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11 metrics startups should use to vet a digital marketing agency

Before you begin working with an agency, there are numbers you need to request. The YEC is here to help you hire the best marketing team for your business.

The most difficult video measurement challenge

Video is on fire right now, and while metrics are abundant, there are still some huge gaps. Discover what they are.

Does big data hurt or help entertainment marketing?

Show business is a unique animal in the marketing world. Discover if modern marketing tactics are working to drive audiences in theaters, at home, and online.

How the new Facebook search will impact brand marketing

With the launch of a new search on Facebook, a world of possibilities is now available to marketers. The YEC weighs in on what this means for you.

The state of programmatic video in entertainment marketing

We've heard a lot about programmatic in display, search, and social. But how's the video advertising world handling it? Discover some perspectives from the entertainment industry.

How Chipotle told its authentic brand story through animation

Every brand has a narrative, but some are better at communicating it than others. Here's the route Chipotle took to market its ethos to consumers.

How Cadillac was flawlessly integrated in the movie "Entourage"

As fans know, HBO's long-running hit series "Entourage" was turned into a 2015 feature film, in which the Cadillac Ciel was prominently featured. Discover the unique story behind this product integration and partnership.

The Digital Dispatch: Click 3X, NextVR, and Society Awards Partners

CBX launched a new organic brand, NADA announced the completion of their rebranding, and nFusion made some new hires.

12 ways to take advantage of Instagram's new video channel

Learn how your brand can get on board with this new visual platform feature.

The story that auto marketers are missing

Crafting a consistent narrative for national automotive campaigns is crucial. Learn how the best marketers are doing it.

4 signs that entertainment marketing is exploding

As we enter the new year, we're seeing several hot marketing areas continue to grow. Discover a few reasons why Hollywood is in for a busy 2016.

Are display ads even worth it anymore?

We all know the CTR for display is dismal. Are marketers wasting their time? This is the scoop on what's working now.

The Digital Dispatch: 4INFO, Magnetic, and Zazoom Media Group

KBS announced promotions, SteelHouse released a new post-holiday guide, and Rubicon Project announced a new partnership.

A marketing attribution success story

See how Visual IQ and 360i worked with Equifax to drive direct response success.

Why your agency isn't set up to scale content creation

How can your agency leverage the insights, infrastructure, and platforms of successful publisher studios to create content at scale? Take a page from the playbook of Digitas Studios.

The programmatic branding revolution

Brands are expecting to increase their programmatic branding spends. So how do marketers keep up? Quantcast shares what's ahead.

16 digital marketing opportunities poised to explode in 2016

There's a lot coming on the digital marketing horizon. YEC breaks down some of the more exciting new openings.

iMedia Agency Awards 2015

iMedia is excited to announce this year's Agency Award winners. Find out which agencies drove industry innovation throughout 2015.

The Digital Dispatch: 4INFO, Crain Communications, and Phelps

GSD&M made a round of promotions, MAGNUS Media announced a new division, and Verndale announced a new creative director.

15 ways marketers can use LinkedIn groups to their advantage

LinkedIn groups have a lot of opportunities for marketers to connect, yet some people are confused about what to do. Here are some ideas from the YEC.

A look at the future of agencies and mobile

There's a new breed of ad agencies taking shape, thanks in large part to the growing mobile market. Find out what lies ahead. 

iMedia 25: The top marketing innovators of 2015

Each year, we take the time recognize a small group of exceptional marketers in the industry. Here are our honorees for 2015.

Automotive marketing's biggest digital challenge

While this industry is finally finding its digital marketing groove, there's a major disconnect that must be addressed. Read on for this often overlooked issue.

The Digital Dispatch: Acxiom, Bloxi, and ShopWithMe

iProv announced an acquisition, Robert Dowling announced the launch of a new agency, and M&C Saatchi LA made a new hire.

Hulu's major distinguishing factor

In a world where streaming services are abundant, how does a company find a unique niche? Discover how Hulu positioned itself in the online video market.

7 fast ways to make talented employees quit

Finding great talent is hard -- retaining it is even more difficult. Follow these hallmarks of poor employee management if you want good hires to leave your company quickly.

The Digital Dispatch: CKSK, Mood Media, and Taptica

AerServ announced a new partnership, OneSpot announced an expansion of its platform, and Univision Digital made a new hire.

The challenges of mobile advertising today

Many marketers are falling behind on creating relevant content to reach mobile audiences at the right time. Three experts weigh in on the challenge and how to combat it.

Where is mobile going in 2016?

Wearables, the Internet of Things, and virtual and augmented reality are poised to drastically alter the mobile landscape next year. What else? Ross Sleight, chief strategy officer at Somo, gives us a look into his crystal ball.

The Digital Dispatch: Coegi, Frequency540, and Taptica

Metia Group made two promotions, Lotame announced a new partnership, and Stimulant made a new hire.

Why original VOD programming is here to stay

Video on-demand services are becoming semi-production companies at a surprising pace. Discover why this trend will soon be the standard, not the exception, in the online video world.

How creative can marketers get with programmatic?

Media automation may sound dry, but as it evolves the creative capabilities improve greatly. Learn more about the growth of this megatrend.

Will fraud be the death of programmatic?

Bots and programmatic buying are natural enemies. So who will triumph in this ongoing battle? Find out how marketers can win the war against the robots.

The Digital Dispatch: 451 Research, RetailMeNot, and Verndale

AOL announced a new partnership, DDB Stockholm created a grant, and Tapad made a new hire.

The 3 biggest marketing attribution challenges

While "last click" has been around for years, marketers now know that attribution goes much deeper and requires more insight. These are the most pressing problems facing it today.

How is the IAB addressing programmatic?

We are rewriting the rules with the advent of programmatic buying. Here are some ways the IAB is helping marketers.

6 sinful qualities of awful customer service

Crappy experiences with brands often have common threads that run through them. Discover the worst traits.

11 brands with incredible social media strategies

Social media is an integral part of marketing. Here are some brands that are going above and beyond in that space.

3 practical ways publishers can protect programmatic inventory

Maintaining high standards in programmatic is a hot topic right now, and publishers actually have a lot of control. Discover easy ways to ensure inventory is of superior quality.

The Digital Dispatch: Grace Blue, Interbrand, and Tracx

QuotaFactory announced its product has left beta, SkyOne Federal Credit Union announced a merger, and INNOCEAN USA made a new hire.

4 key ways programmatic is transforming marketing

The future is automation. Discover how the programmatic revolution is rapidly changing the media landscape.

Breaking news: Comexposium acquires dmg events' iMedia, ad:tech, and Collective Group events

Complementing Comexposium's earlier purchase of the Mobile Media Summit network, the new combination will represent one of the largest digital media event platforms in the world.

A tale of marketing attribution success at Equifax

Marketing attribution implementation can be a complex process, but it's worth it. Find out how one brand realized $1.25 million in media spend savings in just nine months

Connecting with your most receptive audiences

In the wave of search 3.0, it's time to fill the marketing funnel with prospects. One marketer from a major retailer has the software solution to reach more customers.

Will last-click attribution ever die?

Although the digital world has changed drastically, attribution analysis has been stuck on the last click for years. Discover some major flaws of this mindset.

10 top performance indicators for marketers

It's crucial to keep track of metrics to analyze performance, but sometimes it's hard to know what's important. Here are the ones to pay attention to.

The Digital Dispatch: Chandelier, Mintz + Hoke, and Van Straaten

gShift made an acquisition, Segmint announced the global availability of a solution, and MultiView appointed a new CMO.

How USA Today Sports entered the programmatic video space

How are large established publishers approaching this area? Read on for some insights into how one juggernaut is tackling programmatic video.

