Adam Boyden
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Adam Boyden

President, Conduit

Adam is responsible for marketing, business development and U.S. operations. Previously, Adam was the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, and then General Manager of Xfire a provider of communications and tools to more than 11.5 million gamers worldwide that was acquired by MTV Networks for $110 million in 2006. Prior to Xfire, Bo... more

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6 social media attitudes that connect with people

In social media, it's all about attitude. Consider these popular social media personalities that brands can adopt to coincide with their distinct voices.

5 website functions you need to move to Facebook

Here are the items that once resided on your brand's homepage that shouldn't be there anymore.

Top 10 analytics tools for social media

Having trouble sifting through the hundreds of resources available for monitoring your social media presence? Check out these options that have already proven their worth.

How to market with less budget, more brains

Today's marketers need to worry less about pretty pictures and more about content. Here's how to improve your SEO and the likelihood that prospects will find your business.

4 ways to maximize the value of video

Whether you're planning a video campaign or already have finished product online, follow these tips for getting your content in front of the right audience.

4 tools for easier social media management

Convinced there aren't enough hours in the day to stay on top of everything related to social media? Try these handy tools that streamline the process.

3 tips for building branded browser applications

Toolbars and browser extensions are great ways to keep your content front-and-center while consumers surf the web. Before you get started, consider what your add-on can offer.

Harness the cloud with little technical know-how

Thanks to an incredibly fast growing set of online tools, marketers now have access to technology that was out of their reach just a few years ago. Here are six free and readily available applications that should be added to your arsenal.


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