Ari Buchalter, PhD

Ari Buchalter, PhD

President, Technology, MediaMath

Ari Buchalter is a recognized thought leader on digital media strategy, programmatic media buying, and advanced marketing analytics & optimization techniques. His unique career spans from cutting-edge PhD and postdoctoral research in theoretical astrophysics at Stanford, Columbia, and Caltech, to over a decade of leadership in marketing strategy an... more

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The other half of the battle against fraud

Digital advertisers are coming up against bots at every turn. Swap your guess-based marketing for goal-based marketing, and see where your programmatic approach can take you.

The end of the point-solution mindset

Point solutions no longer make sense for marketers looking to build an enterprise marketing practice. Here's how to adapt in the ever-changing world of ad tech.

How to know if your DSP is really working

How does your DSP decide which RTB impressions to buy for your campaign? Most do it wrong by guessing at audiences or just bidding low. Here are four fundamental concepts for understanding whether your provider is making the right decisions.

Why DSPs need to open up, or shut up

Every DSP claims to have an "algorithm" for RTB, but they can't all back it up. Consider these insights on why algorithms are important and how to tell if your DSP really has one.

How to apply real-time benefits to premium ads

New technologies that combine the processes for buying, managing, and optimizing media can benefit both buyers and sellers. Here are five reasons you should get involved in the private marketplace for premium ads.

6 ways to put DSPs to the test

A good DSP can deliver innovative and game-changing results, but not all are created equal. A DSP "bake-off" can cut through the hype to isolate the one with the strongest assets and capabilities. Follow these guidelines.


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