The 5 fastest ways to alienate online audiences

With video content growing exponentially, there are simple mistakes you'll want to avoid that can drive viewers away quickly. Steer clear of these potential pitfalls.

Understanding programmatic accountability

Everyone wants credit for success, but who should take responsibility for programmatic missteps? Read on for an expert opinion.

How did programmatic get a bad rap?

Programmatic buying has gone mainstream, but certain stigmas still remain. How did this begin? Discover the genesis of these misconceptions.

3 simple ways to ease programmatic into your strategy

If you're ready to get started with programmatic buying but don't know where to begin, here are a few easy steps to get things moving.

2 programmatic misconceptions you need to reexamine

With the explosion of the programmatic revolution, many falsities surrounding this practice refuse to disappear. Here are two big ones.

The explosion of programmatic video

Programmatic has already proven successful in display and search, but there's another exciting channel on the rise. Discover why video is a frontier not to be ignored.

The online-offline marketing conundrum

Marketers face a challenge with how consumers access advertising messages and proceed to make purchases. Here's the problem.

The Digital Dispatch: Cutwater, MODCo Group, and Yieldbot

DiscoverOrg announced an acquisition, mono is opening a new office, and Vroom made a new hire.

The Digital Dispatch: Ignite OPM, Beeswax, and Zenzi

GlimpzIt launched a new platform, HyprMX revealed a new tool, and Full Circle Insights, Inc. announced its new name.

8 digital marketing strategies you should add to your playbook

With new digital strategies popping up daily, you may be wondering what works. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on what has been effective for them in 2015.

10 qualities startups should look for in a potential CMO hire

Hiring the right person for a CMO role can be a challenge. The YEC weighs in on the qualities that matter most.

Understanding fair use in content creation

Creative marketers must understand the legal limits to avoid big trouble. Discover a simple content creation rule of thumb.

The Digital Dispatch: Grace Blue, Erwin Penland, and Cosmose

PrestaShop appointed a new CEO, Cxense announced a successful acquisition, and launched a new content studio.

The biggest marketing metrics conundrum

As shopper insights grow, there's a disconnect the marketing world is still trying to solve. Discover the industry's biggest headache in this area.

3 cornerstones of La-Z-Boy's success

How does a furniture brand maintain 88 years of dominance? Read on for some simple ideas the company holds up high.

Surprising best practices for advertising on Twitter

Twitter has been around for more than nine years now, but many advertisers aren't aware of all its features. Find out how to unlock its potential.

The Digital Dispatch: GSD&M, BBH, and Viewbix

Evolve Media LLC acquired Martini Media, Centro announced new integrations, and Verve Mobile announced a new appointment.

The inevitable programmatic revolution

Programmatic is not just a trend. It's a permanent part of marketing life. Here's why.

The new definition of television

With a multitude of devices and ways to view content, "television" is not what it used to be. Here's the new definition for the modern era.

12 ways to set yourself up for a promotion

Wondering how to climb the corporate ladder? The YEC weighs in on how to stand out in the office.

The Digital Dispatch: Kahuna, AerServ, and wywy

Cxense is acquiring a new company, Simulmedia launched a new operating system, and NetSeer made a new hire.

4 lessons marketers can learn from improv comedy

Marketing and acting may seem like very different professions, but there are traits that both jobs share. Discover what you can take away from the world of improv.

The Digital Dispatch: Kahuna, Tahzoo, and VideoAmp

Drawbridge announced a new partnership, Magnetic announced a new merger, and GumGum made a new appointment.

Marketers confess: Embarrassing moments from my first industry job

How smoothly did your first job go? Several top marketers reveal to iMedia the most cringe-worthy moments of their early career.

The Digital Dispatch: Forensiq, PK4 Media, and Socialtyze

Celtra Inc. has entered into a new partnership, Oban Digital released a report, and Code and Theory promoted a new partner.

The next frontier in ad quality: Targeting accuracy

How important is it to choose the right demographic data vendor for ad targeting? Check out the surprising results of a recent analysis of 11 leading players.

How new technology is changing digital media

Innovative technology is providing many opportunities for brands -- but are we on the right path? PK4's Tom Alexander and a panel of experts try to find common ground amongst all of the industry players.

Pinpointing your multi-dimensional audience

You might think you know your target demographic. But is that really who sees your marketing? One company has the answer to helping you get the most out of your data.

2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled

Agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

2015 ASPY Award winners unveiled

Agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

The Digital Dispatch: Vizy, Framestore, and Soundcloud

The Trade Desk announced a new partnership, Madison Logic Data went through a rebrand, and Verve Mobile made a new hire.

A look at marketing data in a mobile world

With so many users on multiple devices, media buying today means that you have to really think about the consumer to get the most out of your spending. Industry insiders discuss what this means for marketers.

How brands are embracing the new e-commerce world

LEGO, Best Buy, Playtex, and others are taking the time to understand what it takes to succeed online. Discover their best practices for shifting a traditional marketing focus.

9 annoying co-worker habits that drive everyone crazy

Are you committing these workplace sins? Read on to learn the maddening things you need to stop doing to keep the colleague peace.

The biggest legal headache for brand managers

In a world of online content creation, brands are tasked with defining the line between PR and protection. Here's the largest issue.

9 reasons your startup can exist anywhere

If you think you have to be in Silicon Valley for your startup to soar, you are mistaken. Here's why.

The biggest challenge for new app developers

The app economy is still alive and well, but newcomers face many hurdles. Here is the biggest one.

2 huge challenges for Silicon Valley startups

We're in an age of digital innovation. Discover some of the biggest hurdles facing new technology pioneers.

The Digital Dispatch: Unilever Foundry, Hawthorne Direct, and clypd

Sizmek released a report, AIS Media launched a new app, and MODCo Group made some new hires.

3 reasons digital video should be a part of your marketing strategy

Online video is undergoing a revolution. Are you prepared? Read on for important facts every marketer should know.

The Digital Dispatch: Adadyn, Mintz + Hoke, and Rakuten Marketing

The Guardian announced a new alliance, Leadspace announced a new partnership, and Enso made a new hire.

5 big reasons you should invest in video -- today

As marketing rapidly evolves, video has emerged as a rock solid place to put your dollars. Discover why your strategy needs to include this medium.

The top 10 fastest ways to piss off your boss

Looking to be fired? Here are some great ways to get started.

10 tips for attracting the best talent

Larger companies swallow up a lot of great candidates immediately. Here's how a young company can attract the best talent.

The Digital Dispatch: Digital Pulp, Kvantum, and wywy

Code and Theory made a new hire, Evolve Media LLC made an acquisition, and Sizmek made several promotions.

The most unbearable people you meet at conferences

Whether it's a summit, expo, or networking event, there will always be industry colleagues who drive you nuts. Are you part of this list?

A look into Nationwide's marketing attribution process

Gone are the days when ad agencies dictated brands' optimization processes. Find out how Visual IQ helped Nationwide become more effective.

How to find your audiences in mobile -- one impression at a time

Programmatic buying in mobile enables savvy brands to engage with consumers one impression at a time. Consider these actionable strategies for using data to reach pinpointed audiences.

The benefits of shared first-party data

Marketers use data to better understand and locate their target audiences, but not all data is created equally. Reach your buyers more effectively by deepening your customer knowledge and using the most reliable data possible.

The Digital Dispatch: Piston, blinkx, and Vlocity

Twenty20 launched out of beta, Fetch released a new report, and Nativo made a new hire.

The Digital Dispatch: Kvantum, Oban Digital, and SteelBrick

RR Donnelley & Sons is making an acquisition, Integral Ad Science opened a new lab, and wywy made new hires.

7 mundane tasks that halt productivity

There are things we all do in the workplace that are extremely counterproductive. How many of these common practices are harming your professional efficiency?

