Scott Meldrum
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Scott Meldrum

Executive Director, Interactive, WDCW

As a veteran of Interactive Marketing and Social Media, Scott Meldrum provides digital strategy, creative and media solutions for leading brands. Leveraging 20 years of interactive experience, he has delivered award-wining digital advertising and social media programs for brands like Starbucks, Best Buy, Shell, RadioShack, EA Games and ABC Televisi... more

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6 brands that have mastered Facebook advertising

Facebook ads can be a robust allocation of your budget. How? Just ask these brands.

The 4 Cs of gaining social customers

Marketers know how important it is to acquire new customers. But how do we get them to engage on social? Here are four steps to success.

Facebook Timeline for the 99 percent

A slew of articles have been published that break down the new Facebook Timeline for pages and brand recommendations -- using examples like Coca-Cola and Ford. This is not one of those articles. Read on for advice on Timeline for the rest of us.

How the "new Facebook" impacts news feed optimization

Facebook's recent changes to its platform could provide significant advantages for brand marketers. Here's a brief summary of some of these key enhancements, and how they will impact day-to-day marketing.

What is a brand worth to a Facebook fan?

In the swirl of algorithms and activation schemes, we may have lost sight of the most important Facebook question. Read on for insights from a panel of experts on how to keep fans happy in the long-term.

3 ways to segment your Facebook fan base

It is critical for marketers to understand who their Facebook audiences are and how to reach them in more targeted ways. Read on to better understand the key audience "types" on Facebook.

How to leverage Facebook's news feed algorithm

Your Facebook efforts are pointless if you don't understand the "wallnomics" behind your fans' news feeds. Learn how to harness the network's EdgeRank algorithm to maximize your reach.

Fans are fickle: How to inspire loyalty after the "like"

What got your Facebook fans to like you probably isn't what it will take to keep them coming back. Use these 15 pointers to help build more productive, enduring social relationships.

4 must-have Facebook platforms

Whether you are a small brand with zero social head count or a large brand with a social army, it's wise to use one or more Facebook marketing platforms. Here are a few solutions that can ease your social burden.

3 reasons your brand doesn't have more Facebook fans

Face it: You can't afford to fail at Facebook. But with a solid strategy in these key areas, you can build a substantial marketing channel through the power of your most devoted consumer base.

7 ways to grow your Facebook audience on the cheap

The pressure is on to develop your social media presence into a lucrative marketing channel. Adopt these expert habits to make sure you don't let hasty decisions and bad investments derail your success.

The 4 Cs of scaling social media

Whether you are just entering the social media ecosystem or have been part of the landscape for a couple of years, focus on these components to grow your presence, along with your success.

Why the networks are blowing the social scene

Can the big TV networks promote their shows through social media without faking authenticity or losing creative control? See whether "Heroes" and "Fringe" are doing enough to drive awareness and tune-in. 

Death of a sales funnel

Has the internet made awareness campaigns obsolete? Ant Farm Online's SVP shows how to effectively build user flow that will drive consumers into the sales funnel more reliably.

Make the click worth their time

Before making a deeper connection, consumers want to have confidence that their clicking time is worth the effort. HypeCouncil's founder shows how to make them glad they said yes to your brand.

4 must-have components of brand experience banners

Think online consumers can't try before they buy? Take a look at some key strategies that can build relationships and increase purchase intent within a humble banner ad.

Signs your ad network might be an "ad notwork"

Is your network giving your brand what it needs? Take a look at these telltale signs to find out.


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