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Rebecca Lieb

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Rebecca Lieb has published more research on content marketing than anyone else in the field.  As a strategic adviser, her clients range from start-up to non-profits to Fortune 100 brands and regulated industries. She's worked with brands including Facebook, Pinterest, The Home Depot, Nestlé, Anthem, Adobe, Honeywell, DuPont, Fidelity, Save the Chi... more

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The 3 types of content marketing

You may think you understand content marketing and how it relates to storytelling. Think again.  

6 content marketing trends to watch in 2016

One analyst offers insight into what's next for the world of content.

The 3 types of executive influence

Data suggests that successful CMOs are persuasive not just within their organizations, but outside as well. Take a look at the top styles of today's influencers climbing the ranks.

Social media's content eclipse

If your campaigns are focused primarily on social activity, it's probably time to rethink your channels. Find out why.

Content strategy for retail and CPG brands: Risks and rewards

Innovation is moving at breakneck speed, and brands and retailers can't afford to be stagnant. Stay on your content game with these insights.

Why content budgets are so hard to quantify

Content is essential for digital strategies, but determining who should cover its cost isn't easy.

Research's untapped content marketing potential

Solid research can be a powerful lead-gen tool and offer useful shareable content. Find out what it takes to pull together a credible research report.

The content software awareness problem

Brands are surprisingly in the dark about the available tools for content marketing initiatives. Here's why the industry needs to close the awareness gap.

Weaving influencers into a content strategy

The basic steps for connecting with and working with influencers are fairly simple, yet frequently overlooked by harried, deadline-driven marketers. Don't miss this helpful checklist.

Publish or perish

This mantra is no longer just for academia. See why it means big business for companies everywhere.

Who should handle your content marketing?

Is content a DIY project, or is it a job better left to professionals? Take a look at these important considerations when deciding who should meet your content demands.

6 content marketing realities you can't ignore

Whether your focus is on owned, earned, or paid media, content marketing is rapidly changing. These are just a few of the latest insights from leadings marketers and brands.

Content marketing's chicken and egg budget problem

As content marketing grows up, so too must the staff behind it. Let's take a look at how budgets and organizational structures must evolve.

Content strategy is not permanent

Many marketers believe that established strategies are set in stone, but content should regularly be reexamined and redirected to address priorities. Find out how, why, and when you need to shake things up.

The importance of having your digital ducks in a row

In today's digital-dependent world, a presidential candidate's social presence (or lack thereof) can make or break their chances of getting to the White House. See how one candidate's recent debut flopped.

A business-oriented content measurement framework

When you create marketing content, you must have specific parameters in mind. Here are four suggestions for devising measurement strategies that will showcase real results.

Insider tips for making the most of analyst briefings

Too many companies fail to take full advantage of this valuable communications strategy. Check out these tips for a successful conversation.

When all media are just media, what happens to advertising?

Television's delivery method is changing at warp speed, but what does that mean for online advertisers? Take a look at what's to come and how it may -- or may not – change your campaign approach.

The inevitable shift to mobile-first and mobile-only

Consumer needs and expectations have changed, and brands have no choice but to change correspondingly. Get your strategies in order.

4 digital media trends to follow this year

There are exciting things ahead in technology, channels, and advertising. Don't miss out on these areas that you should be watching with interest before they hit their peaks.

Content marketing in 2015 -- research, not predictions

Forget crystal balls -- take a look at what's ahead for online marketing based on data and information.

The 3 components of a culture of content

No matter your business's size, there are ways to support the need to foster and organize valuable content. Find out what it takes to succeed.

Why Facebook isn't as mean as marketers think

Facebook's latest changes could actually benefit advertisers. Find out how.

4 essential components of a content engine

Adopting a culture of content within an organization requires more than just solid marketing. Creating the best strategy requires these key ingredients.

Get the best SEO from your content

It pays to get back to marketing basics every now and then. Make sure your content strategy accounts for these little details that matter to search engines -- without sacrificing quality.

4 pillars of recombinant content

Is your brand keeping up with consumers in this fast-paced, multiscreen world? Find out what you need to know to make the most of your content in this dawn of a new media era.

Beware of narrow-minded content marketing

It's tempting to jump on the latest channel bandwagons. But are you narrowing your view and losing sight of what really matters?

How to foster a culture of content

The highest goal of content marketing is to actually monetize content, but that isn't in the cards for every brand. Here's why you should focus on evangelizing.

