Jake Bailey

Jake Bailey

VP Product Marketing & Solutions, RichRelevance

As Chief Evangelist at RichRelevance, Jake is responsible for helping the e-Commerce market—retailers, influencers and brands—understand the potential of RichRelevance’s personalization platform and offerings as it relates to their businesses. A recognized thought leader in e-Commerce, Jake’s expertise in creating new and innovative customer-driven... more

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Why digital ad targeting is failing

The industry is still a ways off from being able to fully leverage data surrounding ad context and consumer behavior. Find out how we can solve this problem.

How to find your audience with retail targeting

The "ubiquity of screens" has created a highly fragmented marketplace that presents a greater challenge for brands to engage with consumers. Read ahead to make your message heard.

Why ecommerce is critical for marketers

Sites utilizing ecommerce have gained an essential role in the marketing mix, reaching consumers at the highest point of purchase intent. Here's why you should be rethinking retail.


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