14 good reasons to start your own business

If you're seeking a reason to create a new brand or venture, look no further. Check out these testimonials from those who took the leap.

The Digital Dispatch: Digital Pulp, OpenX, and Wizeline

Inuxu launched a new marketplace, PK4 Media revealed a new product, and INNOCEAN USA made a new hire.

15 of the most impressive ad campaigns from 2014

Before you completely forget about last year, check out these inspiring campaigns hand picked by a group of marketing professionals.

The Digital Dispatch: The Goss Agency, mono, and Upshot

Latin3 is expanding globally, MEC announced a new partnership, and Vdopia made a new hire.

Viral Video Watch: Stuart Scott, a funny Slayer mashup, and a teddy bear dog

Hannah Storm's tearful farewell, death metal on children's instruments, and a teddy bear Shih Tzu. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: The "Hobbit Office," a Christmas tree disaster, and 3D-printed puppy legs

A hilarious mashup, cats and Christmas trees don't mix, and a pup that'll melt your heart. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

2015 will be the year of...

Once again, it's time to explore what trends will define the coming year. Discover what some of the industry's top marketers anticipate in 2015.

Digital video's role in a changing television world

Television may always be the hero, but digital video is poised to serve as its ally. Is your brand living up to its online potential?

Surprising lessons from billions of viewable impressions

There's still a big learning curve in the industry when it comes to viewability. Consider these insights derived from years of testing and development.

Designing a mobile campaign that boosts offline foot traffic

In mobile, marketers need to sweat the details. Learn how to move beyond the click to design mobile campaigns that boost offline foot traffic and conversions.

2 social media mantras you need for success in 2015

Your future social media efforts should be guided by a new outlook. Chant these phrases to yourself as you develop strategies for 2015.

Viral Video Watch: Puppies and babies and kittens, oh my!

This week brings together baby goats, humans, cats, and dogs -- a quadfecta of cuteness. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Marketing to mindsets, not demographics

Demos, life stages, and now attitudes? There's a new strategy for targeting consumers. Here's why mindset marketing may be the next big thing.

The Digital Dispatch: BrandMaker, Mailify, and Sizmek

Amobee announced a new technology, MediaMath released a new app, and 72andSunny made a new hire.

iMedia Agency Award Winners 2014

iMedia presents its list of 2014 Agency Award winners. These agencies, honored at the iMedia Agency Summit, are the key drivers of industry innovation in areas such as social media, video, mobile, and more.

iMedia TV

Get the latest from the iMedia Agency Summit with iTV!

Viral Video Watch: The Killers' new Xmas song, "Star Wars: Episode VII" trailer parody, and a painful moustache removal

A Christmas song about coal, the George Lucas version of "Star Wars: Episode VII," and a really painful Movember removal. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

12 common challenges new businesses face

Starting a new venture requires financial, marketing, and even emotional planning. Find out the hurdles some entrepreneurs encountered and how to overcome them.

The Digital Dispatch: Lippincott, Struck, and BrandFire

Vevo announced a departure, Genesis Media has a new partnership, and Havas Worldwide made a new hire.

Viral Video Watch: A "Breaking Bad" and "Frozen" mashup, a real hoverboard, and a hamster Thanksgiving

Mr. White and Jesse in song, hoverboards are real, and the tiniest American holiday. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

12 advantages of being the newest brand on the market

The rookie might lack experience, but there are still benefits to be had when you're fresh on the market. Check out these must-read hints.

iMedia 25: The top marketing innovators of 2014

iMedia presents its 2014 list of cutting-edge creatives, strategists, and technology thought leaders. See who made the cut!

Viral Video Watch: Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters, The Onion reviews "Interstellar," and Seinfeld in the Australian parliament

Science vs. science with beats, Christopher Nolan ripped off "Interstellar," and Seinfeld goes down under. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Why the "let's go social" mindset can backfire

Marketers want viral success, but creating campaigns just to gain social traction for social traction's sake can be unproductive. Find out why.

The Digital Dispatch: Heineken, Ozone Media, and ADARA

Matomy Media Group acquired a new platform, Kahuna introduced a new tool, and IAB made several new appointments.

Viral Video Watch: John Oliver's Home Depot commercial, super-expensive video games, and Swiftamine

John Oliver's take on robot helpers in retail, the 10 most expensive video games of all time, and what to do if you find that you like a Taylor Swift song. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The future of the impartial media buyer

As large companies like Google and Facebook build up their "walled gardens," there are important questions that beg to be asked. Here are some insightful answers from top industry executives.

Programmatic buying: Nightmare or dream come true?

Programmatic buying is here to make your life easier, not cause problems. Learn why you shouldn't be uncomfortable with the "newness" of this technology.

Digital media's effect on consumer behavior

Leveraging smart media will change the way you approach your consumers. Learn how PlaceIQ can help you succeed.

11 ways marketers are stuck in the past

The rate of change across the digital landscape is faster than ever, and it can easily cause marketers to lag behind. Find out how some are staying relevant.

Viral Video Watch: "SNL's" Lincoln ad parody, if driving was taught like sex ed, and a wingsuit air balloon jump

Jim Carrey's awesome McConaughey impression, a hilarious transposition, and an amazing GoPro vid. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch:, Playwire, and MobFox

MediaMath acquired a new platform, PlaceIQ released a report, and Snap Skout has changed its name.

Viral Video Watch: Weatherman vs. dog, IKEA's Kubrick homage, and "The Simpsons" multiplied?

Dogs don't care about the weather, IKEA is ready for Halloween, and 1,000 versions of a beloved family. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The inspiring speaker you need to hear

Marketers are constantly looking for motivation to do great things. Here's inspiration from one man shaping the landscape of how brands can change the world.

12 ways to leverage your social channels better than larger competitors

Have you hit a social media wall? It's not just you. Here are innovative ways to refresh your strategy -- and your audience.

Viral Video Watch: Bad slutty or good slutty, "SNL" on ebola, and clever advertising

Halloween stereotypes, a movie trailer spoof, and a new dog in the house. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Bitly, StartApp, and Genesis Media

Telerik has a new release, BlueConic introduced Contextual Dialogues, and Maxifier made a new hire.

Viral Video Watch: Vacuuming a cat, NFL criminals, and Kristen Wiig naked?

SNL pokes fun at football stars, inside Apple's bend test labs, and an interviewer who clearly hasn't seen the movie. Take a look at iMedia's picks for this week's hottest videos.

13 brands entrepreneurs love

We all need inspiration -- even if you're the boss. Here are the companies keeping a select group of young professionals in awe.

Viral Video Watch: iPhone 6 Plus bends in pockets, enthusiastic post-game interview, and quitting on live TV

Trouble on the horizon for Apple, this kid is stoked, and how not to quit your job. Here are iMedia’s picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Eleven, Bitly, and 3Q Digital

PunchTab selects a new CEO, iCrossing has a new strategic partnership, and 72andSunny makes a new hire.

Viral Video Watch: Re-naming the Redskins, "The Simpsons" on Scotland, and a hamster vs. Kobayashi

The Redskins get a makeover, Willie weighs in on Scotland, and the next world eating champion. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

When cookies go stale: The future of digital advertising

What could possibly replace such a tried-and-true tool? MaxPoint's hyperlocal digital advertising may be the answer to the crumbling cookie.

Native: The future of mobile advertising

When everyone has a mobile device, how do you create native advertising that stands out and creates a truly interactive experience? You'll be surprised how many brands are already answering this question.

Marketing attribution success: An insider's account

Marketing attribution offers a way to quantify ROI and gain efficiencies across channels, strategies, and tactics. Learn how Dell has leveraged cross-channel attribution to dramatically increase the performance of its marketing ecosystem.

