Martin Betoni

Martin Betoni

Creative Director, Centro

Martin Betoni is the vice president of creative services at Centro, the leading provider of media logistics software and services. His team offers production and creative services to Centro's agency and advertiser clients. As part of the leadership team at Centro, Martin also provides direction on company strategy, creative innovation, and industry... more

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How standardization and creativity can co-exist

The ad format standards that proved so liberating more than a decade ago have become handcuffs for the creative thinkers in our industry. Here's how the two can exist side-by-side.

The 5 most memorable banner ads

The world of banner ads isn't always bland. Check out this review of the best digital advertisements to date, and how they've influenced our industry.

The war against digital's uninspired creative

Compelling creative in digital marketing is the exception, but it should be the rule. See why the excuses of the past no longer apply.


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