Dita Quinones

Dita Quinones

multi-media journalist, iMedia Connection

Dita Quiñones is a multi-media journalist (writer, photographer, and video-maker) who's worked in advertising, television; magazine and online publications. She studied film at the Art Center College of Design and broadcast journalism at UCLA. Dita specializes in entertainment, politrix, and health. She has interviewed and photographed major player... more

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3 lessons learned from rap's social media kings

Find out how MC Hammer, Soulja Boy, and Nicki Minaj turned their small business dreams into major branding successes and became DIY social media stars.

How to get the metrics lowdown on Twitter... for free

So you think Twitter isn't for your brand? Wake up. Get in touch with your inner tweeter with five tools to start energizing your audience engagement.

3 brands that lost -- and won back -- Latinos

Forming a bond with U.S. ethnic groups isn't easy for marketers -- one misstep can put them in PR hell. Find out how three brands repaired their blunders and regained this coveted demographic.


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