Viral Video Watch: Old-school NES, if Disney princes were real, and the bookbook

Teenagers react to an old Nintendo, BuzzFeed's twist on Disney princes, and a funny tech twist. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The social platforms that deserve the most marketing attention

Having a social presence is a marketing priority for every organization today. But which channels are the most effective? Here are the standouts and why they work.

The Digital Dispatch: Telerik, Millward Brown, and TotallyHer

Refinery29 makes four new hires, YuMe and release a joint study on consumer TV habits, and Optimove launches the latest version of its SaaS solution.

Viral Video Watch: 6 crazy jobs, heavy metal in odd places, and the boy who cried "literally"

Jobs that no one should do, awesome places to play metal, and how the misuse of "literally" can kill you. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: A Taser photo shoot, the "new iPhone 6," and DIY wedding planning

Being photographed while Tased, the amazing "new iPhone," and the honest version of planning a wedding. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

7 stupid mistakes brands make as publishers

Content marketing is hot, but some brands are still making simple mistakes. Are you still committing these sins?

The Digital Dispatch: Live Nation, Kwittken, and JW Player

G/O Digital releases a new study on Facebook Advertising, Sizmek announces the acquisition of Aerify Media, and Deutsch LA makes a new hire.

Viral Video Watch: The "Breaking Bad" boys do pawn, a Russian traffic accident, and a lawyer spoof

Cranston and Paul do pawn, a crazy crash, and a hilarious law firm spoof. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

7 sales pitch tactics that actually work

If you're not prepared, approaching a potential client can be a missed opportunity. Here are tips to help seal the deal.

The Digital Dispatch: StartApp, ChoiceStream, and AddThis

Velocity premieres a new TV show, WapStart partners with Celtra, and Project: WorldWide acquires Pitch.

Viral Video Watch: Adorable kid interview, calling the cows home, and hot pepper video game review

The adorable "Apparently Kid" interview, cows love the trombone, and a super spicy video game review. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

8 strengths lacking in today's marketers

It's no secret that digital marketing requires many talents. Here are the skills that require a little more focus from our industry.

Viral Video Watch: Growing pains, dog faints from excitement, and Wal-Mart ice cream doesn't melt

Growing up is heartbreaking, a pup passes out when seeing her owner after two years, and Wal-Mart ice cream can take the heat. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: Weird Al's grammar smackdown, flexible TVs, and 3 strikes

Weird Al is done with your lazy grammar, a TV that practically folds in half, and a crazy umpire. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: SheKnows, Vevo, and Sizmek

Mintz + Hoke makes a new hire, ZeroFOX will exhibit at Black Hat 2014, and Guardian News & Media names a new CEO of Guardian US.

Viral Video Watch: Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs, Dr. Who-er Rangers, and TMNT vs. their namesakes

Pugs are taking over the world, a Dr. Who/Power Rangers mashup, and TMNT take on themselves? Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: "Columbusing" things, giving idiots yellow cards, and meeting your girlfriend's best friend

"Discovering things," a ref in the city, and meeting someone who already knows everything about you. Here are iMedia's hottest video picks you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: NBCUniversal, Deutsch LA, and Victorious

Datonics expands its partnership with VivaKi, DigiTrust announces its official launch, and The Trade Desk makes a new hire.

4 reasons agencies are like cockroaches

Before you get offended, consider the points that back up this analogy. Here's how agencies can survive anything.

How to drive commerce with custom targeting and offers

Compelling offers are key to new customer acquisition and reactivation campaigns, but targeting and execution can be challenging. Consider this new frictionless solution.

Capitalizing on how shoppers search retail sites

Whether on Walmart, Target, Google, Amazon, or a range of retail sites, brands have emerging options for gaining relevant placements to drive consideration and sales. Are you staying on top of these opportunities?

How to take full advantage of mobile targeting

The mobile piece of the e-commerce pie is growing rapidly, but many retailers are missing opportunities. Here's how marketers can intelligently target shoppers.

Viral Video Watch: Hipsters, fun with stereotypes, and puppies teaching babies

Molting season in Williamsburg, fun with unintentional racism, and your daily dose of adorable. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: AddThis, Jun Group, and ThoughtBuzz

Widen Enterprises announces a strategic partnership with Silicon Publishing, PaeDae rebrands to The Mobile Majority, and The Advertising Research Foundation presents a new award.

Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, "Orange Is the New Black," and crazy blood facts

Brian Williams cuts together a hip-hop classic, Uzo Aduba auditions for OITNB, and people do crazy stuff with blood. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: World Cup, World Cup, World Cup!

With the first kickoff today, the lead up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup has produced a lot of great videos. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest World Cup videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Bitly, YouGov, and The Story Lab

Sq1 hires a new executive creative director, Magnetic acquires Cognitive Match, and SocialFlow partners with DigitasLBi.

Viral Video Watch: John Oliver on net neutrality, epic rap battle, and the internet ('90s style)

The reason net neutrality is so important, Stephen King vs. Edgar Allen Poe, and a crazy-whack video explaining how to use the internet. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

3 ways small agencies can manage big data for clients

When you're small, it's hard to tackle all the challenges big agencies take on, especially with regard to data. Here are creative ways to compete.

Viral Video Watch: Will Ferrell vs. Chad Smith, the World Cup, and otter piano playing

Will Ferrell and Chad Smith drum it out, the World Cup is coming (!!), and otters hitting the ivory. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: PlaceIQ, BlueConic, and Jun Group

BrightTag makes a new hire, Appnext acquires AppHome, and Epoxy announces a new launch.

Why the purchase funnel no longer exists

It used to be fairly easy to follow a consumer down the path to purchase, but now it's getting more complicated. Here's what the new shape looks like.

Viral Video Watch: "Dr." Charlie Day, Tony Hawk, and Super Street Fighter problems

Charlie Day's commencement address, Tony Hawk jumps a moving car, and Blanka just gets no love. Here are iMedia’s picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: "Frozen" as a horror movie, #GodzillaProblems, and Michael Sam

"Frozen" as a horror movie, Godzilla ruins everything, and how to talk to your kids about Michael Sam. Here are iMedia's picks for the hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: AXS, Liquid Agency, and Blab

SoDA releases its 2014 report, Thismoment and Sprinklr announce a strategic partnership, and DataXu acquires JasperLabs.

5 big data myths exposed

Marketers can all agree on one thing: Programmatic is here to stay. So in order to keep moving forward toward more relevant advertising, we need to let go of the hyperbole.

How attribution can revolutionize publisher compensation

Attribution often disregards the players at the top and middle of the funnel, shortchanging publishers and advertisers alike. Here's how a common sense approach can provide better insights.

How to make big data meaningful

How can media planners and buyers better operate in the data-driven world? Digilant suggests you rethink your approach.

Viral Video Watch: Walter White vs. Rick Grimes, a Wes Anderson porno, "SNL," and May the 4th be with you

Walter White and Rick Grimes throw down, Wes Anderson makes a porno, don't ever say anything bad about Beyoncé, and a star-studded "Star Wars" cantina band audition. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

2014 ASPY Award winners unveiled

The agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

2014 ASPY Award winners unveiled

The agency leaders have spoken. Here are the technology and service providers that they deemed to be most valuable to their businesses.

"Freakonomics" author urges marketers to think like freaks

At Unify Tech in New York City, iMedia spoke exclusively with "Freakonomics" co-author Stephen J. Dubner. Here's his unique advice for solving problems in a drastically more productive way.

Why location is the new cookie

Cookies just aren't cutting it for marketers, especially across multiple screens and devices. Here's why location may be the leading alternative.

The surprising future of media buying

At Unify Tech '14, marketers were focused on the future. Here are key trends in media buying you should prepare for heading into 2015.

