Mitchel Ahern
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Mitchel Ahern

Director of Communications, Cantina

Mitchel joined Cantina in February of 2011 as their first director of Communications. Cantina is a digital consultancy specializing in apps development for mobile, video and social.Prior to joining Cantina Mitchel held a variety of titles for One to One Interactive including Director of Marketing Communications and Director of Product Management fo... more

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Mobile debates you should stop having

If you're still asking these mobile marketing questions, you're wasting time. Here are the dated topics to put out to pasture.

4 disruptions changing email marketing

How can marketers make smart choices about deploying limited resources among nearly unlimited digital messaging and content channels? Here's how to stay ahead of the game.

11 steps to widget success

While a widget program can be as simple as a Flash movie and a syndication engine, savvy marketers are finding that a more in-depth approach yields substantial rewards.

4 winning widget strategies

Beyond the platform considerations, brands and marketers need to clearly understand their widget goals and the ROI potential for public and private widget networks.

The super desktop powers of screenmates

OTOlabs' director of marketing gives an insider look at how desktop screenmates work and how to develop a screenmate character for your brand.

10 Reasons Brands Should Think Like Publishers

OTOlabs' director of marketing operations explains how adjusting your thinking will engage an audience more deeply with your brand, and put you more in touch with customers.

Desktop Apps: Marketing Leisure Travel

AdTool's Mitchel Ahern explains how a branded desktop application can reach and retain travel customers.

11 Types of Desktop App Content

AdTools' director of marketing operations discusses branded desktop application (BDA) content, and how to make it work to achieve campaign goals.

Desktop Apps: Download, Keep, Convert

AdTools' Mitchel Ahern lays out the three key components of a successful branded desktop application.

SnowMate 2.0 Snowballs

A case study of how Vail Resorts boosted its desktop application based on usage data from version 1.0.


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