Jarvis Mak
Summit Alumni

Jarvis Mak

SVP, Customer Success, Rocket Fuel

Jarvis Mak runs the Customer Success group for Rocket Fuel, responsible for ensuring successful campaigns and delighting customers. He originally joined Rocket Fuel in 2009 as VP of Analytics. Previously, Mak was with Havas Digital as a senior vice president and global director of research & insight, responsible for working with clients worldwide t... more

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3 mistakes that prevent retargeting success

Retargeting can deliver impressive ROI -- when done right. Here are the missteps to avoid when creating an attribution framework.

5 ways you're recklessly abusing your metrics

High-quality data, if not used properly, can still lead marketers to make bad decisions. Consider these common ways that numbers are used to mismanage online ad campaigns.

The metrics you should be using

Metrics about online ad engagement or interaction (alone) do not translate to bottom line results as effectively as lifetime value. Here are three campaign metrics to start using now -- and three to toss.

4 tips for moving beyond last-touch attribution

What can marketers do to accurately evaluate every touch point in their digital campaigns? Here are four ways to move past inferior measurement.

Why clicks are the wrong metric

Click-based analyses are fundamentally flawed. It's not just that clicks don't tell the whole story; they tell the wrong story. Here's why.


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