Jeff Weidauer

Jeff Weidauer

Vice President of Marketing, Vestcom International

Jeff Weidauer has been involved in retail food and drug for three decades. After working up to store director, followed by a stint as a category manager, for Lucky Stores in San Diego, Jeff went on to manage corporate marketing for Albertsons. There he managed new campaign development and execution through print, online, TV, radio, and direct mail ... more

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How to choose your targets carefully

Targeting the right customers used to be fairly straightforward, but recent media shifts have resulted in a more complex process. Here's what you need to know about the changing landscape.

How to stop alienating traditional shoppers

As marketers, we have to embrace new technology, but we can't leave traditional customers in the dust. Here are three lessons for shopper marketing in the digital age.

5 tips for e-tail marketing to Millennials

What is the right approach to appeal to Millennials without resorting to one-size-fits-all schemes that drive Baby Boomers away? Here are the essentials.

Why marketers need to rethink the path to purchase

The journey from awareness to purchase has gotten much more complex. Here are a few basic steps to help you successfully navigate the new digital sales funnel.

The most important thing to invest in this year

Big data hasn't gotten the same buzz as social media, but it offers value from the outset. Get ahead of the game with our tips.

Overlooked uses for QR codes

The usefulness of QR codes extends well beyond the coupon. See how they can be leveraged to create an entirely new shopping experience.


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