAB's Randall Rothenberg addresses the fundamental points in the commoditization debate, along with creative's missing link and social media's full advertising potential.

Mobile: It's not just hype anymore

For far too long, the mobile marketing segment has been infamous for crying "wolf." But just when you thought it was safe to tune out, this exciting medium is finally coming into its own.

Give Your Ad Network 3 Litmus Tests

With an increasing number of ad networks to choose from, it's important to find one that will benefit buyers, sellers and consumers.

Maybe Green is Good... Again

Green marketing is making a comeback. But are marketers really being green, or just smart?

Do's & Don'ts for YouTube and Beyond

Think you know everything about UGC? Think again. WIT Strategy's Mark Naples tells you why.

Think Globally, Execute Locally

Good vs. Evil 2.0 in Open Media

At the iMedia Brand Summit's second day, blogging pioneer Jason Calacanis, now Sequoia Capital's entrepreneur in action, engaged a jammed room on how marketers can join conversations with consumers.

Great Websites Provide Service & Simplicity

Using Southwest Airlines as example, WIT Strategy's managing partner explains why customer interface is at least as important as whatever product or service a company sells.

Why -- Exactly -- Is Local So Hot?

WIT Strategy's managing partner analyzes the future of "Local," and talks with Craigslist's Craig Newmark to get an insider's perspective.

Who Speaks for the Interactive Industry?

What do BusinessWeek's cover story on click fraud and the big Google/YouTube deal have to do with each other? WIT Strategy's managing partner has the answer.

What We Can Learn from Facebook's Fiasco

An iMedia contributor puts the recent Facebook debacle into perspective, and shows what we can learn from the company's CEO's awkward apology.

Heading for Another Boom?

As consolidation continues in our industry, this iMedia contributor ponders what it means, and what's next.

The Agency's Role in a UGC World

As brands struggle to leverage user-generated content, this iMedia contributor says they should be looking to their agencies.

What's Ailing Yahoo?

An iMedia columnist examines how Yahoo! went from cool to lukewarm, and proposes actions the company can take to get back on top.

Good Riddance to AOL's Paid Service

This former AOL staffer describes the history behind the company's recent, and long-awaited, decision to offer its broadband service for free.

MySpace in the Marketing Mix

Does MySpace deserve the hype? Mark Naples examines MySpace-- its strengths and its future as a marketing vehicle.

Net Neutrality Has an Uncertain Future

A new iMedia columnist provides the background for and impact of the House of Representative's defeat of Net Neutrality legislation.

Add Video to Your Site, Get Better Results

Check out seven innovative video campaigns that reeled in viewers.

Q&A with Direct Revenue's New CEO

What happens when an adware company decides to change its brand image? Find out in this interview with Jean-Philippe Maheu.

Will Floating Ads Sink Rich Media?

Last week, the New York Times profiled floating ads as the latest consumer annoyance -- while serving up floating ads on their own site!


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