Viral Video Watch: "Harry Potter" vs. "Star Wars," tiny burritos, creationist "Cosmos," and the beer mile

A special effects battle between two film franchises, the world's first master chef for tiny, furry friends, a twist on the show "Cosmos," and a new beer mile world record. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

Viral Video Watch: Brian Williams raps, Comcast, animal heroes, and raining food

Brian Williams going gangsta, Comcast really doesn't care about you, adorable animals save the day, and a shower of food in slow motion. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Beckon, PK4 Media, and Latinum Network

Vevo extends its partnership with Yahoo, ROKKAN makes three new hires, and Waterfall expands its sales team.

Viral Video Watch: George R. R. Martin, video games, a walkman, and pranks

A GoT wedding, frustrating video games, "ancient" technology, and baseball pranks. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

How to make the most of your branded video investment

Amid the growing noise of new online programming, how are marketers supposed to capture consumer attention? Here's how to drive both efficiency and effectiveness with branded video executions.

Planning and buying video in a world of converging screens

Television and video are converging, and consumers are viewing media in a device-agnostic way. Here's how to make smarter decisions within the new media mix.

The keys to programmatic success at Zipcar

Audience-targeted data, advertising tactics, and cross-channel media options have converged to enable a new suite of media solutions. Here's how to deploy a successful approach to programmatic media.

Viral Video Watch: Runaway vehicles, board games, and making a splash

Trucks flying off the handle, humiliating your friends on game night, and a super slow-motion splash. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Pheed, Nomi, and BrightRoll

The CMO Club announces the 2014 CMO Awards, Operative makes a new hire, and The Media Rating Council lifts its advisory on viewable impressions for display ads.

Should marketers create content in-house?

It's one of the great conundrums for content marketers: Do it yourself or collaborate? Here are the pros and cons you need to know.

Viral Video Watch: "The Lion King," new beginnings, and those silly Europeans

"The Lion King" on an airplane, hearing for the first time at age 39, and those overtly sexual Europeans. Here are iMedia's picks for the four hottest videos you need to see.

The Digital Dispatch: Crowdtap, Vindico, and Realeyes

Casale Media announces five new hires, MediaCrossing launches a partnership with ASL Marketing, and Ensighten acquires TagMan.

9 workplace policies every company needs

Certain office environments kill productivity. Here are some corporate practices that will inject much-needed life into your stuffy culture.

Why e-book advertising is the next big thing

Many amazing insights came out of this year's SXSW, but this one surprised even us. Here's the inside scoop on what could be the next big trend in marketing.

The Digital Dispatch: BrightTag, Sizmek, and ONE+K

Organic names a new CMO, Bitly partners with Moz, and RadiumOne announces its expansion to international markets.

How TiVo is employing single-source cross-media measurement

As TV has evolved into a multi-device platform, media measurement has fallen behind. Here's how TiVo Research is attempting to solve this problem for brands, networks, and agencies.

The roadmap for scaling and measuring online video advertising

Executing and measuring online video and TV campaigns together is a significant challenge. Let's take a look at ways to overcome current workflow and measurement hurdles.

The most important quote you'll ever hear about content marketing

Can't quite pin down the problem with your content marketing strategy? This quote will knock your socks off.

The Digital Dispatch: DoubleVerify, Vivint, and DigitasLBi

Rubicon Project announces a partnership with Dstillery, Jelli makes a new hire, and Criteo acquires Tedemis.

How to launch a successful programmatic strategy

Many marketers trust the value of programmatic, yet the process is still frequently misunderstood. Here's how to deploy a solid plan to enable the technology to work for your brand.

Keys to success with marketing attribution

Still stuck on the last click? Here's why implementing a more-sophisticated attribution model will yield big benefits for your brand.

How to build a brand community

Brands understand the value of building communities and having authentic conversations with their customers. Let's take a look at the right -- and wrong -- ways to do this.

The Digital Dispatch: Conversant, Datorama, and Dotcom Distribution

33Across announces four new hires, Poptent partners with Rumblefish to launch Poptent Soundtracks, and VivaKi selects Innovid as a preferred partner.

Why your brand's social strategy needs to be API-friendly

Are you tired of the clutter on social media? Here's why having an API-friendly strategy will make life easier for your brand and your customer.

The Digital Dispatch: Code and Theory, Epidemic Sound, and Liquid Agency

Castle Brands partners with blurbIQ, Vision Critical hires its first chief revenue officer, and Advice Media acquires Everyday Doctors.

3 new marketing challenges in the media space

Media marketing is evolving every day. Here are the big hurdles the industry must overcome to adapt to this ever-changing environment.

What marketers need to know about in-car ads

The future of streaming radio is in the car. Here's how Pandora is starting to market to consumers during their daily commutes -- and how you can get in the game.

15 mind-blowing CES innovations marketers need to see

Eye-scan passwords, Wi-Fi cars, and teaching robots? Here are several CES innovations that are about to transform marketing.

4 marketing game changers for Pandora

How are people consuming music in today's multi-device environment? Here's how Pandora is responding to the changing landscape.

The biggest marketing hires of 2013

These industry moves tie in closely with the latest trends in marketing. Check out the best hiring decisions of last year.

iMedia Connection Contributor Guidelines

The Digital Dispatch: Yorktel, Cogenta, and Project Sunblock

Integral Ad Science gains a patent, Adroit Digital announces the results of a study, and Surefire Social launches a new product.

How global brands can drive local results

Marketers can finally achieve local relevance at scale. Here are the six trends in local and mobile marketing that should be shaping how agencies and brands think about their campaigns.

Combining rich media and Facebook for powerful results

Organic reach on Facebook isn't enough. Marketers need to pair the social network's reach with interactive creative for the best results. Here's how one company makes this happen.

Using the cloud to drive results for your agency clients

Even the most sophisticated companies are often hampered by disparate systems. Here's how enterprise cloud solutions can help agencies and publishers gain a more unified view of their businesses and free up countless resources.

The Digital Dispatch: Poptent, Umbel, and NetSeer

Dstillery and Pitney Bowes partner with Twitter, VEVO announces its availability on Chromecast, and Mashable makes a new hire.

2 industry terms that need to die

The marketing industry is full of meaningless buzzwords, and sometimes good terms become outdated over time. Here are the worst offenders.

iMedia Agency Award Winners 2013

iMedia presents its list of 2013 Agency Award winners. These agencies, honored at the iMedia Agency Summit, are the key drivers of industry innovation in areas such as social media, video, mobile, and more.

iMedia 25: The top marketing innovators of 2013

iMedia presents its 2013 list of cutting-edge creatives, strategists, and technology thought leaders. See who made the cut!

3 tips for successful content marketing

Content marketing is quickly emerging as a standard practice, and in 2014 it will only get bigger. Here's how to avoid failure.

What marketers need to know about connected cars

The car of the future has finally arrived. Here are five ways to prepare.

The biggest content marketing mistakes

How strong is your content marketing strategy? If you're doing these things, you might be surprised at how much you're failing.

The Digital Dispatch: Mass Relevance, SoDA, and MediaMath

Glam Media announces a new hire, Amplifinity lands a new client, and JiWire releases a research report.

The secret word in content marketing

If your brand is dipping its toes in the content marketing space, here's the most important word you need to know. Are you living up to this standard?

Why entertainment marketers are abandoning the CTR

Remarkably, the click-through rate is still alive and well as a metric for "success." Here's how entertainment marketers are showing us a future beyond it.

7 huge problems marketers desperately need solved

The industry is still plagued with challenges that make life difficult for forward-thinking leaders. Here are some of the biggest problems.

The Digital Dispatch: Mashable, Drawbridge, and BFG

Poptent and Rumblefish partner to create Poptent Soundtracks, Bonefish Grill chooses Blast Radius as its creative agency of record, and Celtra is selected as a mobile ad partner for Omnicom Media Group.