7 steps to determine content marketing software needs

As marketers navigate a growing universe of tools and technologies for content marketing, they must be aware of their specific needs. Here are the factors to consider.

How to gather feedback before selecting content tools

When choosing a new vendor, it's essential to involve multiple teams in the decision. Here's why you need input from your stakeholders.

What is a digital newsroom?

Brands, agencies, and PR firms are now touting digital newsrooms for a variety of purposes. Here is the one defining principle they all share.

Why it's not the end of social media marketing

Recent headlines point to a study claiming that advertising via social channels does not impact purchase decisions. Here's the problem with Gallup's report.

3 ways content marketing tools should be integrated

Identifying essential integrations can help determine the best content marketing vendors. Does your software play well with others?

The Davids and Goliaths of content marketing

The content marketing vendor landscape is big, complex, and growing. Here's why both large and small companies are important in the space.

Why net neutrality is integral to content marketing

If you don't understand the importance of a free and open web, you could be in trouble. Here's why every marketer should care.

How to go global with content marketing

Content created in the U.S. doesn't necessarily resonate with other cultures. Here's why the key is to keep it localized.

Why content marketers are choosing the wrong solutions

There is a fundamental disconnect between what content marketers need and what they invest in. Here's how they should actually be selecting software tools.

Why social media is losing its sparkle

Every shiny new digital channel has its day, but social media is already fading into the background. Here's why that's a good sign.

Why content marketing doesn't need to tell a story

When it comes to content, the narrative form is not as important as you might think. Here's how effective marketing goes way beyond storytelling.

Why your content strategy needs a central theme

If you don't provide a compelling idea for consumers to latch onto, your content will be forgettable. Here's how to give content marketing a specific direction.

What to measure: ROI or KPIs?

Everything that's digital is measurable -- except when it isn't. Here's why you need to rethink how you're determining campaign effectiveness.

Why content marketing is not a passing trend

Content marketing is just starting to heat up, and some are already claiming the party's over. Here's the problem with the argument that there's too much content.

What's on your dream list of content marketing tools?

There are marketing solutions out there for creation, curation, collaboration, compliance, and more. Here's how to weigh in on what tools should be available.

9 digital marketing trends to watch in 2014

Are you ready for an annual outlook based on actual industry analysis? Here's the list of marketing trends you can't ignore.

How to plan for real-time marketing execution

When it comes time to execute, real-time campaigns should be seamless and scalable. Here's why preparing for real-time execution in advance is the key to success.

How to prepare a real-time marketing strategy

How you plan for real-time campaigns will determine their success. Here's why it's essential to begin by listening to your customers.

How to conduct a content audit

A content audit is an important cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Here's how to perform a qualitative analysis of all the content on a website.

The real reason why content matters

Ten years ago, the magic marketing ingredient was search. Then it was social. Today, it's all about content. Here's why.

How Twitter buzz is saving TV

Social media buzz means more for TV success than ever. Here's how marketers can leverage the growing relationship between TV and Twitter.

How Dell is innovating with native advertising

Native advertising is still in its early stages, but some brands are already changing the game. Here's how Dell's sponsored content garnered the attention of a traditional publisher.

4 epic native advertising fails

If you're not careful, a native advertising campaign can turn into a PR nightmare. Here are the worst offenders and what we can learn from their blunders.

Digital marketing terms for dummies: Native and content marketing

Don't be embarrassed that several marketing terms have you confused. Here are the definitive definitions for two of the industry's most frequented buzzwords.

How the FTC is legitimizing native advertising

The FTC is beginning to take a hard look at native advertising. Here's what marketers should bear in mind regarding transparency, disclosure, and trust.

A definition of native advertising -- finally

The benefits of native advertising can't be reaped without a solid definition and guidelines to follow. Here are both to ensure effective marketing with this contentious method.

Why content marketing matters now

Have you ever read the comic in a pack of Bazooka gum? Companies have been creating and distributing content for years. Here's how digital is changing the game.

Why content marketing matters now

Have you ever read the comic in a pack of Bazooka gum? Companies have been creating and distributing content for years. Here's how digital is changing the game.

Why Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post

Although many don't realize it, Jeff Bezos' acquisition is actually a case of history repeating itself. Here's the deeper meaning behind the recent buy.

How shared media fits into the marketing mix

We always hear about paid, owned, and earned. But what about shared? Here's why marketers need to start accounting for shared media.

How to build an audience for content marketing

Yes, you built it. But how can you be sure they will come? Here are the six essential components of audience development.

