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Simms Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer, BrightWave Marketing

Simms Jenkins is Chief Executive Officer of BrightWave Marketing, an award-winning agency specializing in the strategic optimization of email marketing and digital targeted messaging programs. He has extensive relationship and interactive marketing experience on both the client and agency side. Jenkins has led BrightWave Marketing in establishing a... more

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Smart tips to re-energize your email efforts

When your email campaigns start losing their luster, try some of these accessible tactics to pump up your results.

How Twitter and email can benefit targeted marketing

Here's a look at why Twitter and email should be considered an essential part of any budget-conscious messaging strategy.

Why email marketing deserves more respect

Email marketers continue to struggle for the recognition -- and budgets -- they deserve. In this interview, marketing veteran Stan Rapp provides his insights on how these challenges can be overcome.

10 ways to prepare for the coming email boom

The current economic crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity for email marketers to grow their programs. Here's how to make sure this chance doesn't pass you by.

11 insights from a single email click

Despite the down economy, marketers shouldn't lose sight of email's less obvious virtues. Here's why it's OK if your messages don't always lead to sales.

Email's new role in digital marketing

In this tough economy, digital marketers are looking to their email communications with renewed hope. Here's what you need to know about the latest shifts in the fundamentals of email marketing.

The truth (and lies) about email marketing

It's important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to developing your email campaigns. This is what you need to know about this powerful and often controversial communication tool.

How to harness email's rise to power

During this period of national transition, you can capitalize on email's increasing prominence and better position your campaigns for long-term success.

Send smarter email, not more email

In tough economic times, don't inundate subscribers with email just because it's inexpensive to do so. Follow these six tips for effective strategic campaigns.

How to create email campaigns for mobile devices

In today's wireless world, your marketing messages have to be able to reach consumers no matter where they check their email. Here's how to mobilize your campaigns.

Stupid email practices and the marketers behind them

Ignorant and offensive tactics continue to persist in the email marketing space. Learn what they are and why you should avoid them.

Can email survive social media's rise?

The popularity of social networks shouldn't spell the end for email marketing but rather the beginning of a harmonious relationship.

How to deliver on B2B email campaigns

The goal of most business-to-business emails is to acquire leads, but most miss the mark and do more damage than good. Follow these best practices for better results.

Make your email's first impression count

Use this 9-step checklist to ensure your email sign-up process not only lures in users, but also keeps them subscribed -- and happy.

How email marketers misuse metrics

Marketers, agencies and ESPs reveal in a survey what they do and don't do with email campaign metrics.

Email economics: what to do in a recession

Here's how to convince the CMO that more dollars, not less, need to go toward email marketing during an economic downturn.

The costly mistake most email marketers make

A test of companies' email response practices reveals some startling results. BrightWave Marketing's founder explains.

How to piss off your customers

Make sure your customers don't think you're a spammer, even if you are CAN-SPAM compliant. BrightWave Marketing shows you how.

How to Improve Email Response Rates

System-generated emails often fall to the bottom of a marketer's to-do list, but they can have an enormous impact on user loyalty.

3 Reasons Why Email is Hotter than Ever

BrightWave Marketing's founder provides evidence that email marketing has hit its stride.

Top Email Trends Revealed

BrightWave Marketing's founder identifies hot topics for email marketers by evaluating their activity at the EmailStatCenter site.

Experts Weigh in on Outlook 2007

Email marketing pros discuss Outlook's upgrades and provide tips for dealing with the changes.

Signed with a Marketing Message

Your email signature should do more than provide your contact information. BrightWave Marketing's principal tells you how to make it work for you.

Dissecting a Week's Worth of Spam

BrightWave Marketing's principal analyzed a week's worth of spam to see what spammers are up to, and compare their tactics to best practices.

15 Wishes for Email in 2007

As we head into the new year, BrightWave Marketing's founder looks forward to fruitful email marketing for all.

How to Get the Best ROI from Your Email

Check out these tips to make sure your email strategy is living up to its potential and how you can get the best from your email partner.

One Day for an Email Marketing Manager

BrightWave Marketing's founder describes the hurly-burly of a day in the life of email managers, and how to manage the chaos.

Minimize Email Unsubscribes

BrightWave Marketing's founder lists ten ways to prevent unnecessary email unsubscribes.

How to Spam-Proof Your Marketing Message

The BrightWave principal keeps you out of jail with these guidelines for email marketing.

Top to Bottom Advice for Better Emails

BrightWave's founder and principal outlines the crucial elements for strong -- and compliant -- email headers and footers.

Email FAQs

The founder and principal of BrightWave Marketing answers typical questions posed by prospects and clients.

Email Metrics Demystified

BrightWave Marketing's founder outlines key considerations for analyzing and utilizing campaign metrics.

Does Email Length Matter?

The BrightWave Marketing founder discusses how keeping your emails succinct and your message on target increases revenue.

Every Company Should Have a Newsletter

BrightWave Marketing Founder G. Simms Jenkins covers keys to creating or reviewing your email newsletters.

Your Annual Email Audit in a Box

BrightWave's Simms Jenkins and a team of email heavyweights give you everything you need to evaluate and optimize your email marketing programs.

Get More from Your Email List

BrightWave's founder offers tips on building relationships and revenue with your existing email list.

Email: Don't Walk the Privacy Line

BrightWave's Simms Jenkins shares 10 things that will make sure your privacy policy keeps you out of hot water.

Email Q&A with Silverpop's Bill Nussey

BrightWave's Simms Jenkins sits down with Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey about email and marketing in the first half of a two-part interview.

Blogs vs. Email Marketing

BrightWave's Simms Jenkins argues that -- in spite of all the hype -- when email marketing and blogs are compared, email still comes out on top.

Establishing the Right Email Frequency

BrightWave's Simms Jenkins writes in with rules of thumb for how often you can email your customers.

iMedia Book Club Reviews "Sign Me Up"

Simms Jenkins reviews email marketing guide "Sign Me Up" by Matt Blumberg and Michael Mayor.

Email Marketing Takes a Licking, Keeps on Ticking

BrightWave Marketing’s G. Simms Jenkins predicts 2005 will be a banner year for email marketing.

Email Marketing and the 2004 Election

With one day left before we all hit the polls, marketers can learn a thing or two from how the Bush and Kerry campaigns have used email.


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