The best and worst possible results from Twitter's IPO

Twitter is going public this week. What will be the aftermath? Here are the best and worst predictions from top marketers.

How one brand campaign saved thousands of lives

Every once in a while, an ad campaign becomes an exceptional example of human kindness. Here's how one campaign changed a country.

How to use mobile ads to drive in-store sales

As mobile ad spending grows, marketers must ensure their ads are effectively boosting in-store sales. Here's a look at how one platform successfully engages users along the entire path to purchase.

Why marketers need to ensure viewability

We aren't doing our industry justice when it comes to actual viewability. Here's how to prepare for the inevitable shift toward relevant metrics.

The multi-screen approach to mobile success

Although marketers keep saying "mobile first," mobile is less effective if you don't take other channels into account. Here's how to look at the big picture.

6 things marketers need to stop doing right now

There are a lot of bad habits in this industry. Here are a few that you need to break.

4 hot companies to watch in 2014

Which brands are generating the biggest buzz among investors for the upcoming year? Here are the companies you should definitely keep your eye on.

The Digital Dispatch: DigitasLBi, Specific Media, and ADT

Dataium announces a strategic partnership with eXelate, CKSK expands its leadership team, and YANGAROO is selected by REVOLT television network.

iMedia goes on location at OpenCo SF 2013

The Digital Dispatch: Dunkin' Donuts, MailOnline, and Siegel+Gale

The Network Advertising Initiative announces a new hire, VEVO continues its partnership with Miracle Whip, and ad:tech New York releases new features for its Startup Spotlight Series.

The information you must demand from all vendors

There are a lot of companies out there that will exaggerate their abilities to win your business. Here are three things you should require a vendor to prove before you enter a partnership.

13 job horror stories from successful marketers

All professionals have to pay their dues -- even industry leaders. These marketers told the stories of their most painful jobs and internships.

The Digital Dispatch: IBM, FremantleMedia, and Latin3

PishPoshBaby announces the launch of the new PishPoshBaby online registry, Media6Degrees changes its name to Dstillery, and LinkedIn appoints Penry Price as VP of global sales, marketing solutions.

Marketers confess: The worst thing I've seen at an event is...

Industry events are full of wild, embarrassing, and downright unbelievable stories. Here are some of the worst.

How social campaigns can capture local consumers

These days, you only have a few seconds to grab a consumer's attention. Here's how to seize your audience at the right time with social tactics at a local level.

Branded content: Delivering impact without sacrificing scale

Digital platforms have fundamentally changed the way that marketers think about branded entertainment. Here's how today's brands and agencies are approaching this ever-evolving -- and ever-growing -- opportunity.

Connecting the dots between online marketing and offline results

The tactics that worked for a brand a year ago -- or even just a month ago -- might no longer be effective. Here's how advanced attribution can help marketers uncover areas of waning ROI.

The Digital Dispatch: VEVO, Dailymotion, and TubeStart

Arnold Worldwide announces three new hires, Goodswipe and Plink launch a one-of-a-kind rewards program, and WWE appoints a new general manager of its performance center in Orlando.

iMedia 25: Brands Redefining Content Marketing

The Brands Redefining Content Marketing list examines the most innovative ways marketers are using content to spark meaningful connections with consumers. See which brands made the cut!

7 ways the Portland Trail Blazers tackle digital challenges

How does an iconic sports franchise take on digital marketing? Here's a look at how the Portland Trail Blazers attack today's biggest issues.

The Digital Dispatch: LinkedIn, Omnicom, and Disney/ABC Television Group

AARP collaborates with Alcon on a campaign, Edible Arrangements selects Horizon Media as its agency of record, and GroupM makes a new hire.

4 brands that made magic with small budgets

Is your brand wasting money on expensive campaigns with disappointing results? Check out the companies that spent little to produce extraordinary behavior change.

The Digital Dispatch: Hearst Magazines, Creative Allies, and the 4A's

C. Wonder announces its website relaunch, YieldMetrics rebrands as Adomic, and Red Square Agency launches two divisions.

The Digital Dispatch High Five, week of August 5

This week's episode of the Digital Dispatch High Five features exciting news from Creative Allies, The 4A's, Adomic, C. Wonder, and Hearst Magazine.

3 tips for marketing to busy women

Are you trying to reach moms or career-driven women? Here are the ways you should be approaching females in advertising.

The Digital Dispatch:, Media6Degrees, and AddThis

Telerik announces a new product launch, Project Sunblock secures a second round of funding, and ChaCha makes four new hires.

The fastest way to offend Millennial women in marketing

Marketing to women is challenging, and a male-driven team can make huge mistakes. Here's how you might be screwing it up.

The Digital Dispatch: Mashable, GumGum, and YP

Socialbakers makes a new hire, Valassis and Synergy Media announce a partnership, and Unruly launches a unique product set for Vine.

The Digital Dispatch: Clear Channel, AARP, and NetSeer

Dailybreak announces the launch of its mobile app, Yesmail Interactive partners with TruEffect, and SpinMedia hires a new chief revenue officer.

3 simple ways to make your resume shine

Does your resume stand out? If not, adding these elements will help tremendously.

3 more reasons the click-through rate is dead

Still not convinced that the click is irrelevant? Here are three more reasons the CTR needs to die.

What did marketers want to be when they grew up?

What did senior digital marketers aspire to when they were five years old? Here are their surprising and funny answers.

Marketing for the holidays year-round

The holiday season remains the highest revenue driver of the year for many brands. Here's how to keep up with the ever-expanding and changing season.

How to transform influencers into storytellers

Brands want to connect with digital influencers. But more importantly, they want those people to become brand storytellers. Here's how to make this transition with moms.

How to engage the SoLoMo mom

The modern mom is the driving force behind consumption behavior. Here's a detailed look at how one brand is using social, local, and mobile to reach her in powerful new ways.

6 reasons Vine could radically change marketing

Vine is showing us that viewers love very short video content. What if it could be used in advertising? Here's why the six-second ad might be the next big thing.

The Digital Dispatch: BuzzFeed, Yahoo, and Socialbakers

Advertising Women of New York announces its new board of directors, Mindshare makes a new hire, and The Saturday Evening Post launches an iOS app

The most important apps for a marketer's phone

What's the one app you could not live without? Senior digital marketers give us their surprising and funny answers.

The Digital Dispatch: Pandora, MailOnline, and Simply Hired

Comedy Central makes a new hire, payvia announces the acquisition of Mogreet, and Silverpop launches a new product.

The 3 hottest buzzwords at agencies

What are the hot words that fire up today's marketers? We asked several agencies to give us the inside scoop on where they are currently focused.

Disney Interactive launches Story, a groundbreaking new platform

Disney Interactive joins iMedia's Bethany Simpson for the exciting announcement of their new app, Story.

How to explain your job to a 10-year-old

Digital marketing is full of mind-blowingly complex job titles. We asked several industry professionals to explain theirs to a small child. Could you have done better?

Closing the loop on video ad exposure and offline sales

Videology shares insight on how brands can connect digital in-stream video advertising to specific offline purchases in key verticals such as auto, CPG, retail, and others.

How to find your best prospects in real-time

Online consumer behavior is always changing, so reaching and converting at scale requires a real-time approach. Here's how big data and RTB can work together to drive results.

A candid look at the future of programmatic buying

The way ads are bought and sold is undergoing a major transformation. This open discussion on the evolution of programmatic buying revealed how it really affects our industry.

The Digital Dispatch: ZEDO, Skimlinks, and DG

Vibrant Media announces a new hire, Metro partners with Blippar, and EachScape launches a new product.

iMedia Coverage of the 2013 Digital Content NewFronts

The 2013 Digital Content NewFronts have been full of unbelievable moments. Here's what you missed.

Watch the Digitas NewFront 2013

Hear from Arianna Huffington, Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, Twitter, Google, Harley-Davidson, and more.