Why you need repetition in your content strategy

Are you struggling to come up with new material? Here are four reasons to include repetition in your content marketing strategy.

Will the banner ad ever die?

Marketers have long predicted the demise of the banner ad, yet it's holding strong. Here are the real issues that will determine its future.

Native advertising's murky definition

While working toward a definition of what native advertising is, it is equally important to focus on what native advertising is not. Here's where some of the confusion lies.

Why everyone's confused about native advertising

Everybody's talking about it. But what is it exactly? Here's the latest on the nebulous definition of native advertising.

Why you're failing at content marketing

Despite the growing need to feed the beast, companies have yet to develop an organized approach to content marketing. Here's why this is a huge mistake.

6 developing trends in content marketing

Marketers are rushing to jump on the content marketing bandwagon, but the landscape continues to shift. Here's the latest.

8 ways brands are screwing up content aggregation

Content aggregation has become integral to marketing and branding, but many organizations fail to follow some very basic rules. Are you one of them?

If you build it, they will come -- maybe

True success in content marketing requires both quality content and solid distribution strategies that will get that content "out there." Here's the latest.

The end of digital and social media

The terms "digital media" and "social media" are quickly approaching insignificance. Your brand needs these six qualities to stay relevant.

The first major media disruption of 2013

This year, the AP ran sponsored tweets from Samsung during CES. Here's why this unprecedented move is an example of how quickly media convergence is shifting.

7 digital marketing trends to watch in 2013

Rather than merely guessing what's next in digital, let's instead focus on what's important. Here are the areas to keep a close eye on in the coming year.

Why privacy isn't the problem with online targeting

Digital marketers have access to more personal data than ever, but privacy concerns can be misleading. Here is the real deal with real-time bidding.

How native advertising shakes up publishing models

Opening the doors to branded content can be a Pandora's Box for publishers. Here are the eight critical points that you must define before jumping into the "pay to play" model.

Why online fraud comes with the territory

As long as the internet is controlled by humans, fraud will exist online. It's time digital marketers face reality and act accordingly.

Why marketing teams must adapt faster than real time

In order to keep up with consumers, marketing organizations need to adjust their efforts at lightning speed. Read on for why it's critical to work cooperatively and adapt.

10 questions for digital marketers in the new world

As the world of places and things becomes increasingly sentient, marketers must be prepared for change. Here are the questions to start asking now.

Co-op advertising: Digital's multi-billion dollar opportunity

An estimated $50 to $520 billion is spent on co-op advertising annual, but less than 1 percent flows into digital channels. Here's how marketers can rectify this clear imbalance.

Why only adaptive marketers will survive

Companies must flow learnings, functions, processes, creative, and analytics across all three media channels while eliminating redundancies. Here's why this is essential, now.

How to integrate your paid, owned, and earned media

It's time to face the facts: Paid, owned, and earned media are converging. Here are the tools that agencies need to get out of their comfort zones and into the future of digital.

The new creative sources of digital marketing

When marketing creative flows from multiple sources, the way advertising works must inevitably shift. Here's how the convergence of paid, earned, and owned media are shaking things up.

The retargeting myth

In theory, RTB makes retargeting more scalable, and it enables rapid optimization and creative testing. But reality often differs considerably. Here's why.

How will DoubleClick stack up?

Yesterday, Google announced its commitment to going full-bore into the stack wars with the biggest upgrade in DoubleClick's history. Here's the inside scoop on what this means for advertisers.

7 things GM doesn't understand about Facebook advertising

Three days before the biggest IPO in U.S. history, one company decided to get noticed. Here's why you should take GM's very public proclamation against Facebook advertising with a grain of salt.

How to influence the customer journey

As consumers simultaneously peruse multiple devices, screens, and messages, the private space becomes a virtual Times Square. Read on for how marketers can harness attention, even when it's so fleeting.

New challenges in reaching the mobile customer

The devices and methods that consumers use to access media and content are undergoing a seismic shift. Consider these marketing implications.

What we mean by "mobile"

As mobile's value in the digital marketing mix continues to grow, it remains without a concrete definition. Find out why marketers need to get on the same page.

How paid, owned, and earned are becoming one

The lines are blurring between paid, earned, and owned media. Read on for why this confluence is happening, and how marketers can take advantage.

The Facebook changes marketers should know about

On the cusp of its very high profile IPO, Facebook is on a mission to attract brand dollars. Here's a marketer's guide to the new Facebook ad units presented at the recent fMC event.

