Matt Fiorentino

Matt Fiorentino

Director of Marketing, Visible Measures

Matt Fiorentino is the Director of Marketing for Visible Measures. Prior to joining Visible Measures, Matt was a freelance journalist for publications like the Associated Press, The Dayton Daily News, and The American Magazine. Matt has a Master's degree in global advertising from Emerson College and enjoys playing the piano, climbing volcanoes, an... more

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How tech giants stole views from Super Bowl advertisers

Tech companies Sony, Google, and Rovio generated more video views in February than the Super Bowl big spenders. How did this happen?

Why Microsoft wants you to hate Internet Explorer

The browser's self-loathing attitude has propelled it to the top of the viral video charts. Learn why this risky approach is paying off.

YouTube's formula for a can't-miss viral hit

YouTube isn't just a place where videos go viral -- it's a hit maker in its own right. Here's what brands can learn from YouTube's original content.

This year's biggest winners and losers in online video

In 2012, viral giants fell, and new heroes emerged in the video space. See which brands came out on top.

The 10 most-watched video campaigns of 2012

When brands convince consumers to seek out their video ads, it pays off. See which brands succeeded this year.

Why Red Bull's space jump was worth the risk

Red Bull's idea of owning extreme sports led to Felix Baumgartner's jaw-dropping jump from the edge of space. Here's what happens when a brand's video content directly aligns with a master plan.

Why Samsung is crushing Apple in online video

Samsung is soundly dominating its main competitor when it comes to video viewership. Here's why Apple's market leadership is hurting its online content.

How Intel and Toshiba recreated success with "The Beauty Inside"

Toshiba and Intel created a film that happened to also be an ad campaign. Read about their success and how you can get on board.

4 ways P&G is dominating the Olympics with online video

The CPG giant planned ahead and spent wisely leading up to the Summer Games. Here are the lessons your brand can take away from its strategy.

The most successful video campaigns of 2011

Everyone wants to find the initial spark that launches a video campaign into the stratosphere. Read on for the top 10 most viral campaigns of the year.

The top 5 brand video campaigns

There are plenty of lessons to be gleaned from ads that people choose to watch. Let's examine the major themes behind this year's most-viewed video campaigns to date.


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