The Digital Dispatch: Fender Musical Instruments, AOL, and Spike TV

Plink launches a mobile app, Forward Worldwide makes two senior appointments, and NextMark announces an upgrade.

The Digital Dispatch: AccuWeather, WWE, and Yahoo

Gigya announces a partnership with Google, veteran executives launch Magnetic Collaborative, and Whirled unveils a video highlights reel.

The Digital Dispatch: Comedy Central, Socialbakers, and Myspace

IAB unveils a new product, Sway Group and Launched Productions launch Massive Sway, and AvatarLabs hires a new creative director.

The Digital Dispatch: The New York Times, AOL, and Traction

Disney Interactive Media appoints a new VP of national sales, Ensighten announces a partnership with iJento, and Tealium adds Petco to its client roster.

5 questions to ask about multi-screen video campaigns

Wondering about how to tackle the growing number of screens and devices? PointRoll shares insights on how to face the challenges posed by multi-screen campaigns.

The magic of interactive video is now

The video landscape is changing rapidly, and interactivity is continuing to gain momentum. Here's why Innovid says interactive video is the new normal.

The Digital Dispatch: Rovio, Tapjoy, and ad:tech

Glassdoor makes new hires, Rightster partners with the British Fashion Council, and Revelation launches a new platform.

Redefining the daypart for multi-screen consumption

As online audiences increasingly become multi-screen audiences, a number of shifts have to occur. Collective presents new thinking on dayparting.

The Digital Dispatch: Believe Entertainment Group, AOL, and The Weather Channel

SupersonicAds announces a U.S. expansion, Danny Fishman joins a new company, and HMG Creative shares the love this Valentine's Day.

How to measure and influence brand awareness online

Whether a product sells online or not, its presence there can give a huge boost to overall sales. But how do you know which tactics work best? RichRelevance provides some insights into gauging effectiveness.

How to get closer to the shopper

By 2016, 44 percent of total retail sales will be impacted by the web. Here's how to grab the attention of your target audience when they make purchase decisions online.

The Digital Dispatch: IBM, ChaCha, and MediaCom

Tealium announces a new launch, IAB and MMA release mobile guidelines, and Arnold Worldwide makes new hires.

The Digital Dispatch: Digitas, IAB, and SponsorPay

Acquity Group makes a new hire, Triton Digital partners with eXelate, and DIYSEO rebrands as UpCity.

The Digital Dispatch: IAB, Evolve Media, and TruEffect

Chango launches a new advertising solution, 33Across makes a new hire, and Varick Media Management partners with eXelate.

The Digital Dispatch: Martini Media, Knotice, and Dailybreak

IAB and Celtra release mobile studies, Machinima makes a new hire, and TargetSpot announces a partnership with AdsWizz.

The efficient way to buy premium inventory

If you think digital media is divided solely into "custom premium" and "programmatic remnant," think again. Here's why Legolas says you shouldn't settle for less.

How to future-proof your agency

In an increasingly complex media environment, some agency teams are struggling to provide all the services necessary to propel clients forward. Centro provides insights on how to stay focused.

How partnerships drive marketing innovation

The advertising world is growing more complex, and as a result many publishers now reach out for marketing help. Here are two companies that found success by working together.

The Digital Dispatch:, Celtra, and Love Football

IAB releases two new studies, Metia appoints a new president, and AdSafe Media rebrands as Integral Ad Science.

iMedia Agency Award Winners 2012

iMedia presents its list of 2012 Agency Award winners. These agencies, honored at the iMedia Agency Summit, are the key drivers of industry innovation in areas such as social media, video, mobile, and more.

The Digital Dispatch: JiWire, Mediasmith, and IAB

Tribal Fusion appoints its first global general manager, MediaCom brings in new clients, and DWA Media announces two new hires.

The iMedia 25: Digital's most innovative marketers

iMedia presents its 2012 list of cutting-edge creatives, strategists, and technology thought leaders. See who made the cut!

The Digital Dispatch: Nutrisystem, AppNexus, and VSA Partners

Flypaper makes two new launches, Spotlight Financial Marketing makes a new hire, and eXelate releases a study with Digiday.

The Digital Dispatch: In case you missed it

Dell Services names a new VP of marketing, IAB and BIGinsight release new data, and Turn launches Asia-Pacific operations.

The Digital Dispatch: Here's the latest

AOL announces a new project launch, Plink names a new CMO, and Red Door Interactive makes two new hires.

iMedia 25: 2012 Agencies to Watch

iMedia presents its 2012 list of key agencies that move, shape, and lead digital. See which ones made the cut!

iMedia 25: 2012 Agencies to Watch

iMedia presents its 2012 list of key agencies that move, shape, and lead digital. See which ones made the cut!

Submit your nominations for the iMedia Agency Awards!

The iMedia Agency Awards is just around the corner. Nominate your favorite agency today!

The Digital Dispatch: News for the informed marketer

Machinima appoints Kevin Doohan as EVP of marketing, Genesis Media hires Mark Yackanich as CEO, and Taykey names Matt Rosenberg VP of marketing.

The Digital Dispatch: All the news you missed

GumGum hires Tony Winders as senior vice president of marketing, Shiny Ads announces a pair of new partnerships, and Sprinklr adds Scott Doniger as senior vice president of strategy and services.

iMedia's Top 10 Hottest Digital Marketers of 2012

It's that time of year again, folks. Our annual summer scorcher reveals the smoothest and the savviest marketers of 2012. (Is it getting warm in here?)

The Digital Dispatch: Industry news you missed

Gannett appoints Emma Gilding as vice president of brand research and strategy, StrikeAd announces a major expansion, and ZEDO hires Paul Prior as company president.

3 ways McDonald's is dominating video this summer

You wouldn't think of McDonald's as your traditional social video marketer -- but in June it was one of the web's most-watched brands. Here's how the brand did it.

10 brand videos you can't miss

A single piece of sexy creative can get a brand noticed, but true online video success requires a thoughtful strategy. Check out the current most-watched brands in digital.

10 entertainment brands that "get" social

Having a dedicated Facebook or Twitter presence is now par for the course for entertainment brands. Here are the key industry leaders that took social to the next level.

10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution

Is SoLoMo a truly revolutionary concept or a reheated take on an old idea? To know, we must first examine what's happening in the space. Here's our guide to the social, mobile, local phenomenon.

What Robert Scoble really thinks of Facebook's Open Graph sharing

Before you bank on Facebook's open access to user information, you need to hear Robert's thoughts on the future of Facebook and what's coming next in social technology.

The top 10 hottest brands in online video

iMedia's Top Brands in Video chart highlights the most-watched brands in digital. See which companies topped the list over the past month and watch their sexiest pieces of creative.

3 disrupters in the mom space

Mom is still the major household goods purchaser, but we were surprised to find out the new No. 1 purchase influencer. Are you misdirecting your CPG marketing dollars?

Why product videos make people buy stuff

Companies like Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora, Lands' End, and Dell are using video to show their products in action. But do product videos actually increase the likeliness of purchase?

3 things we didn't know about viral videos

Having a video go viral is like hitting the lottery, but YouTube personality Kevin "Nalts" Nalty has some tips to increase your chances, as well as some funny fail stories.

5 video myths debunked at the NewFronts

If you're citing online video stats from more than six months ago, you're out of date. Here's the up-to-date scoop from insiders at DBG, Disney, Xbox, AOL, Digitas, and more.

3 reasons TV and digital need each other

Initiative's Kristian Magel says TV and digital were made for each other. So why are the two still divided at so many companies?