The future of content marketing

More than ever before, marketers are becoming more ambitious technologically and less reliant on advertising -- meaning that the channel has become just as important as the content. Here's why.

How Facebook will allocate its money

As the biggest IPO in tech history shakes out, the question is "What's Facebook going to do with all that money?" Here's how Zuckerberg will invest in the growth of Facebook.

What the decline of print means for digital

As the print industry continues its downward spiral, digital marketers must begin to make the changes needed for the future. Read on for how to deal with the rise of visual information.

What marketers should ponder this year

While industry predictions are fascinating, they are merely a guessing game. Rather than asking what's next, a more relevant question is "what's important?"

How to ensure your content marketing is sustainable

It's essential to plan for continuity in content marketing. Read on for strategies and tactics marketers can adopt to ensure longevity.

Why truly immersive ads are always viral

With the proliferation of new technologies, audiences have come to expect ever-more sophisticated marketing techniques. Here are several examples of campaigns that nailed immersive advertising by providing a flawless interactive user experience.

Why brands want agencies that collaborate well

In the effort to juggle ever-increasing digital marketing avenues, big brands are starting to work with multiple agencies. Here's why it's imperative that your company plays well with others.

A marketer's guide to geek speak

Despite disparate skill sets and languages spoken by marketers and developers, both teams have to work together as colleagues, not enemies. Here's how to get everyone striving toward common goals.

Getting started with content metrics

Choosing what metrics matter, why, and how to actually measure them is a critical process for ensuring effectiveness. Here are some key insights for making that goal a reality.

How to avoid brand embarrassments in real-time

When it comes to real-time marketing, it's important to be prepared for disaster. Here's why it's wise to have a plan in place and always know who's minding the store for your brand, day and night.

How Facebook is reinventing digital advertising

More and more media will be consumed within Facebook, given the size of its user base, and those who don't abandon advertising completely need to reassess how to reach consumers in this fragmented media ecosystem. Here's why.

What you need to know about Google's acquisition of Zagat

Sure, Google bought the venerable Zagat guides to get a leg up in local and to go head-to-head with properties such as Yelp. But there's more to the acquisition than meets the eye.

Tips on using social as a traffic and subscription model

Email newsletters are far from dead, but there are many other channels in which users find, consume, and share content. Here's how to drive more eyeballs to your web pages.

A workflow guide to content marketing

Scrupulous content management is critical to the success of anyone doing business online. Follow these steps to get down to the nuts-and-bolts of making this happen the right way.

What brand marketers can learn from PR

Public relations is no longer just about media. The challenge now is to locate and target the influencers through SEO and social media. Here's how brand marketers can utilize this new-school approach to creating awareness.

The wrong way to use QR codes

When digital was newer, it had to work harder to prove itself. It still should. Here's why there has never been a greater need to integrate disparate business goals, technologies, platforms, and messaging.

The 10 most common website SEO mistakes

Don't take a designer or web shop's word for it. Demand to see the evidence that they really have SEO chops before they build your brand's website. Here are the warning signs that you've been duped.

How to maximize content distribution

Publishing content on a website, blog, or social network can be effective, but it isn't enough. A strong distribution strategy can greatly amplify the impact and reach of content. Here's how to get started.

An 11-step guide to content auditing

Performing a content audit is a painstaking and exacting exercise, but it helps determine if digital content is relevant to both the consumer and brand. Follow this guide to get started.

The marketer's dilemma: How to target fairly

The digital landscape is evolving too rapidly for legislation to keep up. So why should marketers care about the privacy issue?

Whose job is content?

Managing quality content doesn't just happen by itself -- someone's got to actually do it. Discover how successful companies engage employees from many areas to create marketing content.

Getting savvy with content creation

In an era where marketing is supplanting advertising and storytelling is an essential part of the marketing message, carefully curated content is an immense brand asset not to be overlooked. Here's why.

The untapped branding power of utility content

What do your customers need to do, find, or understand, and how can your brand help fulfill this need? It's your job to figure that out and provide the best utility to get them there. Here's how.

Redefining content strategy and content marketing

Content strategies are about repeatable frameworks, and content marketing is about building relationships. Here's how to navigate through the confusion.

How to get the most out of content creation

Everyone knows that viral isn't something you can count on, but smart marketers who invest time and dollars in content know that reusing and recycling can far extend the reach and ROI of their spend. Here's why.

What to do when content, not SEO, is your problem

Contrary to popular belief, search can't always be blamed for customer disinterest. Here are some insights on managing a brand's reputation with content, while improving search rankings to boot.


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