NewFronts: Why digital video is even bigger than you think

Just how big is digital video? We talked with Paul Kontonis, Felicia Day (pictured), CNN's Piers Morgan, Disney's Ali Wentworth, Digitas CEO Colin Kinsella, and many more big name insiders. You don't want to miss this exclusive inside look at the revolutionary NewFronts.

Digital marketing terms for dummies: Clickable video overlays

This new technology blurs the line between branded advertising and direct response. Could it be the secret weapon in your next campaign?

iMedia Coverage of the Digital Content NewFronts

Check out news, commentary, and interviews with the leading minds in online video, brought to you by iMedia Connection, on location at the revolutionary 2012 Digital Content NewFronts.

NewFronts: Everything you need to know about premium content at scale

As ad spending on online video soars into the billions, Vevo, Federated Media, Yahoo, and Alloy showcased their upcoming original programming plans, insights on online consumer behavior, and strategies for commanding the burgeoning digital video industry.

NewFronts: Xbox LIVE pens key advertising partnership with ESPN

Microsoft and AOL NewFronts revealed new digital partnerships, upcoming digital video lineups, and plans for developing and distributing content for multiple audiences, devices, and screens.

3 reasons TV metrics will sabotage online video

Online video exploded from niche to mainstream so quickly that the standards have yet to catch up. Nielsen's Scott Ross tells us why we need to let go of our TV mindset and embrace the new digital way.

How 10 apps became indispensible to moms

If you're a mobile marketer not thinking about the mom demographic, it's time to start. These examples will help nurture that big idea.

NewFronts: DBG unveils secret slate of digital programming

Betting on online video as the fastest-growing component of digital, DBG took the stage at the NewFronts with a sneak peek at its plans for 2012 -- and some surprising digital strategies to close the gap between online video and the traditional marketplace.

What is the future of the TV experience?

Will this generation see the end of broadcast TV? Will Apple's Siri take on a greater role in the entertainment experience? Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson discusses the new marketing opportunities on the horizon.

Google's top tips for getting attribution right

Good news! Google says if you're struggling with attribution, you're not alone. Here are some of its top tips for getting the credit you deserve.

Are big brands dumping TV for digital yet?

Scale isn't the only thing that makes TV attractive to big brands. It's also the fully-baked measurement tools and ad models. GroupM's Michael Bologna tells us what's changing.

The secret lives of iPad users

ABC Television conducted a study about how audiences are interacting with videos on tablets, and the results were surprising. ABC's Adam Gerber tells us what the company discovered.

3 basics of an effective video campaign

As we approach "video everywhere," audiences are becoming more and more platform agnostic. How do our video campaigns need to evolve to keep up?

3 cool new ways we're watching video

Cable used to dominate the video programming pipeline. But here are the new ways consumers are consuming, and paying for, content. Find out who's winning, who's losing, and how the money game is changing.

Why the Digital Content NewFronts are a big deal

Significant dollars are shifting from broadcast to digital. Here's a preview of what's coming from Hulu, YouTube, DBG, PopSugar, NBCUniversal Digital Media, Disney Interactive Media Group, and others.

Why YouTube's original programming changes the game

YouTube is investing big money (to the tune of $100 million) and partnering with major personalities like Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler, and Shaquille O'Neal to produce original video content. Here's why digital marketers can't ignore the shift.

Top Ten Brands in Video: Big brands, Barack Obama, and Kony2012

Invisible Children's controversial "Kony2012" topped the video charts in March, trailed by bigger brands like Rovio, Cartier, and Mercedes-Benz.

Digital marketing terms for dummies: Social TV

Are you using the terms "social TV" and "connected TV" correctly? We asked the author of the book "Social TV" what these terms really mean. You don't want to miss what she had to say.

TrendWatch: Why video is bigger than search

We're watching 4 billion YouTube videos per day, but how does that compare with Google search? We were surprised. Here's what marketers need to know.

2 reasons small and large agencies don't play nice

The best ideas happen when multiple parties are involved. But that's also where things can get weird. PepsiCo's Shiv Singh shares his secrets for navigating the tension.

4 steps to pulling off an impossible campaign

Too many campaigns fail, not for lack of great ideas, but because the teamwork didn't happen. Here are the ways to make sure your next project goes big.

How 10 apps became indispensable to moms

If you're a mobile marketer not thinking about the mom demographic, it's time to start. These examples will help nurture that big idea.

TrendWatch: 5 hot new digital tools

Which new services will change the landscape, and which are a waste of time? Jeff Hayzlett cuts through the clutter with his recommendations. Be the first in your office to try these new tools.

2 reasons connected TV will tank

Don't bank your marketing bucks on the new devices just yet. Here's why connected TV isn't ready for prime time.

3 ways to hook super fans

Are you attracting excited followers or one-time viewers with no brand loyalty? Here are three ways to go beyond clicks and likes to build a community of super fans.

2 reasons people aren't watching your videos

Here are two common mistakes companies make when using video to build their brand, and two ways to do it right.

Why Amazon will beat Google

Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google face major challenges the next two years. Which companies will emerge victorious? Which will take damage? You might be surprised.

Top 10 Brands in Video: Super Bowl winners and losers

With the Super Bowl landing on Feb. 6 this year, it was a big month for social video advertising. The chart this month has its biggest view counts ever, with all but one Super Bowl brand making the top 10.

2 technologies that will replace laptops

With hundreds of new device models coming to market this year, which ones will change the way consumers behave? Tech insider Shelly Palmer shares his picks.

2 brands thriving in unexpected markets

You probably wouldn't think of Red Bull as a health product, but some products are finding avid consumers in unusual places.

Pros and cons of Facebook's new timeline app

In order to get users excited about the new timeline structure, Facebook partnered with Definition 6 to create a cool new app. Here's the good and the bad.

6 game-changing technologies consumers love

Digital marketers are finding that not all new technologies connect with consumers. Here are six that are cutting through the clutter.

How Google, Apple will transform mobile...again

Major industry players like Google, Apple, Microsoft, MasterCard, and AT&T are banking on this revolutionary mobile technology. Here's what the shift will mean for brands.

Top 10 Brands in Video: Doritos and Volkswagen see Super Bowl boosts

Three brands make their debut on the chart this month: Icon, Doritos, and LG. In addition, we begin to see the influence of the Super Bowl on social video.

iMedia 25: 2012 Brands Pioneering Online Video

This list recognizes brands that are making innovative use of online video and are willing to take risks in this still-emerging space.

Top 10 Brands in Video: Rick Perry leads with controversial campaign ad

This week, chart stalwarts T-Mobile, GE, and Old Spice are joined by two unexpected brand debuts. See who made the cut for December.

iMedia Agency Award Winners 2011

The inaugural iMedia Agency Awards highlight the most innovative agencies of the last year, as well as those agencies leading the pack in social media, video, mobile, and more. See the full list of winners.

Top 10 Brands in Video: Small brands threaten Apple's lead

Apple is defending its top spot on the chart from newcomers. See where everyone landed after all the movement last month in social video.

The iMedia 25: Top innovators in digital marketing

iMedia presents its 2011 list of cutting-edge creatives, strategists, and technology thought leaders. See who made the cut!

Vote for your Agency Award winners today!

The finalists have been chosen for the iMedia Agency Awards. Check out the nominees and cast your vote for the winner.

Top 10 Brands in Video: Siri bumps Apple to No. 1

Apple's new iPhone helps rake in more than 23 million views, overshadowing industry players YouTube, Lenovo, and Fiat. See who else made the cut.

Nomination process begins for the iMedia Agency Awards

We need your nominations! The inaugural iMedia Agency Awards is inviting iMedia readers to nominate the agencies leading the industry forward in strategic areas such as social media, video, mobile, DOOH, and more.

OPA study sheds light on why environments matter

Where are consumers more likely to interact with advertising, and how should the connections they forge impact the brand's message? Take a look at some recent data from the Online Publisher's Association.


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